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Altador Cup VII
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Stamp Album Listing

Stamp collecting is a popular, and expensive, activity to do on Neopets. There are many album pages of stamps to collect, and there are always new ones coming out. There are even some other collectibles, such as coins and charms.

For all you avid collectors, we have a Stamp Checklist so you can find out exactly which stamps you are missing!

Remember! Once you place a stamp into your album, you cannot take it out again.

Select an Album
Select an Album:

Other II

Other II
Veggie Pizza StampPlesio StampHannah StampShenkuu Draik StampAltador Cup IX Commemorative Stamp
3D Camp AAA StampMutant Techo Plushie StampFruit Bomb StampAltador Cup VIII Commemorative StampUnderwater Chef Stamp
Mysterious Obelisk StampHalloween Ona StampThreelegs vs. Techo Master StampGames Master Challenge StampTasu Stamp
Plushie Slorg StampCharms StampAltador Cup VII Commemorative StampAAA vs. Abigail StampShenkuu Helmet Stamp
Altador Cup V Commemorative StampCaptain of the Guard StampGeraptiku StampAltador Cup VI Commemorative StampBrains vs. Brawn Stamp

The stamps above will cost approximately 80,328,350 NP or more.
(view individual prices in the Item Database below)

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You can receive an avatar by completing the page above:

Stamp Collector - Others II

Stamp Collector - Others II / Guide

Complete this page of your Stamp Album.

Released: October 7, 2016

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