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Splat-A-Sloth Information
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Do you hate Sloth? Has he ever zapped one of your items or demanded a tax? Or did he give you that Transmogrification potion when you were new to Neopets, fooling you into 'uglifying' one of your beloved pets? Now, courtesy of two mischievous Grundos, revenge is all yours!

How to Play

The goal of Splat-A-Sloth is to 'splat' (by hitting the space bar) the green sock as it comes out of the tube with an old rolled-up copy of the Neopian Times. If you hit it near the 'head' (i.e. the end that comes out of the tube first) you get more points than if you hit it on the other end. Sloth is a very fast mover, though, meaning this game is all about reaction times. The faster you can hit that spacebar, the more points you will earn.

If you successfully splat Sloth, the game will automatically send your score. If you are just that little bit too slow, Sloth will laugh menacingly and you can try again. If, however, you manage to whack Sloth in that split-second before he comes out of the tube, the game will freeze and you will need to restart. This is quite rare, and will usually only happen if you press the space bar at a predetermined time (see Strategy).

Here's a game screenshot we prepared earlier:

The Grundos simply send "Sloth" down the tube at a random time. Your job is to splat him. Unfortunately, this random time can be anywhere from about two to fifteen seconds, meaning you always have to be on your toes.


The best way to splat Sloth is to experiment with what works for you. When playing, always stare at the red tube opening. It's where you'll see him first. You could also try moving your eyes a bit to keep you alert and aware. Finally, be sure you're ready to hit that space bar. If your keyboard permits, you could keep the bar partially pressed down at the beginning of the game and hit it the rest of the way when Sloth appears. You might gain a fraction of a second, but this may not be worth it to some people. Like with most games, it's very much a case of 'practice makes perfect'.

Remember that you will be rewarded for your reaction time. You'll receive more points if you hit his head! If you need additional help, try choosing 'High Quality' on the Splat-a-Sloth page in the Games Room to slow him down a little. You may also wish to try a lower screen resolution.

One final strategy is to simply hit the space bar after a set time, usually 6 or 7 seconds. This strategy will get you more hits than misses, but it can pay off in the extreme. The key, as Oliver helpfully pointed out to us, is that you actually have to press the space bar a bit before you see the sloth to hit it directly on the head! You may be surprised to see your score automatically sent when you never saw the sock!

The High Score table works a bit differently than most games. When you submit a score of 500, you will be automatically added to the bottom of the high score table, and the highest person will be bumped off. Every time someone else submits a score of 500, your position will be moved up higher. In order to receive the trophy, you will need to remain in the Gold, Silver or Bronze trophy areas before the trophies are awarded at the end of the day. Also keep in mind that all high score tables reset at the beginning of each month. It can be a slow process to move up higher on the score table, so it would be faster and easier to obtain this trophy at the beginning of the month.

So what are you waiting for? Start splatting!

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