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Spell-Or-Starve Information
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Neopet v2 is so lonely he's kidnapped you and forced you to play his new word game! After 3 days, you are on the verge of starvation and have no choice but to play along in order to escape!

To earn points, you must spell out words (recognised in the Neopets' dictionary) using only blocks touching one another; they can be joined diagonally, as well as verticaly and horizontally. The longer the word, the more points you earn - and when you earn enough points, Neopet v2 will let you into the next level!

Game Screen

Game Screen

The Tiles

Here is a complete table of the various tiles you will come aacross during the game and what each of them does.

The Tiles
Image Name What It Does
Unselectable Tile Unselectable Cannot be used
Selected Tile Active Tile Selected tile in a word not found in the database
Changing Tile Changing Tile The letter on this tile changes every few seconds
Double Point Tile Double Point Tile Doubles the points of any word it's used in
Selected Tile Selected Tile Active tile in a word found in the database
Wildcard Tile Wildcard Tile Can be used as ANY letter

Creating Words

Here is a sample of gameplay; in it you can see how tiles will change colour repeatedly as the game searches its database of words to see what you are trying to submit. In addition to being able to link letters that are adjacent to the previous tile (as done here) you can also link ones that are immediately diagonal.

Creating Words


Now to go in depth into the scoring system! ^^

The scoring system is extremely straightforward. Points are awarded the same for each difficulty. The longer the word, the more points! Okay, fine. I need to be more specific right? Well: a one-letter word will get you 1 point; a two-letter word will earn you 2 points; a three-letter word is worth 3 points; a four-letter word nabs you 8 points; a five-letter word 15; a six-letter word is worth 18 points; a seven-letter word 28 points; and an eight-letter word will earn you 40 points. Easy enough, eh? If you manage to use a double point tile, your points for that word are doubled. :) Also, the number of tiles and points to score will increase with each difficulty.

Just a tip: Try to refrain from using too many one-letter words. Both one-letter words A and I are vowels. If you're not careful, you might run out of vowels to form words with and that will result in you being forced to end your game. :( Four-letter words are your best bet, not only do you minimize the number of vowels used, you also earn an extra 5 points as opposed to the measly 3 points that you would get if you formed a three-letter word. If you can find five- and six-letter words, go ahead and use them! They're just a little elusive at times. D:

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