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The Smuggler's Cove

Burly Pirate Types

Ahoy, ye landlubbers! If ye be seeking to buy treasure and weapons, then the Smuggler's Cove be the perfect place to do so! Here, some smugglers are selling valuables like Super Attack Peas and Earwax Chias. They sell other stuff, too, but when you can get Earwax Chias, what point is there to getting anything else?

Just like almost every other place on Krawk Island, the Cove only lets people buy its stock with Dubloons. That means all of the millions and billions of Neopoints you've saved up just for that Earwax Chia are all useless when it comes to purchasing the Cove's wares (but if you have that many Neopoints, you would probably be better off buying your dream items from other users, anyway). Almost all of the good items sold there cost between one hundred and six hundred Dubloons, though, so be wary of refreshing too often if you have that amount of Dubloons in your inventory, as the Pant Devil is never far away!

Unfortunately, only 100 of each item are released (although at one point several years ago TNT released twenty more of some of the earlier cove items). That means almost every item on this list will never be found in the cove again. Very few items have been added to the cove in recent years, meaning that the cove is almost always empty - and then when one is released, the cove is obsessively stalked, so don't get your hopes up too high about snagging an item!

Picture Name Price
9 Pound Coconut 9 Pound Coconut 400 Dubloons
A Grey Faerie Doll A Grey Faerie Doll ?
Alien Aisha Ray Gun Alien Aisha Ray Gun 80 Dubloons
Alien Aisha Sceptre Alien Aisha Sceptre 550 Dubloons
Alien Aisha Scrambler Alien Aisha Scrambler 400 Dubloons
Ancient Hourglass Ancient Hourglass 500 Dubloons
Artichoke Bomb Artichoke Bomb 100 Dubloons
Attack Meatball Attack Meatball 100 Dubloons
Attack Pea Attack Pea 160 Dubloons
Aubergine Mace Aubergine Mace 30 Dubloons
Banana Sword Banana Sword 75 Dubloons
Battle Plunger Battle Plunger 12 Dubloons
Bottle Of Magic Sand Bottle Of Magic Sand 50 Dubloons
Cabbage of Mystery Cabbage of Mystery ?
Cake Bomb Cake Bomb 50 Dubloons
Candy Club Candy Club ?
Chia Leaping Boots Chia Leaping Boots 200 Dubloons
Cursed Ink Pot Cursed Ink Pot 400 Dubloons
Death Knell Death Knell 300 Dubloons
Dr Sloth Plushie Dr Sloth Plushie ?
Earwax Chia Earwax Chia 50 Dubloons
Face Mace Face Mace 260 Dubloons
Fierce Wooden Leg Fierce Wooden Leg ?
Frozen Cyodrake Shield Frozen Cyodrake Shield 300 Dubloons
Fungus Chucks Fungus Chucks ?
Golden Pirate Amulet Golden Pirate Amulet 150 Dubloons
Grapes of Wrath Grapes of Wrath 155 Dubloons
Hammer of DEATH Hammer of DEATH 250 Dubloons
Kauvaras Marvellous Potion Kauvaras Marvellous Potion 120 Dubloons
Kougra Brush Kougra Brush 600 Dubloons
Maractite Bomb Maractite Bomb 250 Dubloons
Meepapault Meepapault 260 Dubloons
Mega Cabbage Mega Cabbage ?
Metal Wand Metal Wand 230 Dubloons
Mighty Asparagus Sword Mighty Asparagus Sword 100 Dubloons
Mysterious Amulet Mysterious Amulet 300 Dubloons
Mystic Jelly Bean Necklace Mystic Jelly Bean Necklace ?
Mystical Fish Lobber Mystical Fish Lobber 160 Dubloons
Mystical Teapot of Doom Mystical Teapot of Doom 30 Dubloons
Pear of Disintegration Pear of Disintegration ?
Pirate Jelly Pirate Jelly 10 Dubloons
Pirate Peophin Plushie Pirate Peophin Plushie ?
Pirate Ship Float Pen Pirate Ship Float Pen 15 Dubloons
Pocket Lab Ray Pocket Lab Ray 100 Dubloons
Rotten Negg Rotten Negg ?
Sack Of Sneezing Powder Sack Of Sneezing Powder 105 Dubloons
Sad Spell Sad Spell 50 Dubloons
Seasonal Attack Pea Seasonal Attack Pea 100 Dubloons
Ship in a Bottle Snowglobe Ship in a Bottle Snowglobe 25 Dubloons
Sloth Approved Hair Gel Sloth Approved Hair Gel 200 Dubloons
Sludge Bomb Sludge Bomb 200 Dubloons
Smugglers Cove Pirate Plushie Smugglers Cove Pirate Plushie ?
Smugglers Treasure Chest Smugglers Treasure Chest 90 Dubloons
Sponge Shield Sponge Shield 5 Dubloons
Super Attack Pea Super Attack Pea 200 Dubloons
Sword of White Lies Sword of White Lies 300 Dubloons
Toxic Sock of Doom Toxic Sock of Doom 320 Dubloons
Umbrella Shield Umbrella Shield 3 Dubloons

For more information on each item, check out the Smuggler's Cove section of the Item Database here.

A Little Advice

If you're worried about having exact change for the Cove, don't worry - the pirates are known to give change!

*Begs* please answer this! I don't want my Draik to blow up from disgust while waiting for the answer. Can you please tell me if you have to have the exact Dubloon denomination to buy anything out of the Smugglers Cove, or will a Dubloon of a higher denomination automatically break down so that you receive change back in Dubloons? ~giladriel37

You don't have to have exact change, thank goodness. It's already hard to be quick enough to get something from there without having to worry about having the exact number of dubloons at the ready. The pirates do give change, though keep in mind that they are pirates and will, in all likelihood, try to stiff you a little.

So, to be able to buy any item listed above with a known price, just carry 600 Dubloons with you. That equals six One Hundred Dubloon Coins. However, there are only five items that cost 400 Dubloons or above, so if you're not interested in them, that's two Hundred Dubloon Coins you don't have to worry about.

Be Patient

Of course, there's just one catch to all of this: time. When you go to the Smuggler's Cove, you're probably expecting to be able to refresh constantly in the hopes of having enough Dubloons to be able to snatch up the first item that appears there, huh? Well, you can't. The Smugglers themselves don't like anyone staying around their hideout for too long because the authorities might notice and get them in trouble, meaning that unless you grab an item in the very first few seconds that you visit there, you won't be going home with anything. You can visit again in about an hour, I believe, so if they throw you out once then you can just come back later. And later. And later...

Other Notes

You might be wondering why there aren't more of these items floating around. The standard is that only one hundred of a particular Cove item is released; for some of the very old Cove items, this was boosted to one hundred and twenty. Thus, there are barely any of them available and the market prices are astronomical. Once an item has stocked in the Cove, that's it - it will never restock. So you'd better get in while you can!

I wish you luck in getting as many Dubloons as you can to buy as many Earwax Chias as you can, and any other miscellaneous items you might want. Be patient, be safe and have fun!

Super Attack Pea!

Super Attack Pea!

Attach a Super Attack Pea to your Pea Chia.

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