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The Return of Our Master, Dr. Sloth

Day Two - Resistance Headquarters

1) Head over to Resistance HQ. You'll see a Terminal-like thing, resembling a part of the Neopets v2 Plot.

2) Hit 4 (on keyboard not number pad, you may have to click the screen with your mouse before hitting the numbers). You'll get into the Administrative Panel of the terminal. Then hit 2. You'll now see the communications panel.

3)You now have to decode the messages, one by one!

You have to drag and drop every different alien message into every box until it spits out a message. It's the guess and check method, everyone. YOU ALL HAVE DIFFERENT THINGS! (This is why we're not posting answers. :P)

There are 3 types of puzzles: 1, 2, and 3 modifiers. The number of symbols increases with difficulty. (You can gauge difficulty based on the number of modifiers you have. The greater the number, the higher the level of difficulty.)

The 1 modifiers are easy. 10 choices. Not too hard.

The 2 modifiers are slightly harder. 20 choices, 2 spots. You can try the following strategy for the 2 modifiers.

2-Modifier Strategy:
Pick choice #1. Then look at the first symbol of choice #1. Use that as a guide for the "TARGET" code. Pick choice #2 in the second spot. Compare the first symbol of the Result with the Target. If it works, then use the first symbol from choice #2 and look for the other options from #3-#20. If the symbols do not match up from choices #1 and #2, remove choice #2 and find the next choice with a DIFFERENT first symbol. Then compare the Result with the Target. Continue until you find a symbol that works. This is basically a systematic guess-and-check, so you can help eliminate unnecessary guessing. Hope this works.

The 3 modifiers are harder even more. 30 choices, 3 spots. There are two types of 3 modifier puzzles, ones with random lengths of choices, and one with equal lengths of choices. (We will call the random length 3-mod a "3a Modifier"... which you don't have to do at all. :P) You can try the above strategy with the 3-Mod problems also!

3-Modifier Strategy:
Grab a piece of paper and a pen or use a computer (using something like MS Word or MS Excel). Mix and match your modifier choices, making sure that you are hitting all the symbols at least once. (e.g. set your first modifier to XCXCXCXC, your target being ZCZCZCZC. Your leading symbol is X, in this example. (It's the first letter of your first modifier.) Mix and match the other modifier choices until you get a result with a leading symbol equal to the leading symbol of the target. I'd recommend changing only the third one until you get a match. Write down your match, then change both your second and third modifiers. Repeat as necessary. You will have at least three combinations, no more than six.) Write down all the matches for every leading symbol. (X, V, Pi, X, 8, C, and Z.) When you're done doing that, it should look something like this:

Then, cross out all the duplicates. (Duplicates meaning a "match" having the same symbols. So in the example above, two of the following: XCZ, CZX, ZCX can be crossed out.) Once you're done, you should have crossed off about half of your combinations. It should now look like this:

Now, go through all of the remaining combinations that have not been crossed out as duplicates. Be smart about choosing your order this time! Choose the symbol with the least choices as your first modifier. Then choose the symbol with the second least choices as your second, and the symbol with the most choices as third. You'll have to shift less, meaning that you'll make fewer mistakes! When you're done with a combination, just cross it out. This is pretty time consuming, but is faster than going through all of those choices one by one. :P (Assuming 20 minutes is time consuming, of course.)

WARNING: Do NOT attempt to use any type of decoders or programs when solving this portion of the plot! TNT will FREEZE your account and you will NOT be able to get it back! Any programs that promise to decode your messages are a scam and should not be used.

Still tempted to use one? Read this warning from TNT.

4) You will need to solve the message from Commander Garoo in order to finish the puzzle, you do not have to complete every message, however there is no way to know which message is from Commander Garoo prior to solving. When you see the message about the location of the civilians, you may then refresh the page to see the end results.
My lord,
We've begun moving the civilians to the transport shuttles as planned. The public decks are all secure although we've had some trouble finding our way around the maintenance levels; there could still be traitors hiding in that maze. Nonetheless, the shuttles should be ready to launch shortly, and then we won't have to worry about the civilians any more.
- Commander Garoo


We've got it! They're putting all the civilians onto transport shuttles.


That must be where my family is! We've got to go rescue them!

Resistance Leader

The Cybunny scout is there, too. She's the priority. Now get going, before it's too late!