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Six-rific Birthday Celebration

The Six-rific Birthday Celebration is a NC Mall event (running from July 10th to July 31st, 2013) to commemorate six years of the mall being open! For each of the 22 days you get the chance to light a candle on the mahoosive NC Mall cake in order to obtain a prize! (It'll seem familiar to those who participated in last year's Fivetastic Birthday Celebration.)

A bonus item will be made available to users who complete all 22 days (unfortunately it will not be given out to those who activate less candles). This event can also be completed on side accounts, should you wish! The full FAQ for the event can be found here.

Candle Sparkler Ticket Packs

You'll need to purchase one or more of the ticket packs below (be sure not to activate more than 22 candles, however!) from the NC Mall. Then activate the pack by clicking on it in your inventory, and selecting "Activate Candle Sparkle Pack" before you can continue with the event.

Candle Prizes

After activating your candle packs, head on over to the main birthday page. You'll see your count of available candles in the top right corner. Any candles on the cake that are in full colour can be lit up, and that prize collected. If you have less than the full 22 candles you may want to be use the guide below to choose whether or not you wish to collect the item for certain days.

Bonus Prize

For completing all 22 days, you'll receiving the following item as a bonus:

Birthday Bounce House Background
Birthday Bounce House Background

Bonus Birthday Cupcake

You'll notice on the bottom-left of the Six-rific page is a bonus cupcake. To light it and receive your prize, you must first open the Second NC Mall Sixth Birthday Goodie Bag. Along with the wearable Ice Cream Cone Pillars, you'll also be granted an extra-special ticket pack, Six-rific Birthday Cupcake Candle Sparkler, and it is this pack you use to light the cupcake's candle! Simply click on the cupcake, confirm you wish to use your sparkler, and you will be rewarded with your prize!

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