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Shenkuu Warrior

Shenkuu Warrior Information
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In Shenkuu Warrior, you play as the Emperor's youngest daughter, a warrior princess who wishes to be the greatest warrior in Shenkuu. In order to complete her training as a warrior, she must race to the top of the mountain with the aid of nothing but a grappling hook.

Basic Gameplay

Essentially, you aim the grappling hook at the screen by clicking your mouse in the direction of the ledges. In practice, however, this seems a bit complicated, especially on faster computers. I recommend keeping your mouse pointer close to the compass thing at the bottom of the screen. You will jump the farthest on each throw if you throw from the bottom of the screen to a ledge at the top. Here's what that looks like in practice:

Aim so that the grappling hook follows the path of the blue arrow.

Keep in mind that the princess does not jump onto the ledge her grappling hook hits. She takes off from that ledge, and you must hit another with the hook to remain in midair.

Winning the Level

The first third of the level is the grassy base of the mountain, the middle third is the dirt side of the mountain, and the final third is the snowy top. There is always one ledge just past the top of the mountain (sometimes two). The princess has to pass this final ledge to win the stage. Note that the position of the ledges on each level changes every time the princess falls and you have to start over.

Get the princess to sail past that final ledge to win the level!

This ends up becoming difficult when the ledges are on the opposite sides of the mountain from the princess, and you have to quickly take aim, which means you either miss and fall or hit the ledge and then go bouncing from side to side across the screen, making the next shot much more difficult. This sounds cliché, but the key really is practice. The more you play, the more you will get a feel for where and when you need to click.

Winning the Game

As far as I can tell, this is the game that never ends. You can fall off the face of the mountain as many times as you wish-you have unlimited lives. In order to quit and send your score, you must click the "End Game" button at the bottom of the screen. If you cannot get past one level, I suggest that you go as far as you can on that level before clicking "End Game," as you receive the points for the height you reached on that level anyway. Personally, I usually keep trying to win the level if I can fairly reliably get to the snowy section; otherwise, I send score whenever I get bored/tired/frustrated with it.

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