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Shenkuu Tangram

Shenkuu Tangram Information
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Shenkuu Tangram is a nice and simple game; for each puzzle you will be given the same seven pieces and your task is to rotate them around so that they fit into the outline of the shape for each level.


The controls in this game are very simple; you pick up and drag the pieces around using the left mouse button, then rotate them into position using the left and right arrow keys.

NOTE: Occasionally you will get a parallelogram (the light blue one) that won't fit into the outline as it originally appears. This is NOT a glitch. You are able to flip it horizontally, to do this simply tap the up arrow.


Normal: In this mode you begin each round with a time limit of two minutes. The shapes will appear in the box on the left side of the playing screen in a random order and you have to drop them into the outline. You receive points based on how long it takes you to complete the puzzle. If you get stuck at any point you can use one of the three hints you are given, this will outline where one of the pieces should go in the shape on the right.

Zen: A good way to pratice; you begin with all the pieces arranged on the left and you can drag and drop them into the outline or click the reset button to start over. There is not time limit in this mode and no points are awarded.

Hard: Rather than just appearing at the side the pieces will fall down the screen, they speed up with each level and you have to catch them and drag them into the correct place in the outline on the right. Unlike with other modes you can't put them down on the shape while you think about it, you have to keep hold of the mouse button while you rotate it and must only release the shape when it is where you want to place it. If you place a shape incorrectly or fail to grab it in time you lose a life, you only get four lives for the whole game and once you run out it is game over.


Each piece will appear only once and you will need to use all of them to complete the shape. If you're unsure where a piece fits into the outline you can drag and drop it into the grey square at the bottom of the playing area, this will allow you to move on to the next piece so you can come back to the previous one later on.



The puzzles may not appear in this order but you will only ever be given the following shapes: (in each of the following screenies the small, pink triangle goes in the final space)

1 - Niptor

2 - Fangy

3 - Cybunny

4 - Jetsam

5 - Puppyblew

6 - Airax

7 - Magtile

8 - Pteri

9 - Meowclops

10 - Bikiwan

11 - Slorg

12 - Cubett

13 - Gnorbu

14 - Crabula

15 - Mallard

Closing Notes

Once you have memorised where all the pieces go in each puzzle this game can get a little boring to play in Normal Mode, though the generous Neopoint ratio makes it a pretty easy way to make a good amount of Neopoints. If you want more of a challenge then you can always progress on to Hard Mode. Whether you are playing for Neopoints or silverware, I wish you all the best!

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This game guide was written by: Suzuka