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The Meridell Rubbish Dump

Rubbish Dump Keeper
Charlie says, 'Git offa mah properteh!'

Ewww! What's that smell!? Looks like you stumbled across the Meridell Rubbish Dump! Since it first opened its rubbish-strewn gates on July 14th 2003, the dump has had most Neopians holding their noses every time they pass within whiffing distance of Meridell. But there seem to be some individuals who don't mind the pong and actually enjoy sifting through rubbish. Why on earth would anybody want to do that? Well, to get their hands on some of these exclusive items for a start.

Whilst most of the above items are junk (not to mention extremely stinky) a few of them, like the Old Paper and the Apple Core, can be sold on for a fair amount of Neopoints. There have also been sightings of Dung food items, Codestones, Bottled Faeries, Petpets and somebody has even claimed to have seen a Paint Brush there! Simply keep refreshing at the Rubbish Dump and eventually items will appear; it's similar to The Money Tree in that the first person to click on the item gets it, but don't worry because more items will show up soon.


But who is donating these items? Regular contributors to the mound of trash include Somebody Smelly, Somebody Mysterious, a Passing Faerie, a Passing Meerca, farmers and even the fabled Dung Faerie! Below is the full list of donors:

  • A Passing Faerie
  • A Passing Meerca
  • A Stablehand
  • Farmer Boggins
  • Farmer Joe
  • Farmer Sid
  • Farmer Ted
  • King Skarl
  • Meridell Castle Cleaners
  • Rowdy Peasants
  • Somebody Mysterious
  • Somebody Smelly
  • The Dung Faerie

You will also see your own username underneath an object from time to time. Do not panic, you haven't had any items stolen from your inventory, it's just a little trick the dump likes to play on people who lurk trying to nab its goodies.

Pile of Dung

There was a common theory that the more people went there to refresh, better quality items would show up and more often. However TNT stated in an editorial that this wasn't the case:

Editorial Screenie

You can get a maximum of 10 items per day combined from the Rubbish Dump, Second-Hand Shoppe, and Money Tree. This seems to be a way of balancing things out so that people can't hoard all the items and prevent other users from getting anything. It is a rather handy place for picking up a few extra items towards your Pack Rat avatar, so what are you waiting for? Get rummaging!

SDB Pack Rat

SDB Pack Rat / Guide / Fonts

Have at least one thousand unique items in your SDB.

Released: January 23, 2004

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