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Ancient Neopets Rollovers

A long, long time ago, back in the days of Neopets' very old layout, rollover images were displayed on the main page on special occasions. Here's a collection of them!

Here we have a lovely Valentine's day rollover... hearts are falling for you!

And then one from another Valentines.

Hope you aren't afraid of Spyders!

How else would you celebrate Gadgadsbogen?

Having trouble falling asleep? Why not count some Babaas?

Man, TNT sure does love Babaas...

Sometimes you just need a little more colour in your life.

Got Hasees on the mind? Try and bounce them out!

Feeling lonely? Need a friend? This guy's looking...

Uh-oh - Florg is eating the site!

If your feeling a little down and need a "lift", then check out these fancy balloons.

Are you a fan of Armin the Bori? Who isn't?!

Ahhh!! Attack of the adverts!

Merry Christmas!

Don't get lost in the snow!

Sometimes Christmas pets just pop up!

Got JubJubs on the mind?

I wouldn't mind getting buried in these plushies...

Sometimes you just have to let the tide roll over you.

This creepy header was showcased during Halloween 2001.

This spoooooky header was up during Halloween 2002.

And for the grand finale... the absolute original rollover!!

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