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Rink Runner

Rink Runner Information
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In Rink Runner, you use your mouse to control a skating Bruce. What you need to do is to get the most notes in the least number of jumps. You do this by clicking on the ice with your mouse and the Bruce will skate on over to that point. You need to avoid getting sharps () and flats () because 3 judges will rate your "performance".

Wocky JudgeKyrii JudgeKacheek Judge

The highest score you can get is 30 for each level. Each score you receive will be added to the last and that will be your total number of points. As the notes slide across the screen they will change colors. When they turn red, they will disappear. This deducts your total score.

There are also Flats and Sharps, which take 2 off the total number of notes you have caught. Avoid these like the plague!

Level Guide

The first level is the easiest. You have a solid sheet of ice, with no holes, to skate across and get all the notes.

Level-o-meter: 1/5

The second level is a little harder. You have a few small holes to avoid; however you can skate over them to the other side and not sink. Once or twice however, I have managed to sink. In order to proceed to the third level you must get a score of 21 or higher.

Level-o-meter: 2.5/5

On level 3 the ice starts to break apart even more. There will be 4 circular sections of ice with water around them and ice along the edges of the screen. Once again, you can skate across the water to the other side and not sink. The melting of the ice doesn't happen all at once - it is a gradual thing. In order to proceed to the fourth level you need a score of 22.

Level-o-meter: 3/5

On the fourth level all you have are the four circular sections of ice, the outer edges disappear. Also, after the outer edges disappear, the ice floats will start to move. You need to be aware of this so you don't click on a spot that the ice "used" to be and end up sinking! In order to proceed to the next level you need a score of 23.

Level-o-meter: 5/5!

From the fifth level onwards the ice floats will continue to move slowly. Each level requires a score of one higher than the last in order to proceed to the next level!


  • First off, if you want a higher score from the judges, then obviously avoid the Sharps and Flats.
  • The fewer jumps you make the higher your score will be; so try to jump across the ice in a place that will allow you to pick up at least 2 or more notes, as this will give you more points.
  • Remember, the notes change colors as they slide across the ice and when they turn red, they disappear.
  • If it seems that you will miss the note, slide your mouse to make the Bruce turn sideways, this sometimes clips the edge of the note and lets you pick it up.
  • Don't make short jumps, always go across the screen; this makes it easier to pick up more than one note at a time.
  • Sometimes notes will appear when you get to the edge of the screen and you will pick it up without meaning to. This can be a nice bonus if it's a regular note, however it could also be a Sharp or Flat! It is a risky way of playing the game, but it certainly makes it very interesting.
  • As you get into the higher levels, when the ice floats are moving, you will need to be careful. If you click on the edge of an ice float that is coming towards you, the float will move before you get there and you will sink.

Overall Rating

After much deduction, I believe that Rink Runner receives a 8/10 on the Impress-o-meter. Although the game can get stressful, it is very fun to play, and it usually pays high. Happy Rink Running!

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