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Jan 3 - Aisha Day
Jan 6 - Gnorbu Day
Jan 11 - Buzz Day
Jan 14 - Sloth Day
Jan 16 - Elephante Day
Jan 29 - Kacheek Day

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Custom Random Events

This cool generator can help you create an awesome, custom random event!

Warning! Placing fake random events that tell you you've found an item or some NP in your shop is against the rules. (For more information on that, click here.) You can, however, put your non-item and non-NP random events on your petpages, personal websites, pet lookup, userlookup, or wherever else! Just make sure they aren't real random events in disguise!

Title Text: (Such as "Something has happened!!!")

Title Background: (Color name, or choose a hex code)

Event Picture URL: (Should be 80x80 in size, and must begin with http://)

Event Text:

Event Text Color: (Color name, or choose a hex code)