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Neopets Premium

Space FaerieNeopets Premium is a service offering a variety of benefits and site enhancements to players willing to pay a subscription fee.

Information on the old version of Premium is available in our Premium archives.

Premium Basics

Like the NC Mall, Neopets Premium is a way for players to support the Neopets site by spending real-world money. However, while the Mall takes one-off payments in return for single items, Premium is a longer-term commitment, taking a periodic subscription fee until the player chooses to cancel. In return, Premium subscribers have access to a variety of perks that make Neopets a more interesting or convenient experience.


Interested users can sign up by going here.


You can use a credit or debit card (remember to ask the card-holder's permission if the card is not in your name) or Paypal to pay for Premium. At the moment, there is no option to pay for Premium with Neocash. You'll need to enter your real name, address, and billing details, but don't worry -- they won't be available to other players on Neopets.


Xweetok with coinsThe price of subscribing to Neopets Premium depends on how often you would like to pay:

  • Monthly: $7.95 per month, which works out to $95.40 per year
  • Every four months: $24.95 per 4-months, which works out to $74.85 per year
  • Annually: $69.95 per year

If you're on a budget, getting billed every four months is a great option: it's $20 less a year than by-month, but isn't such a big chunk out of your budget at one time as the annual plan.

Premium Sales

At some point every year since 2012, annual Premium memberships will go on sale. These were originally intended to celebrate the anniversary of Premium's revamp in June 2012, so it usually occurs during the summer. Below is the history of past Premium sales.

Premium Sale History
Year Sale Start Sale End Deal
2021 September 2 Currently Unknown 1 year for $49.95 ($20 off)
2020 August 7 September 9 1 year for $49.95 ($20 off)
2019 August 29 October 1 1 year for $49.95 ($20 off)
2018 July 31 August 31
(extended from August 19)
1 year for $49.95 ($20 off)
2017 August 10 September 14 1 year for $49.95 ($20 off)
2016 July 13 July 20 1 year for $49.95 ($20 off)
2015 August 6 August 12 1 year for $49.95 ($20 off)
2014 June 23 July 6 1 year for $49.95 ($20 off)
2013 June 18 June 27 1 year for $49.95 ($20 off)
2012 June 11 July 1 50% off the first month


Signing up for Premium used to require a referral from a current member. This is no longer the case. There is no longer a Premium Referral system.

Side Accounts

Unfortunately, you cannot have Premium on your side accounts. You can only subscribe to Premium on your main account. (If you decide to switch your main account, you should wait until your active Premium subscription runs out.)

Premium Benefits

No Advertisements

All the ads you'd normally see around the site will vanish. As a Premium Member, you'll never see another advert or sponsor spot—that includes banners and preloaders. (Any sponsor activities, like hunts for item prizes, will still be available.)

Fake Pop-Up
Never again!

Premium Toolbar

A toolbar will become available at the bottom of every page. It includes many of the features explained in the next sections here: the Super Shop Wizard, a special Premium Featured Game, dailies links, Space Faerie Scratchcard redemption, a link to your Premium Neodeck, a link to the Premium Neoboards, and a link to the Premium FAQ.

Premium and Charter Neoboards

There are six of Premium-only Neoboards. Three of them are available right away - Help, Main Hall, and Spotlights and Games. The other three - Charter: Main, Charter: NC Mall, and Charter: Trading/Auctions - are only available once you've been a Premium Member for four months. Because access to these boards is limited, they're quieter and more relaxed than most of the Neoboards, but that doesn't mean they don't see some really interesting conversations and a strong sense of community. They make a nice place to hang out and chat about Neopian life with other Premium subscribers.

Premium Avatar and Site Theme

You'll automatically receive the "Premium Space Faerie" avatar and the "Space Faerie Premium" site theme. Both the avatar and site theme count as default ones, rather than "secret" ones, and disappear if you cancel Premium.

Premium Space Faerie

Premium Space Faerie / Guide

As of 2012, this avatar is automatically awarded to those with Premium service. (Once received, this counts as a default avatar. It does not count for your avatar count, and technically isn't a secret avatar.) Quitting Neopets Premium will cause this avatar to disappear; it will reappear if you sign up again. Prior to 2012, this was earned by referring a certain amount of paying people to Premium Neopets.

Released: June 29, 2005

Space Faerie Charm

The Space Faerie Charm, like the Lutari Talisman, is not a virtual item. It appears on your userlookup among the Site Feature trophies. This valuable trinket can double the Neopoints you earn from Flash games when you send your score. (Yes, this means you can earn more than 1000 NP from a game, if the doubled score is high enough. If you send a score for 1000 NP on the Featured Game, you may even get 4000 NP!) The charm activates randomly, though; you can't choose which Flash game it activates for, and it doesn't differentiate between a high-scoring game and a low-scoring one. This doubling occurs prior to any additional Neopoint bonus granted by your Lutari Talisman.

I'm so mystical!

Premium Cards

You'll notice a new addition to your Neodeck -- a section called "Premium Cards". These aren't items you can sell or trade; they're just exclusive little pieces of art you can show off that measure how long you've been Premium. They're often themed around the name of the Neopian month in which they were awarded, and you can see a collection of them in our Image Emporium.

Yellow Wocky card

Super Shop Wizard (SSW)

Super WizOne of the most talked-about benefits of Premium, the Super Shop Wizard can be found on the bottom left section of your toolbar, or in the top left corner on mobile-friendly pages. It looks and acts a lot like the regular Shop Wizard, but with one major difference: it searches every user shop in Neopia, rather than just a few at a time. This means you can find the lowest price a lot faster!

However, there are a few limitations. First, you can't use the SSW to search for most paint brushes, transmogrification potions, Nerkmids or Secret Labratory and Petpet Lab Ray map pieces. Searching for any of these items will return the message "Sorry, you are not allowed to search for ______ with the Super Shop Wizard". Secondly, the number of times you can use the SSW per hour is restricted. After a random number of searches, the Wizard will become "tired" and ask you to come back later. You can still use the regular Shop Wizard if this happens.

SSW bans always last until the top of the next hour. If you are banned at 1:15, your ban will last 45 minutes; if you are banned at 1:59, your ban will last only one minute. If you find yourself getting banned from the SSW a lot, you may want to space out your searches more. Constant searching will tire the Wizard faster, and may also lead to him taking longer resting periods.

Like the regular Shop Wizard, the SSW may not be used on Faerie Quests. (Briefly following the initial release of the Premium overhaul, however, users on quests could use it, but no longer.) It also isn't any more powerful for gallery searches than the ordinary version. So if you want to rummage through other users' galleries, it's probably better to use the normal Wiz and save the SSW for when you really need it!

Finally, the Super Shop Wizard has a feature where you can get an average price of all of an item's shop listings by clicking the "price only" checkbox prior to searching. You can restrict this average using the max price parameter to get a sense of the cheapest prices, although without the ability to see which shops they are in! Price-only searches do not seem to have any restriction on quantity; you can do as many as you want, even when the Super Shop Wizard is tired from your normal searches!

Additional Random Events

Premium has its own Random Events. Just as Random Events pop up while you're browsing the main site, so do Premium Random Events. (It is even possible to get both a regular random event and a Premium one on the same page.)

Unlike the regular kind, Premium random events are always good, though they are much more limited in variety. You will either receive a random amount of NP (~1,000 to ~3,000) or have a random item up to r75 fall into your lap.

Premium Random Event

The Cosmic Dome

Premium Members have one extra arena to choose from: the Cosmic Dome, home to a couple of unique 1-player challengers. You can read about them and their prizes here.

Additional Pet Slot

You may currently have 6 Neopets per account.
Premium users may have 7 Neopets per account.
A pet slot was last added on November 19, 2019.

Since 2012, all Premium members receive an additional pet slot with an active membership. From 2012 through October 2017, this meant a Premium account could have 5 Neopets to take care of. From October 2017 through November 2019, this meant 6 Neopets. And from November 2019 onward, with the release of another Neopet slot for all Neopians—now up to 6 slots—Premium members can take care of up to 7 Neopets.

If you cancel Premium, you'll retain the extra pet slot until your membership expires, at which point you'll have two options. The first is to transfer one of your pets to another account. The other is to select a pet to forfeit and place into the Neopian Pound. If you choose the latter option, the pet will go into limbo for 90 days, during which only you are able to re-adopt it on that account (either by transferring another pet or by re-subscribing to Premium). After those 90 days, it will be dropped into the Pound, where anyone can adopt it. You must choose one of these options when the time comes, or you will not be able to continue playing on the site.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT LUTARIS: If you choose the "Abandon" option for your Lutari, keep in mind that your Lutari will run away and not be available to re-adopt in 90 days if you resubscribe to Premium! It is best to choose a non-Lutari if you're going to abandon a Neopet.

Space Faerie Scratchcards

Every Friday, you will receive a special Space Faerie Scratchcard. This isn't a regular item, so you can't sell or trade it, and it doesn't affect your ability to purchase other scratchcards around Neopia. You can access the Scratchcard by clicking the Space Faerie Scratchcard link on the middle right of your toolbar.

Here are the current prizes, first introduced in June 2013:

The prizes below were available until June 2013 when the above prizes were introduced:

Retired Prizes - Available until June 2013

Premium Featured Game

In addition to the regular featured game, every day Premium members have an additional featured game that can be played for double NP. Clicking on the featured game spot on your Premium Toolbar will allow you to view the game for the day; it also gives a link to the game itself.

Occasionally the Premium featured game and the regular featured game will be the same game. Unfortunately, the bonus does not stack: you will only receive double NP.

Dailies Panel

The Premium Toolbar includes a "Dailies" spot that allows you to add, order, and customise your dailies routine. Clicking on the spot will bring up a small window in which you can select a daily, rearrange your dailies (by clicking on the lock icon), and manage your dailies (by clicking on the cog icon).

To add or modify which dailies options you have, click on the cog icon. A page of popular dailies will appear, organized by land. You also have the option of choosing five custom dailies that are not on the page.

To rearrange your dailies, simply click on the lock icon to "unlock" it, and move your modules on the dailies window around!

Extra Gallery Categories

Normally, you're allowed to create up to 20 different categories for your gallery to divide up your items. However, while you're a Premium member, you can create up to 30 categories. This perk became available on August 1, 2018.

This perk does not affect the upgrade cost for your gallery. It is currently unknown what will happen to extra categories once your Premium membership expires.

Customisation Journal

The Journal became available to Premium members on August 1, 2018. It allows you to take a snapshot of any of your Neopets on a given day to save an image of their current customisation. You can then write a short description, and have it on display for other Neopians to view.

The Journal is accessible from the Premium Neopets bar at the bottom of every page. If you have the bar disabled, you can also access the Journal from your userlookup (it's located under where the NC Mall Album would normally exist).

You may make up to 6 entries per day. Each entry you make can have a custom title and description, and it will automatically record the colour and species of your Neopet, along with a list of the current clothes it is wearing. The list of clothing is accessible by clicking "Petinfo" under each entry.

Free Species Change

Once a year, Premium members have access to change the species of any one of their Neopets. This perk is only available once per 365 days per account. That means that if you sign up for Premium for 1 month in November and then cancel, you cannot sign up for another month in January to use the perk again. You will need to wait a full 365 days to use the perk on your account again.

Using the perk is simple. Select your Neopet that you would like to change, and then select the new species that you could like to convert it into. When you make the change, the colour that your Neopet currently is will transfer over. For example, if you currently have a Mutant Grundo and you wish to change the species to an Acara, you will get a Mutant Acara.

If the colour of species you wish to change into does not exist, then you will have the option to select an entirely new colour. The list of available colours does not have any restrictions like the Rainbow Fountain.

You may not use this perk to change your Neopet into a Draik or Krawk.

Of particular note, this means that you can create an Ice Bori, which was only available for a limited time in 2004. To do this, you will need to paint your existing Neopet that you wish to change into a colour that is not available to Bori. (Check out our Rainbow Pool for list of colours that Bori cannot be painted.)

Make sure you research beforehand to confirm that Bori still lack a particular colour—they receive new options every year in October for Bori Day! At the time of writing, Sketch is not available to Bori, so if you took a Sketch pet to change into a Bori, you would have the option to create an Ice Bori. Scritchy Sketchy Paint Brush tends to be very cheap as it is an occasional prize from Tarla's Non-Toolbar Treasures.

Space Faerie Quests

On March 15, 2019, it was revealed in editorial 859 that Space Faerie quests are only available to Premium users. This was previously unconfirmed by any official sources. For more information on the Space Faerie's quests, see our Faerie Quests guide.

Occasional Perks

Naturally, it's impossible to know what TNT are going to think up next, and from time to time they may award an extra perk that doesn't fall into any of the above categories. An example would be the free Floating Space Faerie Doll that was given away to Premium Members in a limited-time promotion at the NC Mall.

Premium Bonus Collectibles

Starting January 2013, free monthly Neocash items were given to Premium members. The collectibles are awarded on or about the 15th of each month during your active subscription. Premium members are notified via Neomail, and the item is automatically deposited in your inventory.

The items are special Neocash items awarded only to current premium players. They can be traded or gifted using a Neocash gift box like any other Neocash item and are yours to keep even if you cancel your subscription.

When you sign up for Premium, you will also receive the most recent collectible given out. For example, if you sign up on March 3rd, once your membership activates, you should receive a Neomail awarding you the collectible from February 15th. This means each collectible is available from around the 15th of each month until the 14th of the following month.

Premium Bonus Collectibles - 2021

Premium Bonus Collectibles - 2020

In addition to the usual monthly collectibles, a special item was awarded on December 11, 2020 to all active Premium members:

2020 Extra Collectible
December 11

Advent Calendar Y22 Frame

Premium Bonus Collectibles - 2019

Premium Bonus Collectibles - 2018

In addition to the usual monthly collectibles, a special item was awarded on December 11, 2018 to all active Premium members:

2018 Extra Collectible
December 11

Advent Calendar Y20 Frame

Premium Bonus Collectibles - 2017

Premium Bonus Collectibles - 2016

Premium Bonus Collectibles - 2015

Premium Bonus Collectibles - 2014

Premium Bonus Collectibles - 2013

On April 1st, 2013, Premium Members were awarded an extra-special Bonus Collectible item - much to the distress of customisers everywhere! You can view TNT's other 2013 shenanigans at our April Fools guide.

2013 April Fools Premium Collectible
April 1st, 2013

Premium Collectible: Ultimate Cloud Bow

You may view a full list of past Collectibles in our Item Database using the "Premium Collectibles" special category:

View All in Item Database »

Premium Boons

Certain factions give the opportunity of activating the Full Pockets boon or the Premium Dreamium boon if you side with them and they emerge victorious from the Battleground of the Obelisk. The Full Pockets boon awards you additional Neopoints when scratching a Space Faerie Scratchcard. The Premium Dreamium boon allows you to send 4 scores per day on the Premium Featured Game, instead of 3. (Or more generally, +1 score sends if there are any gaming events that allow more than 3 game sends.)

Floating Space Faerie Doll

Birthday Training

In February 2013, TNT confirmed in an editorial question that, in addition to free training on their respective pet days, Premium subscribers can bring their pets to the Swashbuckling Academy on the pet's personal birthday for free training as well. To check your pet's 'official' birthday, simply go to their pet lookup, and ensure that - if you're in a different time zone - you're matching the date to NST.

Premium Customer Support

Techo on the PhoneThe Premium Boards include a Help board where you can ask questions to other Premium users concerning any difficulties with Premium. The Neopets Help page used to include a dedicated FAQ about Premium, but it's not currently available, so if other users can't help you then you'll need to submit a traditional support ticket outlining your issue.

Checking the Status of Your Account

Your current subscription runs out at your next billing date, which you can find here. If your plan is listed as "recurring," you will be billed automatically on that date, and your Premium membership renewed.

Updating Your Payment Information

If something about your bank details changes -- for instance, if your debit card expires and you have to get a new one -- you may find that your Premium features suddenly vanish into thin air. Don't panic! This is a common occurrence with a fairly easy fix. Simply go to the Premium drop-down link, and update in order to re-subscribe.

Canceling Premium

Waving Blue RukiIn an ideal world, we'd all have enough money to pay for Premium indefinitely. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. If you've decided you want to end your time as a Premium Member, you'll need to go here. You'll be asked why you wish to cancel; this is for the company's records, and will not have a bearing on your account.

You will be able to continue using your Premium services until the next time you would normally have paid for them. After that, you'll return to being a normal Neopets player, and no longer be able to get or use:

  • Space Faerie Scratchcards
  • The Premium Boards
  • Your Space Faerie Charm
  • The "Space Faerie" avatar
  • The extra pet slot
  • Premium Featured Game
  • The Super Shop Wizard
  • New monthly Premium Collectible

You will also no longer be able to see the Premium Cards section of the Neodeck.

However, you will still be able to keep any prizes (other than the Space Faerie Charm) that you received, like Neopoints and items you received from Premium Events. The Space Faerie site theme may stay on your account if you were still using it when your subscription ran out, but if you then change to a different theme, you will not be able to return to Space Faerie later.

If you quit Premium and then re-subscribe at a later date, any perks that you've previously gained, such as your old Premium Neodeck cards, will automatically reappear.

Losing the Extra Pet Slot

Once your membership time comes to an end, the next time you visit Neopets, you will be asked how to handle your extra Neopet if you have one. The options are to either renew your subscription, abandon one of your Neopets, or transfer one of your Neopets. Here's what that looks like:

Thanks to Pablo for this screenshot!

You will be blocked from everywhere on Neopets until you make a decision.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT LUTARIS: If you choose the "Abandon" option for your Lutari, keep in mind that your Lutari will run away and not be available to re-adopt in 90 days if you resubscribe to Premium! It is best to choose a non-Lutari if you're going to abandon a Neopet.
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