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Neopian Pound

You may currently have 6 Neopets per account.
Premium users may have 7 Neopets per account.
A pet slot was last added on November 19, 2019.

On August 28th 2007, the Neopian Pound closed down to perform some maintenance due to the recent conversion for customisation. It didn't reopen again until a year later, on August 29th 2008.

The pound can be used to adopt a new Neopet, transfer a Neopet to another specific owner, or abandon your Neopet for another random Neopian to pick up.


Before you adopt a pet, please remember that all pets come without clothing, which includes paint brush clothing. You are required to earn all clothes by yourself. Also, please remember that with the new Transfer feature, you are allowed to keep any pet that you find regardless of whether or not somebody says it's theirs and that you interrupted a transfer. (If you wish to give away a pet with clothes, please read the Transferring Pets section of this guide.)

How To Adopt A Pet

Well, it's just like how you adopt a pet at the old pound... Except there's less refreshing! Take a look at the image below.

As you can see, there is a new View More Neopets link. If you wish to refresh the page, you can click on that link. (That link only refreshes the pet images and stats, not the whole page.)

To adopt a pet, before you do ANYTHING, make sure you have enough NP out. (Something like 5,000 Neopoints will do. You will most likely use less than a fifth of that, but better safe than sorry! :P) First click on the image of the pet you wish to adopt. (If you want to see more pets, hit the View More Neopets button.) If you wish to adopt a pet, click on the image of the pet and then hit the obscenely large Adopt button below the third pet. You will then receive a dialog box like the one shown below.

Hit Ok. And voilĂ , you have a new pet! Note that you will have paid the Adoption Fee, which is shown above your pet. That amount was deducted from your on-hand Neopoint Amount as soon as you adopted the new pet.

Adoption Restrictions

TNT have placed certain restrictions on accounts less than 4 months old, which limits what types of Neopets can be adopted, transferred into, or even transferred out of those accounts.

Accounts less than 4 months old:

  • Can only adopt Neopets coloured blue, brown, checkered, glowing, green, invisible, orange, pink, purple, red, shadow, silver, skunk, speckled, split, white and yellow.
  • Can only adopt Neopets level 2 or below.
  • Can only adopt Neopets that are not limited edition/restricted (except Grundos and Rukis are adoptable by < 4 month accounts).

In addition, for any Neopian, no matter their account age, a Neopet must be at least 7 days old in order to transfer or abandon it.

Adoption Fees

When you adopt or transfer a pet, you are charged a certain amount of NP based on the pet's statistics. If you want to calculate what the adoption cost for a pet would be beforehand, you can do so by using our handy-dandy Pound Calculator.


Well, this is a new feature of Pound 2.0. You are now able to transfer your pets from one account to another. However, there is a catch -- if your account is under 4 months, it is still bound by the above adoption restrictions. In addition, pets may only be transferred once per day - if you want to move a pet around for an avatar, for example, be aware that it will take more than a single day. In the event that an incoming transfer isn't accepted within 72 hours, the transfer will be cancelled and the pet will return to the sender's account.

To the relief of impatient transferrers everywhere, TNT have granted aged accounts extra monthly transfers. The table below shows how many transfers you will have according to your account age. (Note: Your transfer count resets on the first of every month.)

If your account is due to mature from one bracket into the next, you will gain any extra transfers you would be eligible for on the date your account ages up. For example, if your account turns 2 years old on the 14th of July, you will begin the month with a single transfer and will gain a second on the 14th once your account registers as being 2 years old. (Thanks to mybabymissa for confirming this for us.)

Each transfer includes 1 incoming and 1 outgoing transfer. For example, if your account is less than 24 months old, you can still do 1 incoming and 1 outgoing transfer. You can check the transfers that were accepted/rejected this month by visiting your transfer status page. By looking at the information on that page, you can count up how many incoming and outgoing transfers you have used this month. By subtracting that from the number of transfers you are granted each month (see the table below), you will be able to figure out what is remaining.

Additional Pet Transfers
Age At Or Over... Number of Transfers
1 Month (0 Years) 1 Transfer
24 Months (2 Years) 2 Transfers
48 Months (4 Years) 3 Transfers
72 Months (6 Years) 4 Transfers
96 Months (8 Years) 5 Transfers
120 Months (10 Years) 6 Transfers
144 Months (12 Years) 7 Transfers
168 Months (14 Years) 8 Transfers
192 Months (16 Years) 9 Transfers
216 Months (18 Years) 10 Transfers
240 Months (20 Years) 11 Transfers

Another way to determine how many transfers you have is to begin the actual transfer process. If you navigate to the exchange page (where you select what Neopet you will receive from the other user), there will be a message at the top. It will read something along these lines:

"You are about to exchange PETNAME for a Neopet currently owned by OTHER USER. This will cost 1,000 NP plus the adoption fee for the Neopet and will count as your 3rd User-to-User Transfers for this month. If accepted, it will also count as OTHER USER's 4th User-to-User Transfers for this month."

So, you can see that my blurb says this will be my third transfer this month, and my friend's fourth transfer. However, unlike the transfer status page, this does not differentiate between incoming/outgoing. As a result, this could be my third outgoing transfer but only my first incoming. The best way to keep track of your transfers is really to do so on your own, by writing it down.

Note that if your pet has a No Trade Petpet attached to it, you will be unable to transfer it until the Petpet is either removed, or is changed (via the Petpet Lab Ray) into a normal Petpet. No Trade Petpets include those found in Newbie Starter Packs and those exclusive to the Petpet Lab Ray.

What Items Are Transferred

If you transfer a pet, wearables can be transferred over to the new account (excluding NC Mall items, which cannot leave your account unless you use a gift box to send an item to another user), including any paint brush items your pet is wearing. But only one set of paint brush items will be transferred - the ones that match the pet's current paint job.

For example, if you had a Plushie Poogle that was wearing Pirate Poogle clothes (the eye patch and the stripey shirt) and you tried to transfer them, the clothes would not be transferred because they are not part of the pet's current colour and so they would be taken off and put back into your closet.

If, however, you had a Pirate Techo, any of the pirate clothing he was wearing would be transferred along with him.

Even if you remove your pet's current paint brush clothing and leave them in your closet, they would still be transferred along with the pet. This may not be readily apparent in the pet's picture during transfer.

Battledome weapons will not be transferred over.

An attached petpet attached will also be transferred, unless it is a No Trade petpet (such as those from the Newbie Starter Pack). If you have a No Trade petpet attached, you will be prevented from transferring the Neopet.

A Neopet will retain all of their other stats when transferred, including age, strength, hit points, intelligence, etc.

Any current, unfinished games of NeoQuest I will transfer with the Neopet. (The games of NQ1 are tied to Neopets, not users.)

If the Neopet to be transferred is currently enrolled in a training course at the Swashbuckling Academy, then they will remain in the course. (If you can confirm this is the case for the Mystery Island Training School or Secret Ninja Training School, please let us know.)

Note: If your pet is wearing clothes that can be bought in Neopian shops and you would like to transfer your pet with their clothes on, know that you are not allowed to have a user pay for a pet (all they should have to pay is the cost to adopt the pet which Neopets charges based on its level). Asking somebody to reimburse you for the cost of a pet's outfit is against the rules and is likely to get you reported, so DON'T DO IT! However it is perfectly okay to remove the pet's clothes and place them in your shop for the other user to buy.

How To Transfer A Pet

First, make sure that you have 1,000 Neopoints on-hand, then head on over to the Transferring Pets Room. If you look at the picture below, you can see that there is a button below each pet. Click on the button that is below the pet you want to transfer.

After you have selected your pet and have clicked the Transfer button, you will be shown a prompt, as depicted in the image below. Be sure to type in the username correctly, as if the user is an active user, they might just accept it (and you may be out of a pet! :/).

When you have typed in the account name (and PIN Number, if applicable), you will be shown the following screen where you will be given the option to either confirm the transfer or to trade your pet for one of the recipient's. (For trading pets, see the next section.)

Once you click on the "Confirm Transfer" option you will be shown one of three things:

  • Error: The new owner is not old enough to adopt this Neopet!
  • Error: The new owner has already accepted all of their User-to-User Transfers this month!
  • A new page allowing you to check your transferred pet's status. (You can click here to check your pet's status.)

After this, it's all up to the receiving user!

Note: Lutaris cannot be transferred, they do not disappear (as they do if you try to abandon them) but instead they just refuse to budge off your account.

Trading Pets

If you choose to trade pets rather than just transfer one, after you have selected which pet you want to exchange you can click on the link at the bottom where it says "If you would like to exchange..." to be shown the pets of the person you are transferring your pet to. From there you will be able to select which of their pets you would like in return for yours, as shown in this screenie.

Once again, after clicking on the "Exchange Neopets" option you will be shown to the screen that either says:

  • Error: The new owner is not old enough to adopt this Neopet!
  • A new page allowing you to check your transferred pet's status. (You can click here to check your pet's status.)

As with regular transferring of pets you will be charged 1,000 NP for the transfer, as well as however much it costs to adopt the other person's pet when they accept the swap.

How To Receive A Pet

If you are receiving the pet, you will be sent a notification on the top left navigation bar. (It's the same place where you see if you got a Neomail or a NeoFriend Request.) After you have clicked on that image/link, you will be shown the following:

You should now click on either the Robot Hissi Head or the text that says "User-to-User Transfer Offer". That will bring you to the page below.

Here, you get to either accept the pet or reject the pet. Note that if you accept the pet, you will have to pay the adoption fee that is shown. (In this example, it is 102 Neopoints.) You should have the Neopoints out on-hand, as this is where the Neopoints will be deducted from. When the transfer is done, you will be brought to the Quick Ref page. (Your newly transferred pet will become your Active Pet. If you wish to switch it, you can do so then by hitting the dropdown arrow and selecting Set Active.)

Other Notes On Transferring

We've received reports that accounts under four months old are subject to the same restrictions transferring pets out as they do adopting pets in.

If you offer a pet to another user in a transfer and they reject the request, your pet will remain on your account; however, this will count as you having used (one of) your outgoing transfer option(s) for that month and you will also still have to pay the 1,000 Neopoint transfer fee. The same applies if you offer a user a pet and they do not accept it within the three day deadline period. If you're the one doing the rejecting, it will not use up (one of) your incoming transfer option(s).


Abandoning is actually pretty simple. When you are abandoning your Neopet, any clothes and Battledome weapons that are attached will return to your closet and your inventory respectively. However, your petpet WILL go with the pet. If you wish to keep your petpet, remove it before you abandon your pet. You are allowed to abandon one pet a day from an account, although the pet must be at least 7 days old before they feel brave enough to venture into the dark recesses of the pound. The only "catch" is that you have to be able to pay the 250 Neopoint fee when abandoning your pet. Keep in mind that you can only abandon one pet per day.

NOTE: Some pets, when abandoned, will either disappear or convert to another colour. Ice Bori will turn into a Blue Bori and Magma pets will turn Red. Any Lutari that is abandoned will mysteriously disappear, preferring to wander the blank realms of cyberspace than go near that evil Techo.

How To Abandon A Pet

Like I said above, abandoning a pet is very simple. First, head over to the Pet Abandoning Room; if it's the first time you've ever been to this page, enjoy your new avatar as well! All you need to abandon your pet is have 250 Neopoints on-hand and be able to click the button below your pet (after typing in you PIN number, if applicable). Take a look at the image below in case you don't know what I'm talking about.

You have to click the button five times before it will abandon your pet. This feature was built in to ensure that nobody would accidentally disown their pet or disown the wrong pet by mistake. (As a side note, I recommend adding a PIN protection facility to this area of the site as well, that way if anybody manages to get their hands on your account they won't be able to abandon your beloved pets.) Once abandoned, you will be brought to your Quick Ref page.

You can only abandon a pet once per day, resetting at midnight NST.

Dr. Death

Dr. Death

Visit the abandon page in the Neopian Pound.

This avatar is obtainable from the 2019 Charity Corner perk, In a New Avatar.

Released: September 12, 2003

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