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Pick Your Own

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Ah, the land of Meridell. The home of Potato Counting, constant states of war, and berry picking! You are able to pick all sorts of berries when you take a trip to Meri Acres Farm. Some are quite rare, and others are found all over Neopian shops!

While wandering around the areas of Meri Acres farm, simply click anywhere on the image to "pick" something. If you're not happy with the pick, click on it in your basket to discard it. You can delete as many items as you want. Also, once you pick something from an area, you should visit a new area, as the chances of getting something again are low.

The map of Meri Acres for Pick Your Own is comprised of six different images arranged in a three-by-three square area. Your map might look something like this:

Listed below are the berries you are able to win from Pick Your Own, as well as some of the booby prizes... All berries are listed in alphabetical order.

For St. Patrick's Day, you were able to find some rare clovers for the day!

You are also able to pick up an avatar while you're at it.

Pick Your Own Avatar
Pick Your OwnPick Your Own
Collect six non-Dung items from Pick Your Own.

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