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The Petpet Puddle

So you finally have the pet of your dreams, but their little Mazzew side-kick they are so fond of now looks a bit odd tagging along by its side. You can't help but think they would make a better match if only your Mazzew was green and had webbed feet. It looks like a trip to the Petpet Puddle is in store for you and your pets!

The Petpet Puddle

The Puddle

The Petpet Puddle is basically a scaled-down version of The Rainbow Pool (which, by the by, is where it also happens to be located) where you can paint your Petpets; it would have to be shallow otherwise the poor little tykes might get into bother. Though unlike the regular pool it isn't presided over by a faerie who hands out quests, so if you want one of your Petpets painting I'm afraid you'll have to do it yourself. If you want to see what colours are available for each species of Petpet then you can check the All Petpet Colours page, although it isn't the most up-to-date page on the site as some Petpets are missed off completely. You would be better off looking through the Jellyneo Item Database for a more comprehensive list (yes that was a shameless plug, but it was a very useful one :P).

The Paint Brushes

To paint your Petpet you will need a special Petpet Paint Brush (see this page of the Jellyneo Item Database for a full listing of available colours!). You can be awarded these brushes through random events and occasionally from the Alien Vending Machine when it runs out of food, although both are very rare; the most common method of acquiring one is to buy them off other users through the Shop Wizard or via the Trading Post for the more expensive ones.

Halloween Petpet  
Paint BrushPlushie Petpet  
Paint BrushTyrannian Petpet  
Paint Brush
We're travel size for your convenience (:

Paying a Visit

Once you arrive at the Petpet Puddle you will be presented with images of each of your Petpets and a drop-down menu of the Petpet Paint Brushes you have in your inventory that are compatible to be used on each species. You can see what options you have in the screenie below.

Puddle Options

As you can see, any Petpet that has been zapped using the Petpet Lab Ray is immune to being painted, though this is only if they have had a change of species. Say for example you zapped an Altachuck with the ray and it was morphed into a Kadoatie, you couldn't then paint the Kadoatie a different colour you would just have to keep it the colour it was or save up and buy a "real" one. (For more information about the Petpet Lab Ray visit this guide).

To paint your Petpet, select the colour you want to paint it in the menu underneath it and then click on "Paint The Petpet" and voila! say hello to your new little friend! This color change is permanent, even if removed (unless you decide to paint another color.)

Unpainting Your Petpet

If, for whatever reason, you decide that you want your pet to revert back to its default colour then there is a way of doing this; although you can put down the scrubbing brush and the soap as it requires another coat of paint :P First you will need to determine what TNT considers to be the closest match to your Petpet's original colour. To do this we need to take another trip to the All Petpet Colours page. Let us pretend for now that you have just bought a Yellow Hasee because it was the only one you could find for sale, but you want it to be unpainted so it will fit in with your gallery theme. By using our Item Database you can see that the default colour for a Hasee is purple with orange stripy bits; so to get it to go back to just being a regular Hasee you would have to paint it with a Purple Petpet Paint Brush. To check this first, visit the page at the Petpet Puddle that lists all the potential colour combinations and search for all purple pets in the bar on the right as shown below.

Unpainting a Petpet

So to get an unpainted Hasee, you would need to paint it with a Purple Petpet Paint Brush; likewise this would work to return a Huggy, a Pinceron, a Barbat, a Drackonack, a Cyodrake, a Mazzew, a Stopngo 400 and a Drackobunny back to their default state.

But as you can see here, it is always worth checking on this page what colour TNT consider to be the closest match to a Petpet's natural colour before you buy the Petpet Paint Brush. Here they have listed a Huggy's default colour as being purple whereas I personally would have guessed at green, and they have also listed a Pikis as being white when it is more of a faded lilac colour. So always always check first, otherwise you could end up with the wrong colour brush!

But I am naturally red, really I am...

Happy Petpet painting!

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