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First of all, what is a Petpetpet? Well if a Petpet is a pet for your Neopet to look after, then a Petpetpet is a pet for your Neopet's Petpet to look after. Confused? :P Okay I'll try wording it differently. A Petpetpet is a little critter (a bit like a bug) that you can attach to a Petpet to keep it company. All of the Petpetpets are shown below:

How Do You Get A Petpetpet?

Petpetpets were once awarded during a random event, however when the random events were revamped in April 2014, this random event disappeared. Petpetpets can now be found when completing quests Aboard the Coincidence.

If you don't want to try your luck aboard the coincidence, you can also buy them from other users through the Shop Wizard or, for the more expensive ones, through the Trading Post and Auction House. If your account is old enough, you can also purchase them at the Almost Abandoned Attic.

How Much Does A Petpetpet Cost?

For an up-to-date listing of reseller prices it is best to check the Petpetpet page of the Jellyneo Item Database. Petpetpets sold at the Almost Abandoned Attic, like all its other wares, are at estimated value price.

How Do I Attach A Petpetpet To My Petpet?

Actually attaching a Petpetpet can be a bit of a pain, I'm afraid. Once you have the Petpetpet in your inventory make sure that the Petpet you want to attach it to is on your active pet, then go to your inventory and keep refreshing until the Petpetpet disappears. Then go to check on your Petpet to make sure that it has attached!

Of course, as with any page on the site, refreshing can cause you to encounter random events; the one you most definitely do not want to happen right now is for the dreaded Pant Devil to rear his ugly head and nab your precious Petpetpet. To avoid this happening, it is best to pad out your inventory with useless junk just in case, adding in a few Pant Devil Attractors might be a good idea too.

Am I Ever At Risk Of Losing My Petpetpet?

Only if you ever remove your Petpet from your Neopet. If you do that, your Petpetpet will disappear. Once you attach it to a Petpet you cannot take it off to resell or give to another Petpet.

If your Petpet is eaten by the Turmaculus, your Petpetpet will also be eaten.

Are There Any Avatars I Can Get From Petpetpets?

Yes, currently there are two avatars you can earn from Petpetpets, in various ways:



Visit the pet lookup of a Neopet with a Moach attached.

This avatar is obtainable from the 2019 Charity Corner perk, In a New Avatar.

Released: May 23, 2005


Mootix / Guide

Own a pet with a Mootix attached to its petpet and visit your Quick Ref.

Released: November 12, 2003

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