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Petpet Rescue

Petpet Rescue Information
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The Petpet Protection League doesn't always devote their spare time to saving Petpets from becoming a Snow Beast's dinner. As a matter of fact, one of their top undercover agents, Samuel, has been hard at work to free Petpets from the evil clutches of Gargrall the Grarrl.

Gargrall imprisons these Petpets and forces them to work within his ruby mines, deep below Neopia. Your job, as Samuel, is to find these Petpets and lead them to safety, without getting killed in the process.

How To Play

Each level of Petpet Rescue is composed of two types of areas. The levels are, for the most part, identical to each other so once you learn the layout it becomes easy to navigate. You can only rescue one Petpet at a time, so one by one, you must find them, pick them up (by walking over them), and return them to the 'safehouse'. This safehouse is the doorway at the bottom of each level, and it is where you start the game. The only controls you will need during this game are the arrow keys. Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, there are several obstacles that you must watch out for. Run into any one of them and you will lose a life.

Petpet Rescue


The different types of Petpets that you will encounter during the game are shown below. As mentioned earlier, you rescue them by walking over them (effectively picking them up) and carrying them to the safehouse.


There are four different types of obstacles in this game. They are explained below:

  • Lava
  • Boulders
  • Stalactites
  • Time

The most basic obstacle is the lava river that the mine carts run over. If you move off of a cart and into the river, you will die. The only way to avoid this is by hopping into another cart that is adjacent to yours. It is important to note that, unlike the Petpets, you cannot ride the carts off the edge of the screen.

The next kind of obstacle is the boulder. These boulders roll everywhere but the river and, again, can cost you a life. The good thing about the boulders is that they roll in rows, and each row has its own pattern. For example, one row may consist of two boulders that move from left to right, and the next row may consist of only one boulder that moves from right to left. By taking a second to observe how each row moves, you can predict when it will be safe to cross the pathway.

The third, and most difficult obstacle is the stalactite. These are the sharp, pointy rocks lining the top of the game screen. The stalactites shake before they fall, giving you some time to get out of the way. They can only move in a straight line and will disappear when they reach the bottom of the screen. If you notice a falling stalactite early enough, you should have plenty of time to get out of the way.

Time can also be considered an obstacle in this game. You have 100 seconds to complete each level. This is actually a decent amount of time so it usually isn't a problem except in the fourth and fifth levels.


There are five levels to the game, each with its own objective. Once you meet this objective you can advance to the next level. You cannot rescue more Petpets than is required for a specific level - the instant you rescue the last one you will advance to the next level. Each Petpet will net you 10 points, and each level completion will net you 25 points. As a result, any additional points must come from gems.

Level Objectives
Level 1 4 Petpets 65 points
Level 2 6 Petpets 85 points
Level 3 8 Petpets 105 points
Level 4 10 Petpets 125 points
Level 5 12 Petpets 145 points
Total points: 525

Each level has different coloured gems scattered throughout the boulder zones. As you advance in level, you will run into higher value gems.While it is possible to earn the avatar without collecting any gems, you will obtain it much faster if you do. Collecting gems is also the only way to achieve a spot on the high score table. However, the amount (and type) of gems in each level is random.

Collectable Gems

5 points

10 points

15 points

25 points

Quick Tips

  • Restart your game if you lose a life on the first level if you are trying for the avatar. You will want the maximum number of lives for future levels.
  • You actually have four lives - the one you begin with and 3 additional ones.
  • The game does not tell you how many Petpets you have rescued - you need to count.
  • If you are trying for the avatar, try to collect all of the gems in each level. Gems are easy points.
  • You do not get bonus points for finishing the level early, so take all the time you need.
  • When you are standing within the doorway the stalactites cannot harm you.
Petpet Rescue

Petpet Rescue / Guide

Send a score of 250+ points in Petpet Rescue.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, More for Less, decreases the score needed to 200+ points.

Released: June 8, 2005

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