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Learn the meaning to all Neopian words, phrases and acronyms!
Look sophisticated while chatting on the Neoboards
Take a tour of the entire planet of Neopia.
Discover the characters of Neopia in our Book of Ages!
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Other Sections

I'll bet you that there's at least one thing in the list below that you have never seen on JN. (And all of these things have been out for a pretty long time. You should start paying more attention in class. :P)

The Book of Ages
Do you want to see all the characters of Neopia in one place? If you do (and you KNOW you do), the Book of Ages is right for you!
Editorial Database
With so many editorials written by both Neopets and us, there's only one way to find a specific question you read once upon a time ages ago -- by searching past editorials!
I hope you like talking to people, because that's exactly what you're going to do if you head over to the jnForums! (We don't bite. I promise.)
Guide to Neopia
Contrary to popular belief, the Guide to Neopia is not a NCMall Shopping Guide. You can take a trip around Neopia in about half an hour and learn more than just by surfing Neopets!
New Rainbow Pool
Yes, we know Neopets has their own New Rainbow Pool. Ours is obviously better. :P
DrSloth.com - Neopets Image Database
A searchable database of Neopets images with over 85,000 entries. Search for the perfect image to use in your userlookup or shop layout, or browse the database for some cool vintage images from Neopets of old.
Neoboard Fonts
Here, you'll find a wide assortment of different fonts that you can use to look like quite the sophisticate while chatting on the Neoboards.
Customization Wardrobe
The ultimate closet to all Neopet wearables!
The Neopian Dictionary
Learn the meaning to all Neopian words, phrases and acronyms.
The ultimate weapons database!