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NeoQuest II

Meridell - White River (post Zombom)

You probably won't need to buy any weapons or armor, but stock up on potions if necessary and don't forget to pick up Mipsy. She'll be an extremely useful addition to your party, but only if you remember to use her skill points. If you don't take Mipsy with you, she'll be waiting for you later in Chia Oscuro. You'll also want to buy at least one Awakening Potion just in case you lose a member of your party and you're nowhere near a town.


Mipsy says, "Oh, you startled me! I'm sorry, I'm a bit jittery these days, what with all the fuss from the bridge being stuck. I'm glad it's opened up now, though, and I've heard it's all thanks to you!"

> "What can you tell me about this town?"
Mipsy says, "Oh, I don't know very much about White River. I haven't lived here very long, you see; in fact, I'd only just moved in when the wizard attacked and got the bridge stuck. So I haven't even met most of the people who live here, since they've been trapped across the river."

> "What do you do?"
Mipsy says, "Well, I'm a wizard, as you may have guessed from my robe. Not a very good one, mind you... I only know a few simple spells and other tricks."

> "Would you like to join me in adventuring?"
Mipsy says, "Me?? You want me to join you?" Mipsy jumps up from her chair excitedly. "Of course! Of course! I've already got my handy wizard's wand and my robes, and that's all I'll really need for a life of adventure, isn't it? Let's get going!"
Mipsy has joined your party!

Horxas says, "Oh, thank you for defeating that horrible wizard! Now the bridge is usable again, and we're finally able to get shipments of ale! My customers will be so happy! Since you defeated him, I'll let you rent a room at a discounted rate, only 25 gold pieces."

> "What can you tell me about this town?"
Horxas says, "White River's a peaceful town. The bit with the wizard showing up was more excitement than we've seen in all my lifetime! Normally, we just have a few wizards who quietly practice their magics, and the tradesmen who pass through frequently. They ship all manner of goods through here, although business has dried up a bit, now that the bridge is unusable."
Rest Point
> "I'd like to rent a room for the night." (Cost: 25 gp)
Horxas says, "Thank you very much. Your room is just around the corner."

You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy.

> Trade with Tebor
Tebor says, "I'll be able to get more supplies now that the bridge is back in order! Thanks! You can have a 20% discount on anything in the store."
Trading - After Defeating Zombom
  Normal Evil Insane
Healing Vial (heal 15) 12 gp 14 gp 17 gp
Flare Potion (dmg 15) 12 gp 14 gp 17 gp
Blast Potion (dmg 25) 20 gp 24 gp 29 gp
Iron Shortsword (dmg 8) 320 gp 384 gp 480 gp
Rusty Chain Tunic (def 5) 240 gp 288 gp 360 gp

> Trade with Sildairm
Sildairm says, "Welcome to my shop. I sell speed-altering potions, but they won't come cheap. Anything guaranteed to make you move faster -- or make your enemies move slower -- will come at a hefty price! I also have healing potions, but when you buy my speed-altering potions, you won't need those much!"
  Normal Evil Insane
Healing Vial (heal 15) 15 gp 18 gp 22 gp
Healing Flask (heal 25) 25 gp 30 gp 37 gp
Flare Potion (dmg 15) 15 gp 18 gp 22 gp
Blast Potion (dmg 25) 25 gp 30 gp 37 gp
Awakening Potion (resurrect, 10% heal) 200 gp 240 gp 300 gp
Speed Potion (haste 15%) 50 gp 60 gp 75 gp
Slowness Potion (slow 20%) 50 gp 60 gp 75 gp
Iron Shortsword (dmg 8) 400 gp 480 gp 600 gp
Iron Chain Tunic (def 8) 600 gp 720 gp 900 gp

Adelan says, "Well, I can't thank you enough for defeating Zombom, though I wish it didn't have to be this way. I suppose he'd been driven mad by tapping powerful, forbidden magics... or something like that."

> "What can you tell me about the town?"
Adelan says, "White River was founded as a river crossing centuries ago. Now it's home to a small community of wizards -- of whom I am one -- and traders who live here when not out trading. It's never grown to be a particularly large town, but we like it small. Actually, the walls were built to both protect against floods from the river itself, and to keep the community small."

> "Zombom said he failed his master, and he mentioned your name."
Adelan says, "His master, eh? So he was not behind this by himself? That makes a certain kind of sense, I suppose. The only other person I can think of powerful enough to put Zombom up to what he did would be... but it can't be." Adelan hesitates for a moment, and looks around suspiciously. "The king's advisor, Ramtor, was rumored to be a powerful spellcaster... but I can't imagine why he'd want the bridge frozen up. The last I heard, the king had taken ill... but this far from the castle, who knows what's going on there?"

Bolar says, "Wow, thanks! You defeated that wizard, and I can get back to drinking! Cheers to ya!"

Enkarra says, "You're from Trestin, are you? That means the bridge must be open! Oh, thank the stars. I was afraid I'd never be able to visit the north again."

Gorgan says, "Most excellent work! Now that the bridge is back in proper order, I can get rid of all these crates of omelette I've got. They were starting to smell bad, too. I guess you and other adventurers will have to find somewhere else exciting to go now, eh?"

> "What can you tell me about White River?"
Gorgan says, "I spend a fair amount of time here; my trading business takes me all over Meridell. White River's just a small town, really, not much to see or do. Some of the wizards who live here make for interesting conversation, if you enjoy that sort of thing."

Jeltharo says, "Oh, thank you so much for defeating that terrible wizard! Now the bridge is working again, and life around here will get back to normal. If you have any questions about the town, just let me know."

> "What can you tell me about this town?"
Jeltharo says, "White River was founded ages ago, before recorded time. It was built at the narrowest point along the White River itself, to make passage to the Northern Marches easier. Naturally, a town grew up here. Most of the citizens are either minor wizards or merchants, dealing in trade with other cities in Meridell."

Yauvis opens his eyes and yawns. "Eh? So, you killed the wizard, eh? Good job. Now leave me alone, I'm trying to sleep!"

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