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NeoQuest II

Lost Desert - South West Desert

The monsters in this area are much too hard for you until you complete the rest of the desert, so only come here when you're ready to go through Zak's Pyramid.


Desert Khonsu
Normal: 170 HP
Evil: 255 HP
Insane: 340 HP

Cleanse (heal 80)

Potion of Potent Health
Potion of Greater Health
Potion of Abundant Health

Desert Patrolman
Normal: 200 HP
Evil: 300 HP
Insane: 400 HP

Skills: Wall of Force (dmg shields 17)

Vitality Potion
Stamina Potion

Desert Watcher
Normal: 185 HP
Evil: 277 HP
Insane: 370 HP

Sand Walker
Normal: 160 HP
Evil: 240 HP
Insane: 320 HP

Skills: Stunning Strikes

Potion of Potent Health
Potion of Greater Health

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