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NeoQuest II

Lost Desert - Palace of Ancient Kings, Basement

Go up the tunnel to meet the Revenant and his Skeletons. After he is defeated, you must speak to Lifira completely before exiting through the portal. You'll end up in the Valley of Kings. Return to Waset Village where you again must speak to Lifira completely. She will tell you to visit Bukaru. Now you can claim your discounts in the shops if you haven't purchased what you need yet.


Desert Watcher
Normal: 185 HP
Evil: 277 HP
Insane: 370 HP

Dynastic Priest
Normal: 185 HP
Evil: 277 HP
Insane: 370 HP

Vaporize (dmg 70)

Potion of Greater Health
Potion of Abundant Health
Vitality Potion
Journal Page

Possessed Skeleton
  Normal Evil Insane
Hitpoints 185 HP 277 HP 370 HP
Suggested Level 36 36 37

Skills: None

Revenant of the Dunes
  Normal Evil Insane
Hitpoints 600 HP 750 HP 900 HP
Suggested Level 36 36 37

Skills: Rampant Acceleration (group haste 38%), Spellbind (mesmerize), Mitigation (group heal 60), Slowing Strikes, Infestation (group dmg 44), Shockwave

Drops: 2 Weapons/Armor, 3,100 gold

You Win: 750np

Battle Tips: When the Revenant of the Dunes casts heal, it will cover the possessed skeletons as well. BE SURE THAT VELM KNOWS HOW TO HEAL. Either Group Heal or Single Heal is fine, it just depends on your strategy. Have all defensive spells cast and ready, or you can opt for slowing potions. Focus on the Revenant, because once he goes, his skeletons go with him.


Lifira says, "Well, I heard the battle from in here. That Revenant of the Dunes was horrible, wasn't he?" She looks around, and sighs. "Well, let's get out of here."

> "You seem awfully calm about all this."
Lifira says, "Why shouldn't I be? The only reason I'm here at all is that the Revenant managed to put a holding spell on me before I could get a counterspell off. Now that he's dead, the spell's broken, so I can go home." She looks at you, then frowns. "Wait a second. Everyone in Waset gave you the 'Little Lifira's so lost, oh won't you please save her, wah wah wah' line, didn't they?" She sighs. "I wish they'd cut that out. I've been practicing magic for years, and I'm quite capable of taking care of myself. I don't know what the Revenant wanted with me, but I'm perfectly fine. He couldn't have harmed me, even if he was able to keep me from casting any spells."

> "Well, we're willing to escort you home."
Lifira says, "Ha!" and then blinks, startled. "I'm sorry... Let me apologize, I've been rude to you. Thank you very much for, er, rescuing me, as it were. But I won't need an escort. I can get back to Waset just fine by myself. There's a teleportation orb down the passage, which should take you outside." She smiles, and then waves her hand. "See you back in town; we can talk safely there." There's a bright flash, and she vanishes.

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