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NeoQuest II

Haunted Woods - Cave of Dark Things

The pools of slime will show you most of the way, but getting lost in this area would be difficult. Fight the Spider Grundo and then talk to him if you're in need of more conversation. Then exit to the left.


Goo Fiend
Normal: 220 HP
Evil: 330 HP
Insane: 440 HP

Restore (Heal 100)

Stamina Potion
Constitution Potion

Mucus Beast
Normal: 225 HP
Evil: 337 HP
Insane: 450 HP

Dazzle (Mesmerize)

Stamina Potion
Constitution Potion

Wretched Spyder
Normal: 225 HP
Evil: 337 HP
Insane: 450 HP

Vitality Potion
Stamina Potion

Spider Grundo
  Normal Evil Insane
Hitpoints 1,200 HP 1,500 HP 1,800 HP
Suggested Level 43 43 44

Skills: Wall of Chaos (Damage Shield 22), Celestial Hammer (3 Second Stun and/or 45 Damage), Immune to Rohane's Stunning Strike, Renew (Heal 150)

Drops: 2 Weapons/Armor, 2,000 gold

You Win: 900 Neopoints

Battle Tips: The Cave of Dark Things is where you'll find the Spider Grundo. He can cast Celestial Hammer, a spell capable of damage and stun (but it can be partly or completely resisted with Velm's Group Shielding). He won't go down with Rohane's usual stunning strikes, so don't waste your time there.

If Mipsy and Velm only use spells, and Talinia fires arrows, only Rohane is affected by his Damage Shields. Rohane can take the beating, but keep an eye on everyone's health none the less.


Spider Grundo
Spider Grundo says, "Urhg.. aghh... what happened?"

> "We were hoping you could tell us."
Spider Grundo says, "Er, I'm not really sure... I was walking about the swamp, when suddenly I felt a little strange. Then, the next thing I knew, I was here, talking to you! I guess someone cast a spell on me. I did see a strange, dark shape in the swamp, but I didn't think much of it... but now, who knows?"

> "Count von Roo says he saw you casting a spell, along with Balthazar and Hubrid Nox."
Spider Grundo glares at you as he shouts, "WHAT!! That's ridiculous! I would never work with those two." He pauses. "But... why would von Roo say that? It makes no sense."

> "He says you three cast a spell to make the sun stay up, permanently. Which it is."
Spider Grundo says, "It is? It was the middle of the night when I was walking in the swamp... but you say the sun's up permanently now? How awful! Won't someone think of the ghosts?!"

> "The ghosts are all staying indoors."
Spider Grundo says, "I suppose that makes sense... well, anyway. If Balthazar and Hubrid Nox have something to do with this, then you should go talk to them. I don't know why they would work together, let alone with me... but if I don't remember any of it, maybe they don't either, so that could explain it. Well, get going. There's a back exit to my cave, down that way." He points off to the west with one of his middle legs. "It leads to a path that goes right to Balthazar's grove. Good luck, and I hope you find out what's going on!"

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