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NeoQuest II

Faerieland - Northern Watchtower, Level 2

Here you can buy some potions, but there are no weapon or armor upgrades to be had. Go back down the stairs to exit.


Guard Cook Gustano
Gustano sighs at you. "Don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly sick of making potions... but it isn't exactly my favorite thing to do these days. But I'll sell you what you need, so here's what I got."
  Normal Evil Insane
Faerie's Gift Potion (Heal 150) 130 g 156 g 195 g
Constitution Potion (Heal 140) 125 g 150 g 187 g
Vivify Potion (Resurrect, Heal 80%) 3,000 g 3,600 g 4,500 g
Typhoon Potion (Damage 155) 125 g 150 g 187 g
Speed of Wind Potion (Haste 60%) 230 g 276 g 345 g
Slumber Potion (Slow 70%) 230 g 276 g 345 g

Guardsman Kosec
Guardsman Kosec says, "Shh! Don't tell anyone I'm back here. I'm hiding."

> "What are you hiding from?"
Guardsman Kosec says, "The..." He looks around, suspiciously, but nobody else is near. "The Fallen Angel!"

> "Who's the Fallen Angel?"
Guardsman Kosec says, "I... I don't know. She came to me in my dream last night, told me to betray my friends. It was so real. But I don't want to be near the others now. I'm afraid I might do something awful to them!"

> "Are you sure it wasn't just a dream?"
Guardsman Kosec says, "I'm sure. This morning when I looked out the window, I saw a dark shape flying through the air. It was far away, but I swear, when I looked closer at it, I could see it looking back! It gave me the shivers. So I'm not moving from this spot."

Guardsman Loceveakro
Guardsman Loceveakro says, "I heard there was an enormous dragon behind the whole thing. Only dragon I know is the Snowager, and he lives down on Terror Mountain. So it can't be him. Like Avisne there says... crazy talk."

> "Are you sure it's just a rumor?"
Guardsman Loceveakro says, "Can't be sure of nothin' these days. You'd asked me a month ago, I'd've said I was sure Faerieland could never be invaded. Shows what I knew, eh?"

Guardswoman Avisne
Guardswoman Avisne says, "This war is crazy. Where did all these dark faeries come from?"

> "I don't know. Heard any rumors?"
Guardswoman Avisne says, "A couple. But they're crazy, mostly. Corrupted faeries, mechanical Cybunnies... I even heard that the dark faeries are using babaas as soldiers! Maybe some of it's true, but it's just crazy."

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