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The Neopies Awards

The Fifth Annual Neopies - 2013

The Neopies are voted on each January by Neopians to determine the best (and worst) from the previous Neopian year. Select categories are presented by TNT, and the Neopies Host will present you with the finalists in each category.

You have 3 days to vote in each category before the winner is announced. Visit the official Neopies FAQ for the voting rules.

The Finalists and Winners

Here is a list of the finalists in each category. The winners will be highlighted in yellow, and this year's loser is highlighted in grey.

Day One - Best Heard Around the Office
Kid Hawk Kid Hawk

"We don't have time to be hilarious."
Dragona Dragona

"My lack of memory is amazing. I sent myself an email to remind me of something, and about .6 seconds later I get an email and get excited and look to see what it is."
Mr. Insane Mr. Insane

"(╯�□�)╯︵ ǝıʞɹɐus"
Viola/DJ Skellington Viola/DJ Skellington

Viola: "Poogle butts!"

DJ Skellington: "So that's what you look at all day."
Day Two - Best Revamp
Games Room Revamp Games Room Revamp

Despite triggering an infestation of bugs that (temporarily) consumed Roo Island, the launch of the Games Room's new look turned out to be a smashing success in the end.
Battledome Revamp Battledome Revamp

After a much-lamented hiatus, the Battledome returned with all-new animated attacks and arenas, as well as rewards for battling that included items and Neopoints.
Dailies Revamp Dailies Revamp

Throughout the latter half of the past year, many of Neopia's dailies received makeovers and had the prizes that they give out substantially overhauled.
Roo Island Revamp Roo Island Revamp

While everyone else was attempting to rid Roo Island of bugs, King Roo's royal decorators were giving the land a makeover that included lots of interesting new additions.
Day Three - Best Caption Images
Caption #1247 Caption #1247

Underwater Gelert: Prepare to be amazed Goldies, for when I finish reading this book, it will magically disappear! � By amberwaves100
Caption #1258 Caption #1258

Kelpbeard's Trident: Quick, use me. I can do more than 16 icons! � By evilone712_27
Caption #1256 Caption #1256

Sabre-X: Seriously? Roo Island gets scary purple bugs, Krawk Island gets huge tentacles, and all we get is a fluffy pink wave? � By vanilla_paw
Caption #1268 Caption #1268

Wocky: I got you two gifts in one! He's currently a Tiny Snowman, but soon enough you'll have a Snowman Slushie! � By destinationxunknown
Day Three - Best NC Mall Wearable
Midnight Frost Background Midnight Frost Background

That foreboding chill that you're feeling isn't just the weather...
Mystical Genie Trousers Mystical Genie Trousers

Made from the finest silk, these trousers are worth using one of your three wishes...
Shell Coif Wig Shell Coif Wig

Contrary to rumour, you can't actually hear the ocean when you put it on...
Nurse Lucy Skeleton Nurse Lucy Skeleton

Too many nights on the graveyard shift, apparently...
Day Four - Best New Neopet Colour
Robot Bruce Robot Bruce

It appears this one's days of rink running are over...
Wraith Techo Wraith Techo

Just because Xandra's no longer a threat doesn't mean this look is any less menacing...
Maraquan Tonu Maraquan Tonu

This blend of blue and green looks great whether you're navigating the ocean floor or relaxing poolside...
Mutant Lutari Mutant Lutari

Want your Lutari to look like its been freshly pummeled by a raging storm? This may be the look for you!
Day Five - Best News Day
Wraith Day Wraith Day

8th Day of Awakening (February 8th) - This day not only saw the debut of the highly-coveted Wraith Paint Brush, but it also marked the return of Daily Faerie Quests!
12 April (REAL Negg Faerie dialogue) 12 April (REAL Negg Faerie dialogue)

12th Day of Eating (April 12th) - Today's news featured an appearance by the "REAL" Negg Faerie, who spent time earlier in the day with the Negg Faerie's assistant, discussing that mysterious journal of hers.
Annual Chocolate Ball Annual Chocolate Ball

15th/16th Day of Gathering (September 15th/16th) - To the chagrin of the swamp gas Techos that were not allowed to attend, this year's Chocolate Ball was a lavish celebration of all things chocolate-flavoured...
10 Year Anniversary of Discovery of Meridell 10 Year Anniversary of Discovery of Meridell

28th/29th Day of Swimming (July 28th/29th) - The celebration of Meridell's discovery was a right royal affair, with regal new looks for Lutaris, new Grumpy Old King prizes, and the debut of a Skarl-themed weapon.
Day Six - Best New Paint Brush
Elderly - Get Off My Lawn Paint Brush Elderly - Get Off My Lawn Paint Brush

"When I was your age, we had to walk barefooted and uphill � both ways � just to get to the Rainbow Pool..."
Stealthy - Stealth Paint Brush Stealthy - Stealth Paint Brush

"How anyone could dress so fancifully yet still make their way around Neopia without being spotted was a mystery to all..."
Dimensional - Dimensional Paint Brush Dimensional - Dimensional Paint Brush

"One day, science will perhaps be able to explain the awesomeness of this paint brush style. Today, however, is not that day."
Eventide - Eventide Paint Brush Eventide - Eventide Paint Brush

"Eventide is often referred to as �the magic hour,' which is understandable, as anyone who's ever seen a Neopet in this style can attest to its magical beauty..."
Day Seven - Best NC Mall Mystery Capsule
Haunted Asylum Mystery Capsule Haunted Asylum Mystery Capsule

Right before Halloween, this eerie ensemble's background, contacts, and straightjacket allowed Neopets to dress as a tortured soul trapped in a dingy madhouse. Festive!
Tale of Woe Mystery Capsule Tale of Woe Mystery Capsule

Released as part of the History Capsule Adventure, this Neovian-themed capsule included Krawley Contacts, the Nurse Lucy foreground, and the lovely Young Sophie's Dress.
Shining Star Gift Box Mystery Capsule Shining Star Gift Box Mystery Capsule

Released back in February, this mystery capsule gave out items with a value of 200 NC or more and featured the Shining Star Gift Box as a limited edition bonus item.
Spring Garden Mystery Capsule Spring Garden Mystery Capsule

Arriving with a flourish in April, this mystery capsule's bonus items were the Potted Plants Foreground, Spring Garden Bouquet, and Nostalgic Spring Picnic Background.
Day Eight - Best Species Specific Wearable
Festive Bori Festive Bori

Any Bori that sports this festive ensemble is sure to be the belle of the ball, as this eye-catching dress, shoes, parasol, and wig combo is a definite attention-getter...
Fantastic Ixi Fantastic Ixi

Featuring a cloak that's rugged enough for adventure and a robe made of delicate silk and golden fabric, this is ideal for the dashing explorer with impeccable taste...
Programmer Grundo Programmer Grundo

For the Grundo who desires a suitably professional look that's also comfortable enough to wear while coding for hours on end. Coffee and sweat stains sold separately.
Arid Ruki Arid Ruki

This outfit manages to be handsome, some would even say stylish, while providing the protection needed for long journeys in harsh, arid climates like much of the Lost Desert.
Day Nine - Best New Avatar
Assignment 53 Assignment 53

Only the most accomplished intergalactic travellers will have the moxie needed to qualify for this challenging avatar. Do you have what it takes to be a boss?
Neopocalypse Neopocalypse

This past February, the Neopets site was temporarily waylaid by technical difficulties. Those who lived to tell of this great catastrophe were rewarded with an avatar.
Neggbreaker Neggbreaker

This avatar commemorates the debut of the notorious Neggbreaker in the wake of the Clockwork Negg puzzle's solution.
Rubbish Rubbish

While the method for getting this avatar remains a mystery, it's believed to have something to do with cleaning out one's Safety Deposit Box. There's only one way to find out...
Day Ten - Best NC Mall Collectible Item
Illusens Collectors Contacts Illusens Collectors Contacts

Released as part of the Questing Faeries' Finest Collection in early June, this set of green contacts was modelled after the eyes of Meridell's favourite earth faerie...
Fyoras Collectors Dress Fyoras Collectors Dress

Also part of the Questing Faeries' Finest Collection, this May debut was your Neopet's opportunity to sport Queen Fyora's iconic purple gown.
Hansos Collectors Wig Hansos Collectors Wig

August's release for the Daring Duos collection was Hanso's Collector's Wig, which allowed the Ixi thief's admirers to sport his effortlessly stylish hairdo.
Moltara Foreman Collectors Wings Moltara Foreman Collectors Wings

The NC Mall started off the year in impressive fashion with these wings, which came out in January as part of the Famous Dailies Collection...
Day Eleven - Best Neopoint Wearable
Spooky foreground Spooky foreground

While this foreground is harrowing enough to send chills up the spine of the most savvy adventurer, they can at least take comfort in the knowledge that they aren't alone...
Shenkuu Doors Shenkuu Doors

One way to make a good impression is with a grand entrance. Presenting your Neopet as though they're stepping through these ornate doors is sure to impress...
Misty Shenkuu Background Misty Shenkuu Background

Don't worry, standing high up in the mountains of Shenkuu won't make your Neopet feel lightheaded... to be safe, though, they might not want to stand so close to the edge.
Translucent Pink Wings Translucent Pink Wings

These wings are so thin that, yes, you can actually see through them. Make no mistake, though � as anyone who's worn them can attest, they are of the finest quality.
Day Twelve - Best Neopoint Item
Unidentified Petpetpet Unidentified Petpetpet

Drawn to the sound created by the new Games Room, these pesky Petpetpets infested Roo Island and things didn't return to normal until they left. A few managed to find homes, however...
Snow Naleap Snow Naleap

Though this beloved Petpet might seem like it'd be more at home on Terror Mountain than on Shenkuu, its melodious tones are welcome throughout Neopia.
Wrawk the Merciless Plushie Wrawk the Merciless Plushie

Neopia's favourite bitter Kiko sorcerer has been immortalised in plushie form, and as a result this plushie's acquisition has become many collectors' true goal...
Frozen Cyodrake Shield Frozen Cyodrake Shield

Ever since turning up in the Smuggler's Cove at the start of the year, this stout shield has been fending off fire-based attacks with aplomb.
Day Thirteen - Let Us Never Speak Of This Again
April Fools' Lab Ray April Fools' Lab Ray

When the lab ray began "misfiring" at Neopets that were not its intended targets on April Fools', many Neopians (especially owners of unconverted Neopets) started to panic.
Habitarium Habitarium

One night, for no apparent reason, everyone's Habitariums were reset back to Level One. Oh well, think of it this way � imagine all the NP you'll make starting from scratch!
Lenny Conundrum Lenny Conundrum

Between keyword searches that didn't work so well and prize-awarding scripts that seemingly stopped for no reason, it's been an "interesting" year for the Lenny Conundrum...
Neggbreaker Error Neggbreaker Error

During the Festival of Neggs, defeating the Neggbreaker with the magic amulet was supposed to be worth 10 points. Instead, due to a glitch, it was worth 100,000 points.
Day Fourteen - Best NC Accompaniment
Festival of Neggs Festival of Neggs

This year's Festival of Neggs introduced The "Real" Negg Faerie, whose use of Handy Negg Enlargers to increase the size of mini plastic Neggs instead resulted in nifty prizes.
Daily Dare Daily Dare

Neopians earned
NC items as they guided Lulu in her search for King Roo and then used Bug Hunt Nets to rid Roo Island of its purple P3 infestation.
Battledome: NC Claw Battledome: NC Claw

As part of the Battledome's return, the Faerie Element Battledome Claw became available, allowing those who use it to take NC items from one-player challengers.
Games Master Challenge Games Master Challenge

Lulu returned once more, but instead of picking clean the rooms of her cousins AAA and Abigail, she raided the living quarters of Cap'n Threelegs and the Techo Master.
Day Fifteen - Best Site Event
Altador Cup Altador Cup

For the first time, a tie for 2nd place resulted in a one day playoff between Meridell and Mystery Island. The top spot, however, was won decisively by Team Kreludor.
Daily Dare Daily Dare

This year's Daily Dare event coincided with the release of the new Games Room, which didn’t go quite exactly as planned. In the end, though, your game plays saved the day!
Masks of Dread Masks of Dread

Saskia and her cart returned to the Haunted Woods for another round of mask-modelling quests. Were you among those who earned all six masks before she left?
Festival of Neggs Festival of Neggs

In addition to Kari's usual Negg Hunt, this year featured the debut of the "Real" Negg Faerie and the discovery of a mysterious journal by The Negg Faerie's assistant, Zaira.
Day Sixteen - Best New Battledome Challenger
Neggbreaker Neggbreaker

This massive Hasee was a relative pushover at first (at least, for those with the Ancient Negg Amulet), but since the Festival of Neggs has become much more difficult to beat.
S750 Kreludan Defender Robot S750 Kreludan Defender Robot

Best known for guarding the Kreludor Mining Corp., this intimidating android has gone from keeping you out of the mines to keeping you from victory in the Battledome.
Neopets V2 Neopets V2

It appears that Neopets V2's idea of playing is now a friendly tussle in the Battledome. Just because he enjoys your company doesn't mean he'll let you win, though...
Giant Spectral Mutant Walein Giant Spectral Mutant Walein

This monosyllabic mutant Petpet comes equipped with a cache of Maractite weapons and a mean streak as wide as Maraqua's famed Bubbling Pit.

Voting Reward

Those who voted everyday of the Neopies received the following prize:

Voting Reward