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Neopian Dictionary

Welcome to the Neopian Dictionary! Here, you can find definitions and explanations for all those strange Neopian words that have been puzzling you. Some of the words here were invented by the Neopets Team; others were created by players and have stuck around because they're so useful. From Meepits to MPETs and from RI to restocking, we're here to explain them all!

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['baɪjebəl] - adjective

Normally priced at 999,999 Neopoints or under, meaning that this item can be sold in a user's shop. (Items costing more than this have to be sold through auctions and the Trading Post.) Prior to March 27, 2018 the buyable cap was set at 99,999 NP, defining buyable items as 99,999 NP or below.

Example Usage:

"The price for that morphing potion has been dropping quite fast. I wouldn't be surprised if it's buyable soon."

Category: Items and Restocking