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Neopets Mobile Preview

At the Comic-Con Neopets After Party on July 19, 2019, TNT unveiled a demo for a new mobile-friendly version of the classic Neopets.com.

In the Demo

The following features were included in the demo:

  • A redesigned homepage, featuring your Neopets
  • New Quick Ref page showing all of your Neopets and their stats
  • Revamped HTML5-friendly customisation page, allowing you to customise your Neopets from a mobile device (which was previously not possible with Flash unsupported)
  • Touch friendly games, including: Fashion Fever, Ice Cream Machine, Igloo Garage Sale, Rink Runner, Kass Basher, Hasee Bounce, Slushie Slinger, and Turmac Roll.
  • A few worlds that have already been converted from Flash, including: Lost Desert, Meridell, and Brightvale.

Video Walkthrough

Check out this video walkthrough of the Neopets mobile demo:

Release Timeline

There's currently no slated release date for the mobile experience (but it will be at some point before Flash goes away), so stay tuned as we learn more!

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