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Negg Hunt 2009 - Solutions

Negg Hunt: Hi-Scores | Solutions | Rooms

This page contains the solutions for all the hidden neggs from the Negg Hunt 2009! If you're interested in the solutions for the flash portion of the hunt, check out this nifty PDF file for a full walkthrough!

Note: All of the Neggs have been removed from their locations, so do not be surprised if you cannot find them anymore! The following Negg images were created for Jellyneo.net, and they are NOT to be used on any other website.

Tooth Faerie Negg

Location: Faerie Cloud Racers Game Guide (while set in Faerie Tales Theme)
Staffer: Jen
Clue: "Once upon a time high in the sky, faeries brush past each other leaving behind thick clouds of smoke"

Bonju Negg

Location: Bonju Plushie - IDB
Staffer: Zador
Clue: "This sure is annoying. People have been trying to figure him out for almost three years and now there's an unobtainable toy of him as well"

Jeweled Negg

Location: Hidden Tower Guide
Staffer: Willie
Clue: "I'm hidden far away where the faeries of yore fly, the place where the majestic soar, a place of magic and treasure, do you know where I am?"

Bug Eye McGee Negg

Location: KeyQuest Prizes
Staffer: Steve
Clue: "Darn...where did I put those keys? Now I'll never get that vault open!"

Gnome Negg

Location: Slorg Gnome Pricing Page
Staffer: Tom
Clue: "Note to Self: Slimy gnome costs too much. Fix it."

Polarchuck Negg

Location: Fun Paks Review Page
Staffer: Illy
Clue: "Reminder: Afternoon appointment at a place that's packed with fun. Try to get a code. Get the model's autograph."

Faberge Negg

Location: Secret Ninja Training School Article
Staffer: Aila
Clue: "This place may be a little tricky to find at first..."

Jellyneo Jelly Negg

Location: Pet Directory Link Page
Staffer: Scissors
Clue: "These shiny buttons will help direct you to thousands and thousands of pets..."

Sloth Negg

Location: Neocola Machine Article. Only available from 12am-3am and 12pm-3pm NST.
Staffer: Dandy

AAA Negg

Location: Master Vex BoA Entry
Staffer: Herdy
Clue: "AAA's not the games master we're looking for"

Dung Negg

Location: Kitchen Quests Guide
Staffer: Luke
Clue: "You saw him cooking with WHAT?! *runs off to be sick*"

Pressurized Diet Terry Negg

Location: Donny's Toy Repair Shop Guide
Staffer: Terry
Clue: "Um, who shook my Diet Terry? Time to get this fixed!"

Red Herring!

Location: Taelia BoA Entry
Staffer: Weepit
Clue: "She's known to be quite demanding. No not Illusen, or Jhudora. Getting colder..."

Red Herring!

Location: Ace Zafara Plushie - IDB
Staffer: SciFi
Clue: "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast."

Red Herring!

Location: Spell Or Starve Game Guide
Staffer: Aeternus
Clue: "Not been to scool lately? Then ther'll be no negs for you!"

Red Herring!

Location: Site Prefs (Cyodrake's Gaze Theme)
Staffer: Rosie
Clue: "A place that can only be seen through the Gaze of the Cyodrake"