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Negg Hunt '13 Solutions

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Note: All of the Neggs have been removed from their locations, so do not be surprised if you cannot find them anymore! The following Negg images were created for Jellyneo.net, and they are NOT to be used on any other website.

Secret Meepit Stache Negg

Description: This isn't one of those Jellypets Mall items, is it?
Location: Stamp Album Checklist
Staffer: Kumar
Clue: "Late: ☐ Φ "

Note: A phi symbol on a list entitled "Late". A philatelist, which is someone who likes to collect stamps.

Clue Obtained From: Dave's Safe

Hanso Negg

Description: This negg looks so smug, because it is sure it will win the title of Best Looking Negg
Location: Book of Ages - Kanrik
Staffer: Leaf
Clue: [IMAGE]

Note: When viewed upside-down, the burnt patches on the clue form the number "345", Kanrik's Book of Ages ID number.

Clue Obtained From: Puzzle Box

Peanut Negg

Description: This negg only grows in the Jellyneo Underground
Location: NeoQuest II Guide - Eastern Desert Map
Staffer: Link
Clue: "How am I supposed to study for this final if I've been lost inside this bloomin' desert for 6 weeks among hoards of ravening undead?!"

Clue Obtained From: Bait and Switch

Elderly Negg

Description: You'll barely be seen by this negg - those are only its reading glasses!
Location: Game Graveyard Article
Staffer: Mika
Clue: "Home of over 150 ads and still counting..."

Clue Obtained From: Wardrobe Escape

Pekkasi Negg

Description: Brave the taste of Pekkasi, with such ingredients as lolrus fat and bilberries.
Location: Secret Ninja Training School Guide
Staffer: noileh
Clue: "Homework requires effort... if I were a cat I wouldn't have these problems."

Clue Obtained From: Soda Breakers

Nuria Negg

Description: The only negg that comes pre-cooked.
Location: Turmac Roll Guide
Staffer: Pingu
Clue: [IMAGE]


How to Decode:
Using the clue that N=14 and B=2, we can determine that the number reflects the letter's position in the alphabet. So for each letter on the Y axis you need to read across the chart until you find the box containing the correct numerical value and then colour it in, like so:

Next, arrange the letters from the Y axis in the order dictated by the numbers on the corresponding X axis. This gives you: IMBERYHUNG. Finally add in the extra Rs and Y as mentioned in the clue and you've cracked it.

Clue Obtained From: Flipping Maze

Ogrin Huntress Negg

Description: This can only mean a plot is coming.
Location: Rylon's Trophy Cabinet
Staffer: Rylon
Clue: [IMAGE]

How to Decode:
Completing the sudoku-esque puzzle using the letters and numbers given should leave you with something like this:

Which is a reference to the amount of modeling he has done thus far. Something he's obviously rather proud of. :P

Clue Obtained From: Content Beast's Wishlist

Socially Awkward Negg

Location: In-Depth Battlepedia - Faerie Abilities
Staffer: SciFi
idb52866 edb14713 cdb2550
26, 42, 59, 60, 94"

How to Decode:
There are five big steps to decoding:
1. Getting the text which has the "keys" hidden in it
2. Sorting through that text
3. Getting the actual keys out of that text
4. Mapping out which coded letters go to which decoded letters
5. Decoding the message

1. The first thing you had to do (WHILST NOT LOGGED IN), was make use of idb52866 edb14713 cdb2550. These refer to: Item Database, item ID#52866; Editorial Database, JN ID#14713, and Book of Ages Character ID # 2550.

2. Next, take those three pages, copy all the text somewhere, split it up by spaces and remove all duplicate words. Then sort by A-Z, and then 0-9. So a sorted list would put "Zeenana" before "420NP".

3. Take the 26, 42, 59, 60, and 94th words from this massive list, which are:

The numbers 26, 42, 59, 60, and 94 come straight from his clue.

Note that getting these "keys" was not the expected way to solve the clue, but was a "bonus" method. Since we noticed a lot of people were having trouble solving SciFi's clue, we gave out an official hint near the end of the hunt with these keys for free.

4. "Mix them together" to get -
But, we don't want to have more than one copy of letters in the "answer code", so we'll get rid of the "S" in CONTAINS so we only have 26 letters. Lining them up we get:

Actual Letter A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Clue Letter A D V A N C E D A P R B E B E F O R E C O N T A I N

5. Finally you must match up the letters in "A TABB DNV EEN A RNAB CAN RAN A TABB". But note, there are duplicates in the clue code! You had to use trial and error for these, so "TABB" could be decoded as WADD, or WALL, or WIDD, or WILL, or WILD, or WIDL, or WADL, or WALD, and so on.

If you didn't have the mapping in the table above, you could have tried to solve the quote yourself. The only two tricks were knowing that the same letter in the clue code could stand in for several different letters in the decoded phrase, and that some of the spacing was fake. (For example DNV EEN really is BECOME, not BEC OME.)

There are only a few "collision letters", and even fewer ways to get words out of it. Doing it right will give you "I will become a real faerie I will", which is quoted text from the "Positive Thinking" Faerie ability.

There, that wasn't so hard now, was it? :P

Clue Obtained From: Puzzle Wheel - Negg Faerie

Stealthy Snarkie Negg

Description: Any likeness to real or fictional persons is purely coincidental.
Location: In-Depth Battlepedia - Negg Effects
Staffer: SirCabbage
Clue: "Sometimes what we are searching for is in a more obvious place then we would expect."

Clue Obtained From: Weapon Lock

Ball of Yarn Negg

Description: This is what happens when you let a negg get all wound up.
Location: Sixth Annual Costume Contest
Staffer: Summra
Clue: "It took me forever to finish this, but I looked fabulous (and the masses agree!). "

Clue Obtained From: Arzak 2.0

Plumpy Negg

Description: Another reposted meme? Plumpy is not amused... DOWNVOTE FOR YOU!
Location: In-Depth Battlepedia - Super Attack Bacon
Staffer: Suzuka
Clue:"Go forward to a land of might;
Where cowards fear to tread,
And find a treasure rare as gold
On which no Plumpy has fed."

Clue Obtained From: Petpet Hexagrid

JN Negg

Description: There are two things you can always count on - A Jellyneo Negg Hunt, and a Jellyneo Negg.
Location: Wardrobe - Models Needed For the Kyrii
Staffer: Ummy
Clue: [IMAGE]

Clue Obtained From: Petpet Hexagrid

Radiant Catch

Description: You'll be herring about this fish's glowing reputation long after the hunt is over.
Location: Pet Directory - Carrot Chias
Staffer: Chesu
Clue: [IMAGE]

Note: The items listed are the necessary ingredients for making carrot popsicles. What can I say, Chesu REALLY likes carrots.

Clue Obtained From: Soup Faerie Puzzle (Puzzle Wheel)


Description: Something's berry fishy about this fishberry dish.
Location: Book of Ages - The Drenched
Staffer: Herdy
Clue: "He came in saying, "I am a master culinary artist, after all".
And he said, "No no no. This is not what I want. Get them out of here"
Personally, I didn't have a clue"

Note: The first quote is from Bonju's page (character ID#50), the second is from King Roo's page (character ID#2). Add the two IDs together to get ID#52 - The Drenched.

Clue Obtained From: Bait and Switch

Sizzling Catch

Description: The hottest catch of the day.
Location: NeoQuest II Guide - Phorofor Map
Staffer: Noir
Clue: [IMAGE]

How to Decode:
The unusual line breaks exist for a reason. Take each letter from the capitalized words "CAUSA LATET" down near the bottom and replace them with their position in the alphabet (3-1-21-19-1-12-1-20-5-20). Next, match up the list of ten positions with the ten lines of the letter body. So the third letter of the first line is N, the first letter of the second line is Q, and so on. Writing out all ten will give you "NQ PHOROFOR".

Clue Obtained From: Puzzle Wheel (Tooth Faerie)


Description: It Has a picture so you can remember it is for red herrings.
Location: Newest Neoboard Fonts
Staffer: Skylar
Clue: "Tom might call you vain, but it's all about your style."

Note: The "Tom" referred to in the clue is in fact Tommy the Font Master Mootix, who oversees all of our fonts.

Clue Obtained From: Flipping Maze

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Faeries' Puzzle Wheel

Location: Your Dailies
Clues Awarded: Chesu (Soup Faerie), Noir (Tooth Faerie), SciFi (Negg Faerie)
Items Awarded: Rock (Library Faerie), Jade Scorchstone (Battle Faerie)

Battle Faerie Puzzle

Library Faerie Puzzle

Negg Faerie Puzzle

Soup Faerie Puzzle

Tooth Faerie Puzzle

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Wardrobe Escape

Location: Model For Us
Clues Awarded: Mika
Items Awarded: None

To complete this puzzle you had to dress up three pets so that they matched the coloured silhouettes provided. Here are the items each was wearing:

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Soda Breakers

Location: Past Competitions
Clues Awarded: noileh
Items Awarded: None

Not content with just drinking the shipments of soda we receive on a regular basis, this year's Negg Hunt saw the unveiling of our... Well, what exactly is that thing?! Basically it is a giant tank, which is fed quantities of soda from above. Once full, you could either drain the tank manually, or you could release the bubbly mixture up into a series of tubes. And why would you want to do that? Well, because somebody had hidden a clue in a small, plastic negg that was caught in one of the tubes.

By systematically blasting the negg up these tubes you could gradually warp it from one tube to the next, until eventually it landed in the rightmost tube, where you could nab it. As if it wasn't difficult enough to work out average temperatures and pressure, "she-who-must-not-be-named" routinely dropped in to 'help'.

The simplest way of freeing the negg was to do the following:

Combine Dr. Dave, Sci Fizz, Diet Terry, 5-Hour Rosie and Jenuine Iced Tea
- the resulting blast of 25 psi would warp the negg through to the fifth tube
Combine Suzukaberry Punch, Diet Terry, Pekkasi, 5-Hour Rosie and Jenuine Iced Tea
- the resulting blast of 27.6 psi would warp the negg through to the sixth tube
Combine Dr. Dave, Sci Fizz, Diet Terry, 5-Hour Rosie and Jenuine Iced Tea
- the resulting blast of 25 psi would warp the negg into the rightmost tube, where you can nab it!

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Arzak 2.0

Location: Petpet Park Site Directory
Clues Awarded: Summra
Items Awarded: None

Remember that pesky, little fellow, Arzak? The one you had to chase all over the place a few years back? Well guess what he was doing this year! That's right, he was on the loose again and it was up to you to catch him.

Clicking on the little guy would prompt him to tear a hole in the page and jump through to another part of the site. Using only the brief glimpses you could spy through the holes he left, you were tasked with tracking him down and reigning him in. Here is a list of his hiding places; as you can see he got around quite a bit!

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The Content Beast's Wishlist

Location: Article Listing
Clues Awarded: Rylon
Items Awarded: None

On her quest for neggs, a rampaging Rosie laid waste to part of the poor Content Beast's hoard. Hah, now who would have thought I would ever have felt even a smidgen of sympathy for that big, scary, beastly... *hears Content Beast stirring* ... lovely and affable fellow, the Content Beast? *Nervous smile* Moving swiftly on...

Your job was to work your way through the twists and turns of the Content Beast's lair, identifying the missing items and compiling a wishlist that the staff could use to replace them. Here's what you would encounter and what it used to be before Rosie got her claws on it.

The Content Beast's Items
The Fragments What It Was The Fragments What It Was

Snowager Tooth Amulet

Orange Codestone Lei

Mynci Halloween Candy Bucket

Taelias Snowball

Kacheek Flour

Seasonal Attack Pea

Kaylas Magic Cloak

Grimoire of Affluence

Baby Shoyru Book

Wand of the Dark Faerie

Rotting Riches Scratchcard

Royal Paint Brush

Pull Along Gelert

Jar of Spiders

Faerie Shoyru Morphing Potion

Judge Hog Action Figure

Ummagine Stamp

Lord Kass Quiguki

Lenny Healing Stone

Bat Thing Plushie

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Dave's Safe

Location: Donate to Jellyneo
Clues Awarded: Kumar
Items Awarded: Moehog Skull

Dave's safe isn't just a challenge, it's a legacy. In years to come, small children will sit, awe-stricken at the knees of grizzled, Jellyneo veterans and gulp air as they hear grandiose accounts of toil and suffering. Basically, Dave's Safe is always a pain in the butt and this year was no exception. First, to deconstruct it and explain the mechanics of it.

Let us begin by actually looking at the safe:

Now let us analyse the different components.

The three triangles represent pillars that must be demolished before you can focus the fight on the Obelisk in the center of the board.

The coloured segments around the edges represent Greed, Envy, Pride and Wrath respectively. These lit up in a random sequence for the duration of the puzzle. And finally:

The members of the factions from the War of the Obelisk all cluster in the middle and fight amongst themselves. The coloured ring around the edge of their pictures indicates the entity they currently fear the most, and this can change throughout the puzzle.

Are you ready for the really deep and philosophical teaching at work here? Okay, good. *puts on high-brow reading spectacles* "The theme of this puzzle was to show that individualism still exists even if you're part of a group; you can have different fears than your peers and it is your individualism that can drive you forward or hold you back. But ultimately, by working together, you can destroy the thing that divides you as a whole."

Therein lies the mechanics of this puzzle. Clicking on a character would move you the same number of spaces as there are letters in the species of that character (their individuality, if you will). So The Duchess, as a Lenny, would move five spaces at a time. The direction that they move in is determined by their current fear, denoted by the colour of the circle around them. If the entity they are most afraid of is currently lit, they would move towards it (facing their fear), else they would move away from it. The objective was to destroy all three pillars and then the four segments of the Obelisk, which they could only achieve by working together. Rosie made this puzzle, she's one clever little cookie, isn't she?

Knowing how the puzzle works was only half the battle though. Once you had deactivated a pillar you weren't allowed to touch it again or you would reactivate all three pillars. It got most frustrating when you weren't given the colours you needed and had to dance around the board for a while before you had the opportunity to get back on track. As I said: This. Was. A. NIGHTMARE to complete. :P

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Flipping Maze

Location: NeoQuest II Maps
Clues Awarded: Pingu, Skylar
Items Awarded: Glowing Battle Dung

Trapped under a plastic dome, and with Rosie always one step behind you, your task was to brave the topsy turvy maze and try to come out the other end without feeling too sick. Here the holes have been labeled to make it easier to see how the two sides fit together. So if, for example, you went through the hole marked "H" on the top map, you would pop out at the corresponding hole on the other side of the board. Also highlighted are the Glowing Battle Dung and two clues that you needed to grab on your way to the exit.

If you ever felt that Rosie was getting a little too close for comfort, and it has to be said that that does indeed happen far too often - I don't think she's got a very good grasp of the concept of "personal space" - you could lob your rock at her noggin and it would stun her momentarily, allowing you precious seconds to put some distance between the two of you. That is of course, provided that you had the rock (it was awarded for solving the Library Faerie's Puzzle earlier in the hunt).

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Bait and Switch

Location: Item Database - Help File
Clues Awarded: Herdy, Link
Items Awarded: None

In this puzzle your job was to lead Rosie through a maze, and this time you actually wanted her to pick up neggs along the way. There were multiple possible solutions to this puzzle, so you may not have done it exactly the same as either of those shown below.

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Puzzle Box

Location: Neopian Museum - Gallery
Clues Awarded: Leaf
Items Awarded: None

The Knight

For this puzzle, your task was to travel around the board and light up all the squares using the rules of movement for a knight piece in a game of chess. The knight must move in an "L" shape, as highlighted in the following picture. First I clicked the square marked "1", then I followed the path shaded in purple and clicked on the square marked "2". The move from the second to the third square isn't shaded (as they would overlap and make a confusing mess), but my movements for the third and fifth moves are shaded in red and green respectively.

And here is the path you must follow to cover every square.

The King

Another chess-inspired puzzle here. This one involved moving around the board using the same rules of movement as a king piece in a game of chess; kings can move one space at a time in any direction. It sounds simple, but when you factor in the numbers already on the board it became much trickier.

The Hunter

In this puzzle your task was to mark the squares so that all 25 arrows pointed to a marked square (you marked a square by clicking on it). Each arrow could only have one marked square in its path, although multiple arrows could point to the same marked square, as long as there is no other marked square in their path. This screenie was taken just before completion, in order to finish the puzzle you also had to click the square that the arrow is hovering above here.

The Nomad

Here your task was to mark a path from the "1" square to the "0" square, traveling from odd number to even number to odd, and so on.

The Thief

Again, this screenie was taken just before the puzzle was completed. The centre piece in the top row still needs to be flipped to join the node to the rest of the circuit.

The Artist

Having completed the other sides of the cube, five stained-glass portraits would have been revealed. For the Artist puzzle, you had to click all of the glass segments that were a colour not shared by both pets and petpets. The colours you had to click were the split, camouflage, dimensional, biscuit, dung and speckled ones, as indicated here with very artistic red blobs:

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Petpet Hexagrid

Location: Item Database - Unpainted Petpets
Clues Awarded: Suzuka, Ummy
Items Awarded: Portable Kiln

This puzzle used a similar format to many game shows, the object being to create an unbroken chain of tiles from one side of the board to the other. The Neopian twist here was that the tiles had the names (or in some cases images) of different petpets on them. In order to move from one tile to the next, the name of the petpet on the subsequent tile had to begin with the last letter of the name of the petpet on the previous tile.

In order to unlock the first treasure chest, you had to go through the following chain of petpets:
Begin on "V" tile -> Vullard, Delfin, Naleap, Phnard, Darpinch, Hegelob, Barlow, Whinny, Yullie, Ettaphant, Teasqito, Ona, Anubis, Skree, Eresim, Meekins, Slorgclops, Staragus, SLorg, Gobbler, Robocrush, Hopso, Orbulon, Noil

For the second chest you needed to take the following route:
Begin on "C" tile -> Chezzoom, Mortog, Geb, Bloop, Puppyblew, Warf, Farnswap, Pfish, Hippalop, Polarchuck, Krawkadon, Nuk, Kazeriu, Uniocto, Ownow, Whoolypapith, Hornsby

For the final treasure chest, you had to follow this chain of tiles:
Begin on "C" tile -> Chezzoom, Mortog, Geb, Bloop, Puppyblew, Warf, Farnswap, Pofew, Weewoo, Ombat, Tapira, Antwerph, Hydruplit, Tenna, Aroota, Angelpuss, Sutekh, Horus, Snomorg, Gracklebug, Ghoti

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Weapon Lock

Location: In-Depth Battlepedia - Advanced Search
Clues Awarded: SirCabbage
Items Awarded: None

To unlock this very elaborate locking mechanism, you had to interact with Battledome challengers using the items you collected from completing previous puzzles. Your task was to move through the different levels of the lock, using weapons to open the compartments and then sacrificing some of them in order to move deeper. Here are the guardians of the compartments and the necessary attributes for opening or sacrificing your weapons.

Challenger Attributes to Open Attributes to Sacrifice
Edna Water ATK Physical ATK
The Pant Devil Light ATK Hidden Tower Item
Down For Maintenance Pteri Uses 2+ Elemental ATK Icons Earth ATK
Punchbag Bob Healing Item Once Per Battle Item
Vira Dark ATK Fire ATK
Kastraliss Smuggler's Cove Item Freezing Item
Tax Beast Has ATK Icons Has no Elemental ATK Icons
Snow Beast Has Defence Icons Has Elemental ATK Icons
Jelly Chia Leaf Shield N/A

Whilst it was possible to negotiate the lock using trial and error, here is the official solution:

Use the Glowing Battle Dung to unlock the Pant Devil compartment and then sacrifice the dung to him. Using the Jade Scorchstone, open the Punchbag Bob compartment and then sacrifice the Moehog Skull to him. This will unlock the second level. The Portable Kiln will unlock the Tax Beast compartment, allowing you to remove the Leaf Shield he was guarding.

Using your newly-acquired Leaf Shield, unlock the Snow Beast compartment and remove the Freezing Potion inside. Then return to the first level and use the Jade Scorchstone to unlock the Punchbag Bob compartment and replace the Moehog Skull with the Freeze Potion. Jump back to the second level and open the Tax Beast compartment with the Moehog Skull and then sacrifice the Jade Scorchstone to him. You can then use the Moehog Skull to unlock Vira's compratment, before sacrificing the Portable Kiln to her. Finally, use the Moehog Skull to unlock the Snow Beast's compartment and sacrifice it to him in order to unlock the third level of the lock.

Then it's simply a case of using your left-over Leaf Shield to unlock the Jelly Chia compartment and release the clue he had been guarding.

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