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Weapon Lock


It seems that something is hidden within this locking mechanism... I wonder what it is? You need to help the staffers to unlock the compartments to get whatever is inside. It seems that the lock is missing a few pieces as well... I hope you've been keeping up with other Negg Hunt Puzzles.

All compartments must contain a weapon within a level before you can proceed to the next level. However, you may move back to a previous level at any time. Weapons have two abilities. They can:

  • Open compartments, or
  • Be placed in a compartment to lock it in

Compartment Status Colors:

  • Grey = Closed, you need to open this with a weapon
  • Yellow = Open, ready for a weapon to be placed in
  • Green = Closed, with a weapon locked in

While this puzzle can be completed with trial-and-error, there is a strategy that can be gathered through the use of certain types of weapons. Good luck!