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Flipping Maze


Aw, isn't that cute? It looks like the little plastic Negg is happy to see yo- OH MY JELLY IT'S *HER*?! How did she even fit in there? We have to help the little guy get out of the before *SHE* gets a hold of him.

Your Goal: Use the NeoQuest arrows, or the arrows on your keyboard, to navigate the little bouncing Negg to the opening in the front of the glass. You can use the holes in the board to flip between the different NeoQuest "levels". If you dilly dally too long, SWMNBN will catch up with you!

Don't be so quick to leave, though! It seems that some clues and items have been scattered within the maze as well. Collect what you can before making it out to the exit. You need to exit the maze in order to secure the items that you’ve found from *HER*. Oh, and one more thing... Don't get caught.