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Soda Breakers


If you thought the Soda Wars were tough, wait till you get a hold of this puzzle.

It seems like someone trapped a plastic Negg in one of our new staff soda devices. To get it out of the glass stock beakers, we’ll need to use the combined pressures(PSI) of soda from the pumps hanging overhead. When the pressure is released, the soda will foam out.

Different Sodas will have different levels of carbonation and temperature. You can see which sodas are already inside the tank indicated by the red light above each pump. The machine will help you calculate the average temperature when there are at least two sodas activated, and when it is full it will give you the option to either launch the soda or drain the tank.

The Negg will fall and teleport, to the first color it passes on the side of the glass beaker, to it's only other corresponding portal on another glass beaker. Each beaker is marked with the different pressures needed to reach each portal. Nifty, eh? It seems like the only way to get the Negg out is by teleporting the Negg to the open capsule on the right.

A calculator is provided to figure out any relations between Carbonation Level, PSI, and temperature.

Just watch out for any helpful hands, and you might just get a clue…