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Negg Hunt '13 Conclusion

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Dave waves to the last of the staff assembling in the Jellyneo HQ lobby, a battered but optimistic smile on his face. "Is that everyone? Okay! Gather 'round, boys and Grarrls-- Er, GIRLS! Girls. Ladies." He casts a nervous glance around the room, and takes a deep breath before continuing. "Ahem. It's been a rough week for all of us, and I'm sure nobody likes hiding in cardboard boxes-"

"Speak for yourself!", a voice calls out from the crowd.

"-but we've managed to protect all of our (apparently) precious Neggs, thanks in no small part... To you." Dave turns to you, smiling brightly. "We really couldn't have done it without your help. Thanks to you, the Neggs have avoided the terrible fate of being collected by that gargantuan green menace, Ros-"

Before he can finish, the aforementioned green Grarrl bursts through a nearby wall with a roar, a maniacal grin on her face. "Good morning, everybody! You know, it's not very nice, hiding Neggs and not letting perfectly qualified hunters find them!"

"It's over! The hunt has ended, all of the Neggs have been found!" Dave steps forward, his legs hardly trembling at all (well, maybe a little). "You've been outsmarted, and out-hunted!"

Rosie seems a bit taken aback, before lowering her head to look into Dave's eyes with a wide grin. "Oh, sure, this time... but I'll be back. Where there are Neggs, I will follow. Nobody's more into the Negg Hunt spirit than I am! I'll be back... NEXT YEAR!" With that, she tromps out of the building, her words echoing in the minds of the Jellyneo staff.

Dave turns to the staffers, mouth slightly agape. He swallows nervously, an action mimicked across the room. "Next year..." he murmurs, staring off into the ruins of Jellyneo HQ. "Right..."

And now a word from the JN Staff...

From all of us here on Jellyneo staff, we'd like to take a moment to thank all the users who took the time to participate in this year's Negg Hunt. We're proud to say this year over 2,000 users participated, and several more people managed to complete it than last year! This was our sixth year of doing a hunt. Every year we try to make the experience better than the previous years, and every year we learn from your feedback.

As we've been indicating lately, this is likely the last year of the Negg Hunt, at least in its current form. The fantastic team of Rosie and Kataklysmos have both chosen to focus more on other things. We are, however, definitely committed to bringing you the Neopets coverage you've all come to know and love, and we'll definitely be looking towards more exciting events for you guys in the future - the brainstorming has already begun!

Thanks go out to several of our staff members who made this year possible, including:

Our moderators, Leaf, Anayu, and Skylar, who put in very, very long hours to sit around and tell you "Figure it out yourself!" Thanks also goes to noileh, Nick, and Weepit who also popped in to moderate throughout the Hunt.

Weepit, who put together the fantastic solutions page. She probably knew the Hunt better than all of you combined by the end. :P

Herdy for writing a majority of the dialogues you saw before and after puzzles.

The entire JN staff for helping to plan the Neggs, devising fantastic clues, and deciding where to hide everything.

And of course, enormous thanks to Kataklysmos and Rosie for production - without them, the Negg Hunts (and many of our other events) would never have happened. So next time you see them around JN, give them a special thank you. :)