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Negg Hunt '13 Memorable Comments

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Memorable Comments

From Saturday, June 7th to Thursday, June 20th, it was a mad dash to solve puzzles, and collect clues as the 2013 Jellyneo Negg Hunt was underway. Throughout the entire hunt, staff members monitored your progress, and provided an extra boost when you needed help. We shared in your frustrations and triumphs, and were overjoyed to see each and every accomplishment. We have compiled a number of our favorite moments, as we each laughed, cried, cheered, sang, and gave encouragement during the hunt.

There were approximately 18,000 comments in total!

We appreciate all the wonderful feedback and thank you's. You keep us motivated to make each Negg Hunt special, and make looking back a real treat. Without all of you, our memories of these events wouldn't be even half as good as they are. Without further ado, here's some comment we found particularly memorable:

Before the Hunt

stories2btold, 06/5/2013, 9:13 pm NST
If it isn't planned by TNT, without a doubt it will be awesome.

flairina, 06/6/2013, 4:13 am NST
Difficulty toned down? BLASPHEMY!!! The struggle is integral to the enjoyment!

yaksrock, 06/6/2013, 8:24 am NST
There go my plans for weekend productivity...

judyjellyneo, 06/7/2013, 12:15 am NST
looks like a lot of people are neggcited for this event huehuehue

train23_1, 06/7/2013, 12:35 am NST
However the hunt turns out, just a HUGE THANK YOU to the JN staff, who spent their time in creating this amazing event... it's literally one of the highlights of my year, ever since 2011. So THANKS!!!

Saturday, June 8th

kic24, 06/8/2013, 1:47 am NST
What do we say to negghuntless days? Not today!

superphuntime, 06/8/2013, 2:08 pm NST
I can't believe the amount of comments here. It's more than any news release I've seen.

devonte127499, 06/8/2013, 3:46 pm NST
Rosie scared me when she "helped" me with the soda puzzle I almost died

ladybug, 06/8/2013, 6:36 pm NST
Every time I see the little box at the bottom of the page that asks "Did you find what you are looking for?" I feel like it is taunting me!

billowonders, 06/8/2013, 9:49 pm NST
I only found two portals and one clue D: life is hard, negg hunt is harder ...

adrian13_56, 06/8/2013, 11:01 pm NST
Swiggity swag why is this such a drag

Sunday, June 9th

will, 06/9/2013, 1:12 am NST
*joins the "found Sci's grass on accident" club*

bananas,06/9/2013, 2:35 am NST
Yeah, Jellyneo Negg Hunt is here Back to playing a small amount of time on Neopets and the rest of the day Negg Hunt!

shopey4291, 06/9/2013, 2:15 am NST
haha it's such a love hate relationship that we all have with this hunt! But it's the thing i look forward to most on the web all year!

sweep_the_doghouse, 06/9/2013, 3:19 am NST
Typical Negg Hunt Moment #17: Find grass accidentally. Even after finding grass, still have no idea how the grass location relates to the clue. ... and noileh's clue seemed relatively uncomplicated. oh well, I'm sure it will be blatantly obvious in hindsight once the hunt is over

sweep_the_doghouse, 06/9/2013, 4:04 am NST
I don't consider the way I found SciFi's grass to be an "accident" - I was very deliberate about methodically trying to go thorugh every page on the site while having no idea what the clue actually means

lupe_loops841, 06/9/2013, 4:30 am NST
If only the Tooth fairy would give me a nickel for every time I stopped on her wedge of the wheel, I'd be rich.

fury_of_the_flames, 06/9/2013, 6:39 am NST
All i keep hearing is "I got a clue!" "I got a negg" ... all I got was a rock v-v;

faintish, 06/9/2013, 1:45 pm NST
Haha for the soda puzzle I just took notes on how high various combinations would go, then picked what I needed from a list once I had scrolled down and read the instructions and realized what I needed to do

bobbyjones999258, 06/9/2013, 2:06 pm NST
I have an idea.
This would be a lot easier if I could just put the boxes of staffers in another box, and then mail that box to myself.
And when it arrives?
It's brilliant, I tell you!

smartman294, 06/9/2013, 4:53 pm NST
yea I am NEVER doing this again
it is supposed to fun
not impossible

Monday, June 10th

con1468, 06/10/2013, 3:52 am NST
Announcement: I don't know which was more horrifying to see in a dress, that Grarrl or Ian.
Ian is most horrifying to see in a dress.

rosiethorns88 - JN Staff, 6/10/2013, 7:37 am NST
Hey Mr. Grumpy-gills.
When hunting gets you down, do you wanna know what you've gotta do?
Just keep searchin'~ Just keep searchin'~

belial, 06/10/2013, 8:29 am NST
grrr /hits chesu with a plushie polarchuck.
why oh whyyyy *sob*

jazleigh, 06/10/2013, 12:18 pm NST
good news: found 2 puzzles. bad news stuck on both! improving!

benjpalmer, 06/10/2013, 12:28 pm NST
ASDFG She-who-must-not-be-named keeps messing up my Soda attempts.

shroomy, 06/10/2013, 2:34 pm NST
We're sorry but this brain is currently busy drowning in a pit of bewilderment, desperation, and despair due to Jellyneo's 2013 Negg Hunt. Please leave a clue after the beep. *BEEEEEEEEP*

eilonwy42, 06/10/2013, 3:11 pm NST
Grass is elusive
Neggs and herrings are hidden
I feel quite stupid

t_jg, 06/10/2013, 3:25 pm NST
I have a place stuck in my head where I think noileh's should be...but it's not and I can't seem to think around it. I have completely over-thought Sci's to the point it no longer relates to jellyneo and is more an intergalactic message leaked from the government regarding spring cleaning conspiracies.

dacio, 06/10/2013, 6:28 pm NST
*phone rings*
Me: Hello?
Shrill voice: I know who you are. I know what you want. If you are looking for grasses, I can tell you I don't have hints. But what I do have are a very particular set of dancing skills; dancing skills I have acquired over a very long career. Dancing skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my neggs go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.
Shrill voice: SEE YA HONEY! *hangs up*

Tuesday, June 11th

boyob,06/11/2013, 2:13 am NST


*breaks down sobbing in the corner*

icechilli, 06/11/2013, 2:52 am NST
@elbandito: I did. I literally searched all the ingredients to see what I'll end up with and it seems like...there's nothing. I'm telling you, it would only make sophie stew

biggerhips,06/11/2013, 4:00 am NST
multiple pages open = multiple laughing Rosies Arrggh!

boyob, 06/11/2013, 5:00 am NST

biggerhips, 06/11/2013, 5:21 am NST
Rosie, Rosie, go away, come again another day!

alabamasax, 06/11/2013, 6:42 am NST
I wake up- in the morning- feeling like Grog
Got my basket- I'm out the door- Gonna find that negg
Before I leave- brush my teeth- with a bottle of Suzukaberr
Cause when I find these Neggs- I ain't gonna care

skylar - JN Staff, 06/11/2013, 6:57 am NST
I'm talking Neggicure on our toes, toes
Trying on waredrobe clothes, clothes
*SHE* blowing up our phones, phones~
Hint-dropping, playing our favorite puzzles
Pulling up all the portals
Trying to be a little bit helpful~

boyob, 06/11/2013, 7:02 am NST
Don't stop, till you find
JN, blow up my mind
Tonight, I'mma look
Till we go through all nooks
Negg Hunt makes us grunt
But the puzzles don't stop, no

skylar - JN Staff, 06/11/2013, 7:24 am NST
Hey, Jellyneo! Can we go Negg Hunting?
Negg, Negg, Negg, Negg...
I'm gonna find some Neggs
Only got six clues in my basket~
I - I - I'm hunting, looking for a come-up
This is flippin' awesome~

mistyqee, 06/11/2013, 7:46 am NST
Good Guy JN
Tells you how many steps/clues there currently are for full participation.

sing_me_2_sleep, 06/11/2013, 9:04 am NST
I'm about to accept Rosie's [the Grarrl] offer to help...

kaltes_bueffet, 06/11/2013, 10:43 am NST

Just found Chesu's grass patch ;P

chesu - JN Staff, 06/11/2013, 4:05 pm NST
Alright, alllllright, who answered "Chesu likes to eat _______" with "everything"?!

alabamasax, 06/11/2013, 5:22 pm NST
The mighty Chesu beard, second only to my own.

Wednesday, June 12th

dopyoke452, 06/12/2013, 6:38 am NST
So I just logged on for the day and got really excited that new puzzles were released. Then the first puzzle I find is Dave's safe. Brb sobbing.

elbandito999, 06/12/2013, 7:17 am NST
very happy a meeting at work was cancelled, so I have the afternoon to hunt for neggs

eilonwy42,06/12/2013, 9:11 am NST
Okay, the smashed glass in the tunnel is really creeping me out, now that I know what it is.

drzoidberg, 06/12/2013, 9:48 am NST
Dave's Safe: Hurting DrZ's brain since 2009.

daughters_ofthe_moon, 06/12/2013, 10:09 am NST
"lol tried to peak at other people's wishlists and got this
Sorry dearie, seems I got a little hungry and ate this wishlist right up! Finding neggs makes me hungry. I'm sure the nice staffers will make it come back when they aren't busy hiding. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get moving, there don't seem to be any neggs here."

jac, 06/12/2013, 10:36 am NST
this hunt is giving me major moodswings. I was literally dancing when I found the safe and started to cry as soon as I saw what the safe was this year

bobbyjones999258,06/12/2013, 12:24 pm NST
You'd think Dave would eventually give up, and put his stuff on a counter with a note asking us to please not take it, because it would be about just as effective.

belial,06/12/2013, 12:55 pm NST
I'm soo glad the content beast didn't lose any invisible stuff.

bananas,06/12/2013, 12:59 pm NST
Aww you know I'm starting to find it sad we are getting all the neggs before *her*. That said I liked the 4th/maze portal it was a fun puzzle and nicely made. I want to play it again

Thursday, June 13th

bluemarinelove, 06/13/2013, 12:14 am NST
@theprotector--thanks for reminding...I swear I'm going to dream about "her". I've been have jelly related dreams since this hunt started.

biggerhips,06/13/2013, 12:52 am NST
I may open some presents later, in the style Rosie went through the items in the content beast lair!

marfbear, 06/13/2013, 3:00 am NST
I think next year they should throw us a bone and have one clue that says "Go here:" and outright gives us the location.

gioeva, 06/13/2013, 4:02 am NST
I've been pronouncing 404 so many times, I think my accent is starting to change

noileh - JN Staff, 06/13/2013, 10:06 am NST
i'm sitting in a corner at work so my boss can't see my laptop
alternating between cataloguing books and negg hunting

shroomy, 06/13/2013, 10:57 am NST
I'm currently playing TNT Staff Smasher and imagining all the heads as JN staff instead.

the_cloudy_sky, 06/13/2013, 2:56 pm NST
@boiler: Rosie is married? ...To whom? Barney? :o

bluemarinelove, 06/13/2013, 11:00 pm NST
@colors...the same thing almost happen to me, i found a patch of grass while at work and yelled. my co-worker yelled back and looked around frantically saying "What? What happen?" I responded, "Oh, nothing just found some grass." and smiles. she then proceeded to ask me if i was on something.

Friday, June 14th

bobbyjones999258, 06/14/2013, 5:57 am NST
@_@ You know your crazy when you start thinking you see grass patches on Neopets.

biggerhips, 06/14/2013, 6:18 am NST
CBL is fun, if you have 7.5 hours to spare and don't mind the possibility of getting a RSI...

gollem, 06/14/2013, 8:45 am NST
Error 404- Brain not found

tracey3893, 06/14/2013, 9:21 am NST
Can the CB be renamed the Nightmare Beast, please? I was so sure that the 20 items I got after hunting for two days were right, but no...

drzoidberg, 06/14/2013, 9:52 am NST
Hey, how about instead of having to find the "correct" answer for the CBL, I win the "good enough" answer. I think this is a solid plan.

eilonwy42, 06/14/2013, 7:14 pm NST
Note to self: Negg hunters start to get rabid when waves are delayed!

sweep_the_doghouse, 06/14/2013, 9:34 pm NST
NOOOO it can't be the last hunt
*clings to JN*

kitalovessm, 06/14/2013, 9:50 pm NST
Thank you JN Staff for putting this on year after year, on top of doing the stellar job you do for this site all year long. Best of luck to those who are moving on!

gamer_5_55_555, 06/14/2013, 10:07 pm NST
love the puzzles. Some really great puzzles over the years. The faerie wheel puzzles were very well done.

The "depress the few without blue" puzzle is one of my favorites of all time, because it was such a great concept and something you could make progress on.

(Similarly, I think this year's safe was also well done.)

Also the pushing shelves around puzzle was very inspired as well. That is probably the most ambitious one I thought.

dreww355, 06/14/2013, 10:46 pm NST
@rosie I'm thankful that we haven't had to DIVE IN at all this year

shadowlight17, 06/14/2013, 11:37 pm NST
It's sad this might be the last Negg Hunt, especially since I have not been able to participate as much as I would like to have in my first one.

However, I want to thank all the JN staff for their hard work in this event and in this great website, and I wish all the staffers who are leaving the best.

memo8ulrich, 06/14/2013, 9:33 pm NST
I'm going to cry thanks Jellyneo for all the amazing hunts through the few years I've been here

Saturday, June 15th & Sunday, June 16th

mamsmelk_jr, 06/15/2013, 3:15 am NST
I'm looking for portals on my lunchbreak at work. Then she who must not be named showed up, got a lot of strange looks

flairina, 06/15/2013, 3:19 am NST
Dang it! If I hadn't fallen asleep for like three hours I might be further along...

flairina, 06/15/2013, 11:25 am NST


tomatereloco, 00/00/2012, 00:00 xm NST
I almost refreshed the cube. What the hell, I guess (redacted) is trying to control me by telepathy. SHE is evil.

yaksrock, 06/16/2013, 3:31 pm NST
Let's see, basic questions about noileh's clue...
What kind of homework does she have?
How can she become a cat?
How much effort does her homework require?
Why won't she just do her homework?
How would being a cat help her avoid homework?

...Are any of those the right questions?

Monday, June 17th

goofy_gink, 06/17/2013, 4:53 am NST
@reeves And the nightmare begins... Welcome to the horror that is called "The Artist".

dreww355, 06/17/2013, 11:49 pm NST
I just finished my fifth negg hunt (3/5 times finding all the neggs)! Thank you JN for another amazing event. I appreciate how you have always changed things up to keep the event fresh and original, while still maintaining some of our "favorite" (most despised?) elements, such as the safe and the puzzle box. Your creativity and artistic & programming talents never cease to amaze me. Thank you to all the staff at JN, especially Rosie and Kata, for the amazing JN events over the years. Whether we were competing for soda supremacy, searching for patches of grass or guessing who would take home the Jelly Sceptre, a fun time was guaranteed. It's inspiring to see what a small group of dedicated, hard working people can create.

Tuesday, June 18th

jimmycarlos, 06/18/2013, 8:06 am NST
Gah, I just had this really bad nightmare that I was really close to finishing a Negg Hunt but got stuck on pressing some buttons on a colorful box that looks like it belongs to a child.
Oh wait, that wasn't a dream. Welcome to the Negg Hunt, the home of nightmares.

stormmonarch, 06/18/2013, 9:29 am NST
@All JN staffers: thanks so much for the enjoyable and challenging negg hunt. You guys put in so much effort for it. I cannot thank you all enough. I wish we will still have negg hunt next year, even if it is in another form.

ronaldcheuk, 06/18/2013, 9:52 am NST
Thanks JN staffers for this year's hunt honestly i think this year's is the most difficult one and pity that cannot finish it (me too stupid) :3 i will wait for the official solutions to come