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Note: All of the Neggs have been removed from their locations, so do not be surprised if you cannot find them anymore! The following Negg images were created for Jellyneo.net, and they are NOT to be used on any other website.

JN 50th Negg

Description: Celebrate our 50th negg with this commemorative treasure complete with gold leaf.
Location: Petpet Park Guide - Cap'n Arf's Crew Part 4
Staffer: Andrew
Clue: [Image]


How to Decode:
The names of the gems at the top of the clue are not important. What matters is the colour order. They are arranged: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Purple. That's seven colours. By dividing the letters of the alphabet across the seven colours so that A is Red, B is Orange, and so on, until getting to H at which point Red is reused again, we can create a chart. Reading off this chart by finding the colour and counting down by the number of rows next to the colour (i.e. 3 for Green-3), you can figure out each letter. Black is not on the chart, so Black-4 is just "4".

Red Orange Yellow Green Turquoise Blue Purple

Clue Obtained From: Graphics Department Portal - Puzzle Box

Transparent Negg

Description: And you thought neggs didn't have a heart!
Location: Game Guides - Cheeseroller (3,550 NP Grass Patch Cheese)
Staffer: Aurora
Clue: "That's how I roll."

Clue Obtained From: Graphics Department Portal - Sloth Minions' Image Tagging

Ilere Negg

Description: This negg has been said to contain powerful Earth Faerie magic. Can you trust it?
Location: Igloo Garage Sale
Staffer: Clouds
Clue: [Image]

Clue Obtained From: Petpet Park Portal - The Petpet Sliders

Neopian Times Negg

Description: One free month when you cancel your subscription.
Location: McDonald's Daily Giveaway Prizes - 2004
Staffer: Herdy
Clue: "Strength of a Yurble - Illusens Cream Cookie + Cost of a visit to the Faerie Caverns = # of Neopoints."

Decodes to: 402NP

How to Decode:
The strength of a Yurble comes from our Neopets Puzzle Adventure guide. Alternately, you could have used the strength of basic colour Yurbles in the Neopets TCG, which happens to be 3. (Thanks to gamer_5_55_555 for this tip.) Illusen's Cream Cookie is a level 1 quest reward, available both in the item notes and in our Illusen's Glade article. As our Faerie Caverns guide states, the cost of visiting the Faerie Caverns is 400 NP. 3-1+400 = 402.

Clue Obtained From: Staff Lounge Portal - Dave's Safe

jnCon Negg

Description: What could possibly be eating those meepits?
Location: Game Guides - TNT Staff Smasher
Staffer: Jen
Clue: "Causing TNT's headaches since 2002."

Clue Obtained From: Petpet Park Portal - Puzzle Wheel - Gadgets

Gavril McGill Negg

Description: This Negg will tell you that no Negg is a mere island.
Location: Booktastic Book Checklist Tool
Staffer: Kayte
Clue: "One down, 121 to go. Thanks Bernie!"

The Logic:
Bernie is the nickname of Bernard, the Booktastic Book shopkeeper.

Clue Obtained From: Staff Lounge Portal - Time Machine

8-bit Negg

Description: 8 whole bits of spring joy.
Location: Tyrannian Concerts (while using Golden Ticket site theme)
Staffer: Link
Clue: "Did you get your ticket yet? I heard it's fantastic!"

Clue Obtained From: Staff Lounge Portal - Jellypets Text Game

Double Rainbow Negg

Description: What's better than a single rainbow? Double rainbows!
Location: The Neopian Museum - Secret Areas
Staffer: Mika
Clue: "You know what? I just found the perfect hiding spot."

Clue Obtained From: Item Database Portal - Distribution Room

Crayon Negg

Description: Unlike the purple version, this negg can only draw new things in Jelly World. But that doesn't exist so... yeah.
Location: Book of Ages - Wocky Crusader
Staffer: Scout
Clue: "Go into battle? Are you insane? I've just had my armour polished."

Clue Obtained From: Graphics Department - Wearable Previews


Description: Neggs sure aren't what they used to be...
Location: A Guide to Neopia! - Take a tour of Meridell Castle!
Staffer: Summra
Clue: "The tour guide said to turn left, walk down the hall, and then he's the third door on the right. Watch out for flying peasants. Also, no flash photography."

Clue Obtained From: Item Database Portal - Shelf Shuffler

Suzukaberry Punch Negg

Description: This year's soda is a firm believer in the motto "Think Pink".
Location: The Neopian Museum - Neopian Image Gallery: Old Pets (in the Gelert section).
Staffer: Suzuka

Clue: "Would Llywelyn's loyal friend like these changes?"
The Logic:
Llywelyn is from a Welsh Legend; his loyal friend was Gelert, for whom the Neopet species is named.

Clue Obtained From: Petpet Park Portal - Wizard Walk

Xandra Negg

Description: Don't be fooled by the glasses sometimes found on this negg.
Location: Neopian Diseases and Cures (by the Black Cherry Tea)
Staffer: Will
Clue: [Image]


How to Decode:
For convenience, we'll refer to coordinates as [X,Y] meaning "Row X, Column Y". [0,0][1,1][2,2] spell out LOCKER - a hint to check Will's locker. Inside his locker, one of the items was Keylime Pi Pie. This was a hint that the clue used pi. By taking two digits at a time, reading them as XY and then finding [X,Y] you could go from spot to spot in the grid. The other trick was to only take one letter at a time - the first letter if this was the first time you visited that spot, and the second letter if it was the second time you visited that spot. For example, using the first four digits of pi (3.141), you would look at [3,1] (CN) and then [4,1] (HY) and take the first letter from both to get CH.

The value of pi needed was 3.141592653 5897932384 6264338327 9502884197 1693993751 0582097494 4592307816 4062862089, going beyond that just gave gibberish.

Clue Obtained From: Item Database Portal - Sorting Room

Scorched Rhuby

Description: If only this was a scorched ruby...
Location: Neoboard Fonts - Search Results for 'ice cream'
Staffer: Grog
Clue: "Show everybody that you've reached the delicious conclusion!

1 1 + 2 3 + + 4 5 + 6 7 + + + 5 2 * 5 * * 5 * *"

Decodes to: 14500

How to Decode:
The clue was in Reverse Polish Notation (RPN). In RPN, instead of writing Number Operator Number (for example 3+5), you write Number Number Operator (for example 3 5+). We've worked out each step of the math for you below, highlighting the Number Number Operator we're working out next:

1 1 + 2 3 + + 4 5 + 6 7 + + + 5 2 * 5 2 * * 5 * *
=2 2 3 + + 4 5 + 6 7 + + + 5 2 * 5 2 * * 5 * *
=2 5 + 4 5 + 6 7 + + + 5 2 * 5 2 * * 5 * *
=7 4 5 + 6 7 + + + 5 2 * 5 2 * * 5 * *
=7 9 6 7 + + + 5 2 * 5 2 * * 5 * *
=7 9 13 + + 5 2 * 5 2 * * 5 * *
=7 22 + 5 2 * 5 2 * * 5 * *
=29 5 2 * 5 2 * * 5 * *
=29 10 5 2 * * 5 * *
=29 10 10 * 5 * *
=29 100 5 * *
=29 500*
=14500 (the avatar score for Ice Cream Machine)

Clue Obtained From: Vending Machine

Scorched Negg T-Shirt

Description: "I solved a clue and all I got was this lousy T-shirt." 100% cotton. Three sizes too small.
Location: Book of Ages - Kelland
Staffer: Noir
Clue: [Image]

Decodes to: A THIEF

How to Decode:
Noir's clue has several spelling errors in it. The misspelled words were "Ttere", "ghingerly", "beiing", "arrifed", "smorgasbard", and "teey'd". The incorrect letters are bolded. Removing them and shuffling them, you get "a thief". Noir's clue has a page number: 866. Looking at character 866 in the Book of Ages yielded The Altador Plot hub, which could further narrow down the possiblities.

Looking at the position of the errors could also point out the answer another way. If you put a point at each error and then connected them, you would see the constellation from the Altador Mini-Plot that corresponded to The Thief. In the image below, green points have been placed at the errors and the image from the appropriate step in our guide overlaid.

Noir's Clue Solution

Clue Obtained From: Petpet Park Portal - Puzzle Wheel - Art

Scorched Cheops Plant

Description: It only looks vaguely like a negg, and tastes like burnt.
Location: Gourmet Club Food Tracker
Staffer: Pingu
Clue: "Note to self: Feeding your pet insane amounts of jelly will not get you a trophy. :("

Clue Obtained From: Pillow Fort

Scorched Chomato

Description: It just doesn't compare to the good old days of fishy red herrings.
Location: The Neopian Times
Staffer: SciFi
Clue: [Image]
- Third time lucky.
- SciFi likes Nekomimi (cypher key)
- SciFi has been reading The Light Fantastic (cypher key)


How to Decode:
Okay, this one is just crazy to decode. The first step is to get the colour from each square in Sci's clue, reading left to right, starting at the top row and working down. For convenience, we use hexadecimal values, but you can do this with decimal values. We get something like: #54424D #504D4A #435348 #434142 #54434D #525442 #4E4A54 #424D53 #574C52 #4FFF00 #FF4E47 #524149 #51574B #504C4E #515649 #505951 #414B50 #52FF54 #4A4C52 #41494D #494C4E #515649 #505951 #415450 #4DFF00

These are all Red Green Blue (RGB) codes, so let's break them into their individual parts. For decimal numbers this is three numbers between 0 and 255, but in hexadecimal that's two "characters" between #00 and #FF. We get something like: 54 42 4D 50 4D 4A 43 53 48 43 41 42 54 43 4D 52 54 42 4E 4A 54 42 4D 53 57 4C 52 4F FF 00 FF 4E 47 52 41 49 51 57 4B 50 4C 4E 51 56 49 50 59 51 41 4B 50 52 FF 54 4A 4C 52 41 49 4D 49 4C 4E 51 56 49 50 59 51 41 54 50 4D FF 00. We can use this table to convert from hexadecimal or decimal to a letter using the well-known ASCII standard (ignoring 00 and FF):

Hexadecimal 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 4A 4B 4C 4D 4E 4F 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 5A
Decimal 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90
Letter A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

This gives us "TBMPMJCSHCABTCMRTBNJTBMSWLRO (#FF#00#FF) NGRAIQWKPLNQVIPYQAKPR (#FF) TJLRAIMILNQVIPYQATPM (#FF#00) ". Well, that looks like a pile of nothing! This is where we "get shifty" - we'll have to apply a shift cipher. One hint was that "SciFi likes Nekomimi". This is a suggestion that we should use NEKOMIMI as a shift key. The way a shift key works is we take the normal alphabet: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, and then "move" the letters in NEKOMIMI to the front (but only once - so we ignore duplicates) and get NEKOMIABCDFGHJLPQRSTUVWXYZ. Now we just match the "position" in the shifted alphabet to the position in the original alphabet, and we get SciFi's secret message. You can use this table if you want to try it yourself:

Encrypted Letter N E K O M I A B C D F G H J L P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Decrypted Letter A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Doing the decoding, we get "THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD (#FF#00#FF) ALRGFQWCPOAQVFPYQGCPR (#FF) TNORGFEFOAQVFPYQGTPE (#FF#00)." which doesn't look quite right. Perhaps that #FF#00#FF is there to tell us there's a second shift cipher. Another hint given out was that SciFi is currently reading The Light Fantastic. Playing around with the phrase "The Light Fantastic" we can get a reasonable second shift key "THELIGFANS". Using the same technique as before, but only on the second half of the original translation (NGRAIQWKPLNQVIPYQAKPR (#FF) TJLRAIMILNQVIPYQATPM) with the table below, and then removing all the #FF and #00 stuff, we get the decoded clue.

Encrypted Letter T H E L I G F A N S B C D J K M O P Q R U V W X Y Z
Decrypted Letter A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Clue Obtained From: Item Database Portal - Shelf Room Floor

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Wizard Walk

Location: Petpet Park Portal
Clues Awarded: Suzuka
Items Awarded: None
Items Required: None

To solve this puzzle, you had to find a way to get from one of the bottom blue stars to the top yellow star. In order to do that, you needed a repeating pattern that used each of the colours once. The correct pattern is blue, red, green, yellow. You can find the beginning of this pattern on the third star from the left.

Wizard's Walk Puzzle Solution

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Petpet Sliders

Location: Petpet Park Portal
Clues Awarded: Clouds
Items Awarded: None
Items Required: None

The Petpet Sliders Puzzle has appeared in previous years, but this year had a bit of a different twist. Instead of the same puzzle through three difficulty levels, you were given three different types of puzzles, which you could complete in any order.

The first level was the same type of slider seen in previous years - you had to get each of the petpets to their proper home base. You could choose to send them in any direction, but they'd only stop when they hit a wall or another petpet - meaning they could slide right through their "home". There are several ways to do this, and the puzzle would count as complete if you managed to figure out any one of them. If you manage to get the minimum number of moves, however, you'd be granted a special bonus - a map showing the final arrangement of the shelves in the Item Database Shelf Shuffler!

The minimum number of moves required was 13, and you could try as many times as you wished to achieve it.

Petpet Sliders Level One Solution


The second level involved petpets coming in from the upper-left, bouncing off of different bumpers, and eventually leaving the screen. You goal was to get the petpet to exit through the bottom-right 'doorway', off to their adventures.

Every time a petpet hit a bumper, it would head in whichever direction the bumper was facing that it didn't come from. Clicking on the bumper would flip it so the diagonal faced the opposite way. The easiest way to figure out an escape was to work backwards - there was one direction the last bumper had to be facing, so figuring out where you had to come from to get there, and to get to the bumper before that, etc.

Petpet Sliders Level Two Solution

The third level required you to connect all the petpets of a species in a single line. In order to do this, you'd end up using every single square available. The best method involved going from the outside in - those that clearly had to be connected on the outside could be brought together first, making it easier to see the spaces and paths available for the other species.

Petpet Sliders Level Three Solution

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University Puzzle Wheel

Location: Petpet Park Portal
Clues Awarded: Jen, Noir
Items Awarded: Puzzle Piece, Holiday Mecha Nova Plushie, Image Tagger
Items Required: None

University of Magic Puzzle

The University of Magic Puzzle is based on the popular number puzzle Kakuro.

Each row and each column must add up to the appropriate totals, with no numbers used multiple times in the same column or row (columns/rows with gaps are considered separate instances of this rule).

This puzzle awards a puzzle piece for the Puzzle Box.
University of Magic Puzzle Solution

University of Art Puzzle

Most of the answers can be found by searching the Book of Ages or using Jellyneo's site search.

This puzzle awards Noir's clue.
University of Art Puzzle Solution

University of Nature Puzzle

Like regular Sudoku, each row and each column must contain the numbers 1 through 9 once, as must each box. In addition, the puzzle separated odd and even numbers by colour - white boxes held even numbers, while green ones held odd numbers.

This puzzle awards the Holiday Mecha Nova Plushie for the Time Machine

University of Nature Puzzle Solution

University of Adventure Puzzle

The numbers 1 through 16 must only be used once. Each row and each column must add up to the appropriate totals.

This puzzle awards the Image Tagger for the Sloth Minion Image Tagging.

University of Adventure Puzzle Solution

Univerity of Gadgets Puzzle

Each row and column had to contain six each of 0s and 1s. There could be no more than two of a number next to each other, and columns and rows could not be repeated.

This puzzle awards Jen's clue.
University of Gadgets Puzzle Solution

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Time Machine

Location: Staff Lounge Portal
Clues Awarded: Kayte
Items Awarded: None
Items Required: Bigsby Shadingtons Wrench, Robot Mynci Battery Charger, Holiday Mecha Nova Plushie


The Neggative Faerie put a spell on the Iced Techo Cupcake causing any staffer who ate it to turn into a Neg. To stop this from happening, you needed to go back in time and rearrange food items on the counter and in the freezer/refrigerator so that nobody ate the cupcake. First you had to get three items and give them to Suzuka. The Bigsby Shadingtons Wrench was available in the Item Database portal. The Holiday Mecha Nova Plushie was available in the Petpet Park portal from the School of Nature puzzle. The Robot Mynci Battery Charger was available in Aurora's locker (image below).

Aurora's Locker Time Machine Interface

Once the three items had been given to Suzuka, the soda machine could be clicked to start the puzzle. There were three days, and you could jump between each day and see "Before" and "After" lunch. Items could only be moved before lunch. By observing what staffers said both before and after lunch you could learn their preferences and in what order they looked at options. Food not eaten on a particular day stayed where it was overnight and was available the next day. Sometimes additional food items became available the following day as well. If a beverage was left in the freezer overnight it would be Iced the next day. In addition to the cupcake not being eaten, it needed to remain "chilled" at all times, meaning it had to stay in the fridge all three days. To help with the puzzle, a "cake safe" indictor next to each day would light up if the cupcake was not eaten that day.

The Iced rule becomes important because staff members do not take Iced things. If nothing was iced, it was impossible on Day 2 to prevent either the Strawberry Milkshake or Fizzy Quiggle Drink from disappearing, since Torratz prefers both of these items. Both items are needed Today, so one of the two has to be in the freezer on Day 1.

In the following table, the following abbreviations are used for "Search Order": BT = Bottom to top of the fridge, TB = Top to bottom of the fridge, F = Freezer, C=Counter. The staffers are listed in chronological order; when looking at two staffers, the higher one in the table will choose their lunch item first.

Day Staffer Prefers Needs Search Order
Day 1 Herdy None Caramel Flavoured Kougra Milk TB
Lollie Strawberries Strawberry Kougra Pudding C->F->TB
Day 2 Torratz Drink or Caramel
Not on Dung Taco Shelf
Banana Sundae C->F->TB
Kataklysmos Looks like Neopet Mynci Halloween Caramel Apple BT
Today Polemarch Has Straw or Cupcake Strawberry Milkshake C->F->TB
Max Juppies Spicy Juppie Cheese TB
Dream Snowberries Fizzy Quiggle Drink BT->F->C

The Item Database could be used to read item descriptions. Some items had information about their ingredients. Below is a table of all the items and the preferences they applied to (including being available when that preference mattered) marked with a Yes. The item names are links to their respective Item Database pages.

Food Strawberries Drink Caramel Neopet Straw Juppies Snowberries
Iced Techo Cupcake Yes   Yes Yes     Yes
Caramel Flavoured Kougra Milk   Yes Yes Yes      
Fizzy Quiggle Drink   Yes   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Strawberry Milkshake Yes Yes     Yes    
Strawberry Kougra Pudding Yes     Yes      
Banana Sundae     Yes        
Mynci Halloween Caramel Apple     Yes Yes      
Spicy Juppie Cheese           Yes  

Finally, the part you've been waiting for. Screenshots of the solutions for all three days, using the information from above. Note the Fizzy Quiggle Drink is Iced between Day 1 and Day 2 in our solution.

Time Machine Puzzle Solution - Day 1

Time Machine Puzzle Solution - Day 2

Time Machine Puzzle Solution - Today

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Dave's Safe 4.0

Location: Staff Lounge Portal
Clues Awarded: Herdy
Items Awarded: Puzzle Piece
Items Required: None


Figure out the combination of images needed to open the safe.

Dave's Safe has over the years become a puzzle known for being notoriously hard. This year was no exception. First, the safe had to be found. Looking in Nynex's locker, only one item didn't involve keys. Pressing the red button on the Remote Control Gloves revealed Dave's safe. Clicking on the safe allowed you to get up close and personal with it.

Nynex's Locker Dave's Safe

The note from Dave suggests that only two things are "switched". But for that to make any sense, there has to be some sort of pattern. Let's start by identifying the images:

Moehog Usul Ylana Zafara
Blumaroo Meerca Sophie Teasqito

Well, that's... not much to go on. As the Negg Hunt progressed, several hints were given out for Dave's Safe. We'll examine one of the hints: "It starts with MUYZ and ends with ACIQ." A quick look at the names of the things in the first row of the safe shows that they start with M, U, Y, Z or MUYZ. The only Q in the names is in "Teasqito". "Q" however is the 5th letter, not the first letter. Looking at the rest of the row, if we take the fifth letter from each word, we get "A", "C", "I", and "Q", or ACIQ. So the first letter was used in the first row, and the fifth letter in the fifth row. Does this mean the second letter is used in the second row, the third letter in the third row and the fourth letter in the fourth row? Trying it out and marking the "important" letters by capitalising them, we get the following:

Moehog Usul Ylana Zafara
blumAroo meerCa sophIe teasQito

Well that's great, but these letters don't make much of a pattern either. We can note two things though:

  • The important letters in each row are either in alphabetical order or close to it.
  • The important letters use almost all of the letters in the alphabet.
The important letters are ABCDEFGHIIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWYZ. So there is an extra "I" and we have no "X". The only name contributing an "I" that has an "X" is "Ixi". (Sophie does not have an "X", and Xweetok is not causing an extra "I".) The "X" is the second letter, so we want to switch Ixi with something on the second row. If we switch with anything besides Feepit we'll take away a letter and add a different letter, which won't fix the pattern. Conveniently, the second and third letters in Feepit are both "E", so moving it down a row won't break anything. Switching the two we have the following (only the important letters shown):


Looking at just important letters, every row is in alphabetical order and we have exactly one of every letter in the alphabet. Clicking on the Feepit, the Ixi, and then opening Dave's safe revealed a clue and tangram piece.

Safe Solution Safe Interior

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Jellypets Text Game

Location: Staff Lounge Portal
Clues Awarded: Link
Items Awarded: None
Items Required: None


By clicking on the computer in Dave's office, you could start the Jellypets Text Adventure puzzle. The game itself had instructions which will not be replicated here. The game ended when Starshine managed to get past the Dreor guard so he could continue on towards Socko City. If you managed to get all 61 points, there was a bonus on the final screen of the game. Due to a glitch, it was possible to get 61 points by repeatedly looking in the chest and taking the birthday note. In case you're wondering what that bonus was, below is a list of moves to get to 61 points without using the glitch, and a screenshot of the bonus screen.

Other options (command in bold):

  • close gate in guardhouse (-1)
  • throw pebbles at guard (-2)
  • give licorice to fruiterer then use licorice in jug (+5)
  • give coin to fruiterer (+1)

How to get 61 points:

  1. look under right pillow (+1)
  2. look in dresser
  3. take licorice (+1)
  4. take wool (+1)
  5. go down
  6. open door (+1)
  7. go south
  8. look at road (+1)
  9. take pebbles (+4)
  10. go south
  11. ask smith about keys (+1)
  12. ask smith about chest (+2)
  13. give wool to smith (+1)
  14. dance jig (+2)
  15. give bronze key to fruiterer (+3)
  16. throw pebbles at fruiterer
  17. take jug (+7)
  18. go north
  19. go north
  20. go up
  21. unlock chest with copper key (+1)
  22. open chest
  23. look in chest
  24. take birthday note (+10)
  25. go down
  26. go south
  27. go east
  28. give birthday note to guard (+5)
  29. give jug to guard
  30. give jug to guard (+20)

Dave's Office Computer Jellypets Bonus

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Vending Machine

Location: Staff Lounge Portal
Clues Awarded: Grog
Items Awarded: None
Items Required: None

The vending machine's cipher has been updated with a new code. The code can be cracked by using the key found on the recruiting poster posted on the bottom door of the fridge in the lounge.

Vending Machine Solution

Hinted by the image of the Thieves Guild, the entire passage can be found (and translated) from the Book of Ages Entry for the Thieves Guild.

The Thieves Guild is an international organisation for thieves with headquarters all over the planet, though the only current guild hall known is on Terror Mountain (there is a disused one near the Haunted Woods). Little is known about the Guild, but it is currently headed by Kanrik, who took the position by force from Galem Darkhand.


Return to the vending machine with your new code! By translating the letters from left to right starting with the top row to the bottom, you will receive this string of letters:


Still lost? Let's move some spaces around... add a bit of punctuation and... Ah! Here we go:


The passage is taken from Hanso's Book of Ages entry. Enter his name into the vending machine to retrieve the clue.

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Puzzle Box

Location: Staff Lounge Portal
Clues Awarded: Andrew
Items Awarded: None
Items Required: Puzzle Pieces (x5)

The Puzzle Box returns! And this time it's reconfigured itself with a more complex system of puzzles to guard the clue it holds inside.

Each side of the box has a different puzzle. Five of the six sides reveals a shape button (square, triangle, star, cross, and circle) for completed puzzles. These buttons are required to be pressed in a sequence in order to open the puzzle box after the sixth and final side (Tangram Puzzle) is completed.

#1: The Tile Slider

This is probably the meanest, yet easiest of all 6 sides of the puzzle box. The instructions "Solving the picture helps you succeed, by revealing exactly what you need." hinted that you do not need to solve the tile slider in order to solve this side of the puzzle box. However solving the tile slider will help by literally pointing exactly where a button lies in order to open panel concealing the cross shape button. But you can easily access the button just by navigating the blank tile to its position. (of course, without knowing where or what it was - it would be by happenstance that you would find it just by moving tiles around)

#2: The 'Depressing' Blue Tiles

For this puzzle, the key to solving was to notice that the field of tiles were really 6 identical versions of a square pattern. You can see below how the squares were divided and rotated. By pressing the few blank tiles that had blue counterparts on other versions of the square, the panel with the square shape button would be revealed...

#3: 26 Heptagon

This was basically a trial-and-error puzzle that require a little bit of math. A hint was given out that no number under 8 was on a corner. Interestingly, there is a specific pattern that is present when placing the numbers. Try following the sequence from 1 to 14 and you see what I mean.

#4: Finding the Stars

This puzzle is a spin off of puzzles like Sudoku and Kakuro. It takes a combination of adapting the rules and using process of elimination to locate the positions of the stars. The rules gathered from the instructions are as follows:

  • Each row and column number the amount of stars that appear in each one respectively.
  • The number of stars equal the number of arrows present on the board.
  • Each arrow will point to only one star. This means that a star cannot lie on the same arrow's path as another.

#5: The Edge Sliders

The 5th side of the box shows only the final, giant panel and instructions. The puzzle itself is imbedded into the walls of the box all around the edges. It asks to line up the sliders so that they match with the ones that they sit next to on the same edge.

Once all of the edges are matched, a giant circle shape button will be revealed on the 5th side.

#6: Tangram

The last side of the puzzle required you to gather the missing tangram pieces scattered around all 4 portals. Pingu and Rylon claimed that 3 of the 5 pieces were hidden on other Tangram boards and that the pieces you needed were sketched on each of the desks of the Graphic Designers.

Starting from the left, the tangram boards for each sketch were located in the Item Database portal (on the south face of the long 'L' Shelf in the Shelf Room), the first desk in the Graphic Department portal, and on the back wall of Dave's Office in the Staff Lounge portal. The other two tangram pieces were acquired through the Magic University Wheel and Dave's Safe.

After gaining all of the pieces, you were then able to form the rectangle on the puzzle box. This opened another panel and revealed the last puzzle and its instructions.

Completing the Puzzle Box

Now that you've completed all 6 sides of the puzzle, the shape buttons need to be pressed in a specific sequence in order to open the box. The hidden panel beneath the tangram puzzle shows 8 circles that light up as the sequence is correctly entered. This is to help those who did not find the discarded note in the Item Database portal.

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Dr. Sloth Image Tagger

Location: Graphics Department Portal
Clues Awarded: Aurora
Items Awarded: None
Items Required: None

Clicking on the right door in the Sloth Minion area will allow you to enter the tagging bay. Aurora will grant you access to start tagging once you have the Image Tagger in your inventory.

This is basically a game of interpretation and speed - quite literally hand-eye coordination. You need to quickly figure out which tags need to be applied by visually confirming the contents of each image.

Level 1

Sloth Faerie
Sloth Faerie

Level 2

Dung Carrot Rainbow
Carrot Rainbow
Dung Rainbow

Level 3

Grundo Flying
Grundo Petpet
Grundo Petpet
Grundo Petpet
Flying Petpet
Flying Petpet
Flying Petpet
Flying Petpet Altador
Flying Petpet Altador
Petpet Altador
Petpet Altador
Flying Petpet
Grundo Flying Petpet

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Wearable Previews Image Search

Location: Graphics Department Portal
Clues Awarded: Scout
Items Awarded: None
Items Required: None

Though the 'Previews' area was still roped off, a wearable image puzzle was presented to any who approached the curtain. The goal was to identify the name of the wearable the pet was wearing.

A helpful tool for completing this puzzle was Jellyneo's Wearable Previews feature or similarly, Jellyneo's Item Database.

Correctly identifying the first 11 rounds would grant you Scout's Clue. In addition, there were 2 more bonus rounds each with 2 wearables to identify. A hint for the Shelf Shuffler was awarded if these bonus rounds were completed.

Commemorative Neopets Plush Tag Professional Mining Helmet
#1: Commemorative Neopets Plush Tag #2: Professional Mining Helmet
Chia Fruit Lupe Hat Elephante Peanut Suit
#3: Chia Fruit Lupe Hat #4: Elephante Peanut Suit
Magical Healing Slorgs Desperado Chia Shirt and Cape
#5: Magical Healing Slorgs #6: Desperado Chia Shirt and Cape
Elegant Punk Guitar Lifeguard Life Ring
#7: Elegant Punk Guitar #8: Lifeguard Life Ring
Cobrall Constrictor Handheld Meowclops Torch
#9: Cobrall Constrictor #10: Handheld Meowclops Torch
Count von Roo Stocking
#11: Count von Roo Stocking
Kauvara Shirt & Cape, Lawyerbot Trousers Ceremonial Shenkuu Warrior Armour, Funky Shenkuu Wig
BONUS #1: Kauvara Shirt & Cape,
Lawyerbot Trousers
BONUS #2: Ceremonial Shenkuu Warrior
Armour, Funky Shenkuu Wig

Wearables Puzzle Bonus

This Shelf Shuffler helper was awarded if you completed the bonus rounds.

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Pillow Fort

Location: Graphics Department Portal
Clues Awarded: Pingu
Items Awarded: None
Items Required: None

Pillow Fort

Scout wasn't the only thing hiding in the Pillow Fort.
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Shelf Shuffler

Location: Item Database Portal
Clues Awarded: Summra
Items Awarded: None
Items Required: None


The goal of the Shelf Shuffler puzzle was to access the hidden panel and rearrange the shelves to make a square in the middle so the Neggative Faerie's glitter smoke could be vented out of the IDB. The panel could only be revealed by first click-and-dragging a box on the right side of the IDB Portal, then clicking the rotate crank on the shelf. The panel could be tricky to see as the caution tape was obscuring it, but clicking it once opened the panel and clicking it again would bring up the Shelf Shuffler puzzle. A map could be found that showed how the pieces fit together to make a square. (See Navigating the Shelf Floor for the map.)

The pieces on the panel actually moved the shelves in the IDB - the entrance is on the bottom side of the panel. Below is an animated solution for how to access the panel, the Wearables Bonus (which was several steps towards making the square), and an animated solution showing how to rearrange the shelves to make the square (on the way making paths to get to the Distribution Room and Sorting Room).

Shelf Shuffler Panel Wearables Puzzle Bonus

Shelf Shuffler Solution

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Navigating the Shelf Floor

Location: Item Database Portal
Clues Awarded: SciFi
Items Awarded: Bigsby Shadingtons Wrench, Puzzle Piece #2
Items Required: None


There were several items strewn around the IDB floor. These included SciFi's clue, Bidsby Shadingtons Wrench, and a note required for the Puzzle Box. While you could randomly wander the IDB portal and shuffle shelves to try and learn where everything was, there was an easier way. The bonus for completing Level 1 of the Petpet Sliders in 13 moves was a map. The orange lines and circular pictures have been added to make the map easier to understand - they were not in the map users got from the bonus. Pictured below is the map, each item in the IDB portal, and a shelf shuffler layout that allows getting to all the items at once. While doing it in one go is cool, it is much easier to get one or two items at a time and reshuffle the shelves to get the remaining item(s).

Sliders Bonus

Shelf ConfigurationWrench Spot
SciFi's CluePuzzlebox Note

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Distribution Room (Wobble Board)

Location: Item Database Portal
Clues Awarded: Mika
Items Awarded: None
Items Required: None


The IDB Distribution Room door could be found on the top wall of the IDB portal. (See Navigating the Shelf Floor for a map.) The goal was to put all the items on the board such that

  • The weight ratio is 1, meaning the same effective weight was on both sides of the board.
  • Effective weight is calculated by taking the item's weight, and multiplying it by the weight of the row. For example, if you put an item with weight of 7 in a row with 50, the effective weight would be 7*50=350.
  • Liquids (Superstar Shampoo, Benyeroberry Tea, and Darigan Blumaroo Morphing Potion) are on the yellow no-spill zones.
  • Each row (set of 3) only has up to 2 items in it.
  • Each group (long coloured line) can only has a given number in it once at most. This means you cannot have two boxes with weight 5 in the same group.
The Distribution Room door, the initial board, and one solution are shown below. There are many solutions to the Wobble Board, the one shown below is not in any way "better" or "worse" than other solutions.

Distribution Room DoorWobble Board

Wobble Board Solution

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Sorting Room (Item Finder)

Location: Item Database Portal
Clues Awarded: Will
Items Awarded: None
Items Required: None


The IDB Sorting Room required users to make use of the Jellyneo Item Database unsurprisingly. The door could be found on the left wall of the IDB portal. (See Navigating the Shelf Floor for a map.) In each round three item images were given along with a "hint". The goal was to figure out the common link between the three items since the unknown fourth item would share this link. The hint helped narrow down the possible items further. An example of what the Item Finder looked like is below, followed by a table with the solutions for each round.

Sorting Room Door Item Finder Puzzle

Common Attribute: "noodles" in Item Name

Soba Noodles Cold Buckwheat Noodles Whomp Berry Noodles
Soba Noodles, Cold Buckwheat Noodles, Whomp Berry Noodles

Negg Noodles Stamp
Negg Noodles Stamp
Common Attribute: "staff" in Item Name

Bleached Bone Staff Golden Bori Staff Fighting Staff
Bleached Bone Staff, Golden Bori Staff, Fighting Staff

Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie
Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie
Common Attribute: "plushie" in Item Name, TDMBGPOP Prizes

Faerie Bori Plushie Faerie Techo Plushie Discarded Tuskaninny Plushie
Faerie Bori Plushie, Faerie Techo Plushie, Discarded Tuskaninny Plushie

Ripped Moehog Plushie
Ripped Moehog Plushie
Common Attribute: "birdhouse" in Item Name

Natural Wood Birdhouse Gourd Birdhouse Angelpuss Birdhouse
Natural Wood Birdhouse, Gourd Birdhouse, Angelpuss Birdhouse
Neohome 2.0.

Faerie Birdhouse
Faerie Birdhouse
Common Attribute: "catch" in Item Name

Catch It If You Can Petpet Catching Net King Altador Summer Petpetpet Catching Kit
Catch It If You Can, Petpet Catching Net, King Altador Summer Petpetpet Catching Kit
NC Mall.

Dream Catcher Wings
Dream Catcher Wings
Common Attribute: "barrel" in Item Name

Barrel Cactus Toxic Waste Barrel Root Beer Barrels
Barrel Cactus, Toxic Waste Barrel, Root Beer Barrels
NC Mall.

Barrel of TNT
Barrel of TNT
Common Attribute: "limited edition" in Item Name

Gold Limited Edition Plushie Set Limited Edition Platinum Plated Y9 Commemorative Dubloon Limited Edition Usuki Lip Gloss
Gold Limited Edition Plushie Set, Limited Edition Platinum Plated Y9 Commemorative Dubloon, Limited Edition Usuki Lip Gloss
Earliest Release Date.

Broken Limited Edition Evil Chia Plushie
Broken Limited Edition Evil Chia Plushie
Common Attribute: "blob" in Item Description

Mutant Kiko Plushie Chocolate Covered Toffee Freaky Factory Background
Mutant Kiko Plushie, Chocolate Covered Toffee, Freaky Factory Background
Battle Magic.

Spicy Snowball
Spicy Snowball
Common Attribute: Plot Prizes Special Category, Clothes Category

War Logo T-Shirt BFM T-shirt Maverick Baseball Cap
War Logo T-Shirt, BFM T-shirt, Maverick Baseball Cap
Item that may lead you to a clue.

Ummagine Cap
Ummagine Cap
Common Attribute: Clothes Category, Item Rarity 40

Mynci T-Shirt Blue Bandana Flotsam Sweater
Mynci T-Shirt, Blue Bandana, Flotsam Sweater

Bow Tie
Bow Tie

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Easter Eggs

The Neggative Faerie's Revelation and Jigsaw Teaser

A teaser was released over a 3 month span before the hunt. Several pieces of a jigsaw puzzle depicting the Neggative Faerie were released every two weeks. When completed, the puzzle would reveal the image below (based on an old Neo image!):

I'll make my comeback someday...

A little bit of a make-over. A touch of evil here, a bit of neg there...

Dave's Office Posters

A few of the original posters in Dave's Office shoutout to some popular memes and pop culture icons.

I.AM.BRUNI Membership Card


Dramatic Meepit
Bow Ties are Cool!
Join the Gleenut Club!

In-Depth Battlepedia Teaser

The bottom of the right wall in the IDB Portal had a teaser for the In-depth Battlepedia.

In-Depth Battlepedia Teaser

Neggative Faerie Graffiti

The top right corner of the IDB had an X on the map. This was originally the location of the Distribution Room, but the Neggative Faerie moved it one spot to the left and put a note in its place.

Neggative Faerie Graffiti

Puzzle Box Model

A model of this year's puzzle box embedded on a Rubik's cube!

Shelf Shuffler Codes

Shelf Shuffler QR Codes

The bins in the IDB portal had QR codes on them. The nine possible codes are shown above. (click to enlarge image) The left version of the code is what was visible in the hunt, while the right version is the "cleaned up" version of the QR code. Even among staff, not everyone could get the codes to cooperate. Below is a table which describes what each code said:

Top left: Aang's son is the Yellow M&M! :O
Top: Sloth, Dung, Buckets, Cookies, Peanuts, and Carrots
Top right: Who's excited for Frankenweenie?
Center left: *rages* Bring me my extended HP Ultimate Editions, WB!!
Center: Let it Die, let it Die! Let it shrivel up and Die!
Center right: Bow-wielding, head-strong female leads is becoming a trend this year
Bottom left: So did anyone see the Legend of Korra yet?
Bottom: Dave likes balloons within balloons that light up.
Bottom Right: Would it be weird to say that the lasst thing I ordered online was a meat grinder?

Other Easter Eggs

Most of the Easter Eggs (Beast Lair sign, Vending Machine codes, etc) are similar to last year, so they are not included in this year's Easter Egg section.

Staff Lounge Loudspeaker Announcements

"Dave: The brownies keep staring at me .___. sometimes they whisper 'Eat me!'"

"Announcement: Dave, your Sloth Hugging Pillow has arrived."

"Announcement: AAAH! The Meepits have escaped! "

"Announcement: Somebody clean up the Staff Forum. Suzuka posted in the wrong topic again!"

"Announcement: The Shoutbox...errr...Mailbox...I mean Icebox....What is it called again?"

"Announcement: Link, I can't concentrate if you don't stop singing!"

"Announcement: *pop's Ian's ego* "

"Announcement: I think I ate an apple this morning. If I were a Kyrii, I'd be sick a lot. "

"Please refrain from counting your Herdypoints in public - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE"

"Rosie: Pansies! This isn't 'Click your heels and you get a clue'. Do some math!"

"Spixi: It's not poaching, we've got hunting permits!"

"Rosie: I used to be a good, clean sponge."

"Herdy: No! You're not soiling the BoA with Ian!"

"Announcement: Zelda, Link needs you to rescue him again!"

"Chesu: Replace the albatross."

"Link: Reunited and it feels so good~"

"Nynex: Link, why are you singing to that Mac&Cheese?"

"Dave: It's best not to ask and leave him be."

"Skylar: *tweet tweet tweet*"

Link: Happy day, oh happy day! There are new images to tag, oh happy day~"

"Ziggy: I can see clearly now the rain is go-"

"Suzuka: *to plate full of cookies* and IIIIIII will always llooveee yyyyoooouuuuu"

"Skylar: Can someone please move the 'plot whales'? Link's been trying to reenact 'Jellyneo The Musical' again... "

Announcement: Diggy Diggy Hole has been banned from the staff room playlist."

"Rosiestein: I want to dissect you. =3"

"Rosie: Yeah, we're just as awesome as a theme park..."

"Nynex: We have a lot of attractions!"

"Rosie: But we don't overcharge for soda! "

"Announcement: I'd like a grilled chicken and strawberry salad with a yogurt parfait - wait, this isn't McSkylars?"

"Announcement: Attention Staffers. Be careful when opening up any cards from Skylar, they have contents which may have melted... "

"Announcement: thi i why we do teting beforehand"

"Announcement: Hide yo consonants, hide yo vowels. They translatin' eeerybody out here! "