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Negg Hunt '12 Memorable Comments

Negg Hunt '12 Logo
High-Scores | Conclusion | Solutions | Portals | Memorable Comments

From Friday, April 6th to Monday, April 16th, it was a mad dash to solve puzzles, and collect clues as the 2012 Jellyneo Negg Hunt was underway. All week, staff members monitored your progress, and provided an extra boost when you needed help. We shared in your frustrations and triumphs, and were overjoyed to see each and every accomplishment. We have compiled a number of our favorite moments, as we each laughed, cried, cheered, sang, and gave encouragement during the hunt.

There were approximately 21,000 comments in total!

We appreciate all the wonderful feedback and thank you's. You keep us motivated to make each Negg Hunt special, and we strive to bring new challenges to you each year.

April 6th

chip_the_chipmunk, 04/6/2012, 3:05 am NST
Yay! I look forward every year to the Negg Hunt. The team always comes up with a great challenge!

jomarcenter, 04/6/2012, 3:09 am NST
woot! at long last i found a portal and it took me 150 click to find it...

dreww355, 04/6/2012, 4:13 am NST
YES! I love the negg hunt. Best JN event of the year.

lupe_loops841, 04/6/2012, 4:39 am NST
Yay, I've been waiting for this event :D JN Negg Hunt, here we go!!

...the awkward moment when you can't find the portal xD

nick, 04/6/2012, 5:13 am NST
*eats Clouds and then conveniently disappears into his overdue pillow*

bobbyjones999258, 04/6/2012, 5:21 am NST

*runs in the opposite direction*

skylar - JN Staff, 04/6/2012, 8:03 am NST
If you think the grass looks weird you should see what happened to my can of Diet Terry D:

belial, 04/6/2012, 8:13 am NST
why suzuka, whyyyyy ;_;

skylar - JN Staff, 04/6/2012, 9:13 am NST
As I walk in the portals,
This is what I see~
All these new Neggs,
They be starin' at me.
I've got clues in my hands and I ain't afraid to solve em', solve em', solve em'.
I'm Negg Huntin' for the gold~

fallendarkseraphim, 04/6/2012, 9:45 am NST
It's totally sad when a Neopets HELP site is funner then Neopets itself. :D

jenpwnsyoursoul, 04/6/2012, 10:11 am NST
omg there's a binary sudoku?!
*dies and goes to heaven*
JN Staff. I heart you.

simkim, 04/6/2012, 10:47 am NST
Why do I keep thinking about that puzzle you released a couple days ago - I completed it but nothing happened, so I'm thinking about the image... hmmm... I can say for sure - you guys are one of the most devious teams ever.

xvickydoll, 04/6/2012, 11:43 am NST
Stuck on the square puzzle now. Going round in circles!

agent_711, 04/6/2012, 11:48 am NST
Huh, I just noticed that the JN staff doesn't blink.

*gets slapped with a fish*

nynex - JN Staff, 04/6/2012, 11:49 am NST
Taped them open so we could stay up for negg hunt ! O:

diana, 04/6/2012, 11:51 am NST
Hmm, I know for a fact that during the Negg Hunt, I never go to sleep earlier than 3 or 4 AM my time (and then people wonder why I'm insane the following week). I might just tape my eyes open, too.

pingubaba - JN Staff, 04/6/2012, 11:52 am NST
Use duct tape it's more effective, trust me!

simkim, 04/6/2012, 12:29 pm NST
I'm like that - staying up for ages and ages - barely getting any sleep until NeggHunt is over... LOVE IT! Now to find that portal...

simkim, 04/6/2012, 1:58 pm NST
Laughed myself outta my seat when I read last year's Negg Hunt's memorable comments...

And I still haven't managed to start this year's yet... I think you guys grow more ebil each year - seeking to see how many brains you can cause to asplode!

fifi313, 04/6/2012, 2:00 pm NST
I don't know why I'm still doing this after last year. I think I must enjoy inflicting pain on myself -.-

garnet, 04/6/2012, 2:35 pm NST
Finally got the petpets in the hut! Neggcellent!

flairina, 04/6/2012, 4:49 pm NST
@larifogo: Please stop licking the post. We had enough problems with this last year. Remember, the Neggs, tasty though they may look, should be eaten only AFTER the hunt is over. :p

soofa, 04/6/2012, 5:21 pm NST
YES YES YES NEGG HUNT!! *starts dancing in her room**runs all around her house**can't breathe*

_savannah_65, 04/6/2012, 6:12 pm NST
Well since I'm stuck in a can't-find-anything rut, that means its time for NEGG HUNT SONG PARODY TIME!!*drum roll*

I'm in the business of Negg Hunting
Lets take it from the top,
I put on my thinking cap but it just proves to be a flop.
Its a matter of time before the portals come out,
When I thought I had pwned, I saw I forgot a negg, *pout*
I've sat here 8 long hours,
trying to solve binary.
I told myself I could solve it,
but I couldn't for the life of me.
2 more minutes before my eyes catch fire,
These clues have it out for me but I hold a crazed smile.
*headbanging break*
Woooooaaaah I never meant to brag,
but I got all of the neggs now.
Woooooooooaaaaah it was never my intention to brag,
and solve all the clues before you now.
But oh my sloth it just feels so good, to finally be able to help you out.
And if you could then I know you would, cause sloth it just feels soooooo,
It just feels so good.

Misery Business parody
Thought it fit

zachkenobi, 04/6/2012, 8:28 pm NST
Well, I've managed to "improve" from 17 moves to 24. Things are looking up!

lupe_loops841, 04/6/2012, 8:38 pm NST
A petpet travelling on an even surface collides with a bumper at an angle of 45 degrees. If the petpet comes at a speed of 42 kilometers per hour, and the bumper is made of ultra-bouncy sponge material, what direction will the petpet go?

dacio, 04/6/2012, 8:53 pm NST

gioeva, 04/6/2012, 8:56 pm NST
even though I've solved all the wheel puzzles, still like to spin it to see the eyes, nice distraction from trying to find min moves for the petpet sliding puzzle

yooo_danhel, 04/6/2012, 9:20 pm NST

April 7th

gioeva, 04/7/2012, 12:46 am NST
time to mesmerise myself with the eyes again while I wait for more gooey portals to be released

dacio, 04/7/2012, 12:47 am NST
@dacio he could use a copy editor, don't you think?


*smoke out of his ears*

adrian13_56, 04/7/2012, 12:48 am NST
I have to finish the puzzles and solve the clues before more gooey portals are released.

boyob, 04/7/2012, 1:39 am NST
Noir's negg clue is full of errors,
it really fills me up with terrors.

dacio, 04/7/2012, 4:09 am NST
Dearest JN:

I'm writing this again because I'm online since 12:20am aproximately, and now, it's 8:06am. That's right, I didn't sleep because of your Negg Hunt. I've been here since then.

So, for the sake of my health:


On the other hand... my health is not that important... (?)

diana, 04/7/2012, 5:51 am NST
Ohmigoshohmigoshohmigosh....I just tried the University of Adventure puzzle for the first time this morning and I got it right away! WOOOHOOO! I LOVE YOU JN! I'LL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU!!! I'M GOING TO CRY RIGHT NOW!!

/has been at this for too long.

zulzy, 04/7/2012, 7:49 am NST
Funnily enough, I deciphered Jen's clue in the shower. Was lathering when it clicked and I went "Oh Dear God!"...

diana, 04/7/2012, 8:34 am NST
Oh JN...if you only knew how many screenies of your site I made between April Fool's and now... a *regular* person would think I'm either a graphics hoarder or an incredibly smart and mathematical person.

dacio, 04/7/2012, 8:35 am NST
JN, you're a evil, but I still love you *hugs*

elbandito999, 04/7/2012, 10:45 am NST
I have to say, I've never done the Negg Hunt before, and I'm amazed at the quality of the puzzles. Are they all unique and original? If so it's an incredible amount of very impressive work - you guys should be very proud.

hazelnutty, 04/7/2012, 11:59 am NST
I think Noir's clue was epic, made me feel like a secret government agent for a second.

And I have given up trying to reduce my # of moves on the lvl 1 slider, I'll just let everyone be in awe of the 100 or so moves I had to make just to complete that level.

chip_the_chipmunk, 04/7/2012, 3:07 pm NST
OH! That's how you get under 15! Nobody told me the petpets had brakes!

diana, 04/7/2012, 7:20 pm NST
Woohoo! Done with the binary puzzle and wheel! Ohh Jennypurr, how can you always stand to always watch over it?

jenpwnsyoursoul, 04/7/2012, 8:23 pm NST
Negg hunt, oh negg hunt.
Why must you cause much distress?
Negg hunt, oh negg hunt.


yaksrock, 04/7/2012, 8:25 pm NST
A Haiku In Defense of Noir.

Noir is a kind chap.
His name means "black", en franšaise.
Let's all forgive Noir.

smartman294, 04/7/2012, 8:29 pm NST
I got a haiku
Staff give us some hints
We need hints to find the neggs
I got some cookies

adrian13_56, 04/7/2012, 8:32 pm NST
Finding neggs are fun but stressful,
Hint are good but some aren't helpful.
I got 3 clues but no neggs , a single one,
If you come up with a helpful hint, it would help a ton.

dreww355, 04/7/2012, 10:28 pm NST
maybe you should DIVE IN!

Woops, that doesn't seem quite right.

alabamasax, 04/7/2012, 11:26 pm NST
Hey ho, it's off to bed I go.
I want Neggs today on Easter Day,
but first, sleep I must know.

April 8th

simkim, 04/8/2012, 12:01 am NST
Just discovered an area of JN that I didn't know existed - and I'd thought I'd been through all aspects already (before the hunt) - but that's one thing I like about the Hunt, it pushes you to find new areas.

I like.

stellarka, 04/8/2012, 4:18 am NST
@boyob: When you said "poem hint" I got all excited for a split second and went "poem? We have to find a poem in Noir's clue?!" Then I remembered hint written as a poem on the Negg Hunt info page.
The staffers must be laughing their socks off at us.

adrian13_56, 04/8/2012, 4:34 am NST
@Rylon I'm expecting you in the staff lounge groaning tea again.

kalliope, 04/8/2012, 4:36 am NST
Everyone needs their own way of dealing with the insanity of JN's negg hunts, be it loud music, tea, or in my case watching QI. Make's feel less insane.

lupe_loops841, 04/8/2012, 7:00 am NST
Gotta put my thinking cap on! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr......*ding*! I got nothing :/

boyob, 04/8/2012, 7:02 am NST
@lupe: Your thinking cap sounds awfully like a microwave.

Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?

elbandito999, 04/8/2012, 9:35 am NST
the puzzles aren't impossible - I think they're brilliant

smartman294, 04/8/2012, 9:53 am NST
I wish I was a jn staffer it would be fun to make semi-impossible clues to my negg and watch people go crazy over it

jenpwnsyoursoul, 04/8/2012, 10:50 am NST
I liked numbers up until JN put them in their Negg Hunts

dacio, 04/8/2012, 11:27 am NST
We need more portals! COME ON EVERYONE!


elbandito999, 04/8/2012, 11:27 am NST

jnegg1, 04/8/2012, 11:35 am NST
*singing* Oh, I've been looking for the same negg, all the live long day, oh etc.

alabamasax, 04/8/2012, 4:18 pm NST
Let's get physical, physical! *tosses laptop out the window* Is THAT physical enough for you?!?

brunettexbeauty76, 04/8/2012, 4:41 pm NST
I had a lot of things to do, but then I started Jellyneo's Negg Hunt and now I don't know what day it is...

nick, 04/8/2012, 5:21 pm NST
I wish there was a Facebook Like button for the Negg Hunt.

smartman294, 04/8/2012, 6:03 pm NST
I'm going to cast a portal opening spell

aperire porta ad negg!!!!

drzoidberg, 04/8/2012, 7:17 pm NST
I dreamed about the JN Negg Hunt last night. Not sure if that is awesome or extra awesome. Already so much fun - thanks JN!

noswal_yogurt, 04/8/2012, 8:37 pm NST
The banner for the Festival of Neggs on Neopets says "The Ultimate Negg Hunt", They're terribly mistaken!

yaksrock, 04/8/2012, 6:40 pm NST
It's always time for more awful poetry! How about Emily inson style?

Because I could not find the Neggs,
They kindly searched for me;
The portal held but just ourselves
And Jen, and Noir, and Skumby.

We slowly looked, they knew no haste
And I had put away
My homework, and my cell phone too,
For their civility.

We spun the wheel of petpet schools,
Our efforts hardly done,
We tried the binary puzzle,
We spent our zeros and ones.

Or rather, they spent us,
The night growing quivering and chill,
For on low power my laptop was -
The hunt was all uphill.

We paused before a task that seemed
To be written in the ground -
With squares of blue and red and green
Its solution not yet found.

Since then, 'tis centuries, yet eachv Seems shorter than the day
I first surmised that cruel Noir's clue
Is solution-free.

Conclusion: inson was a bro.
Also, virtual high-five to anyone who knows what poem this is a parody of.

April 9th

elbandito999, 04/9/2012, 3:14 am NST
My banner reads:

This isn't funny, it's not making me chortle;
C'mon JN, make your legend immortal -
Get off your backsides and give us a portal!

boyob, 04/9/2012, 3:26 am NST
Only 1% of the Neggative Faeries hold 99% of the Negs.


stellarka, 04/9/2012, 3:54 am NST
Negg Hunters against Neggative Greed! *waves poster* know you've been doing too much Negg Hunting when you call your Easter chocolate "chocolate neggs" in front of your parents. (Who else has done this so far? xD)

kataklysmos - JN Staff, 04/9/2012, 9:08 am NST
It's been a while since Park was out
and we heard our users start to shout
"We want more this is lame",
so these two portals step up our game.

smartman294, 04/9/2012, 9:17 am NST

lupe_loops841, 04/9/2012, 9:51 am NST
Hey, I remember those brownies

lupe_loops841, 04/9/2012, 9:55 am NST
Why do I have to be named Starshine. It sounds so....sparkly.

sweep_the_doghouse, 04/9/2012, 10:05 am NST
zomg, wake up at 3am, check JN, and there's actually something to do! *flails*

dacio, 04/9/2012, 10:08 am NST
This... is....too...hard....

I love/hate you JN...

con1468, 04/9/2012, 11:05 am NST
I really love playing this text game in the portal. Its a nice little story.

tomatereloco, 04/9/2012, 12:01 pm NST
I don't know much what to do, but this time, (i thought it was impossible), you have made the Hunt even better than the one of last year!!!! I'm SOOO excited!!!!!

bobbyjones999258, 04/9/2012, 12:57 pm NST
Oh my goodness. I had a dream last night that two more portals would become active while I was asleep.


belial, 04/9/2012, 1:09 pm NST
text adventure looks like it was a lot of work! You guys are so awesome! I love you!

dan4884, 04/9/2012, 1:26 pm NST
Nynex has a bunch of keys in her locker; can't we use some of hers to open the chest? 8D *shot*

duck84, 04/9/2012, 1:46 pm NST
2/3 portals found. 0/12 neggs found. 100% confused. 100% clueless. Woo hoo I have made a lot of progress since this Negg Hunt created^^

shadowtemper, 04/9/2012, 3:34 pm NST
Solved a clue on the first try! I feel so proud of myself his is so much more satisfying than the Negg hunt on Neopets.

eilonwy42, 04/9/2012, 3:39 pm NST
That text game has been the best part of this negg hunt! Good job, JN team!

flairina, 04/9/2012, 4:22 pm NST
Vent: COMPLETE! Flairina's JOY LEVEL skyrockets! Flairina gains five levels and a clue!

gordy_777, 04/9/2012, 4:54 pm NST
The text adventure in Dave's room is amazing! I can't fathom how much time you probably spent working on it. :3

Pretty much the only thing it lacks at this point is a posing hobo.

poogle_simo, 04/9/2012, 8:36 pm NST
Hey JN Staffers - I'm buying you some normal shaped shelves for Christmas!

adrian13_56, 04/9/2012, 8:45 pm NST
That didn't work,
*Chants for Noir's*
A jar of meepit eyes,
A faerie's tear.
I command your grass patch
to appear!

stellarka, 04/9/2012, 11:58 pm NST
NUUUU! After spending all day yesterday camping outside the JN HQ, you have to release the portals the one day where I'm travelling all day and thus can't be online?! *just checking the internet this morning before she finishes packing*
JN, you are so ebil

April 10th

biggerhips, 04/10/2012, 12:06 pm NST
hello graffitti! Hmm, now where is that sugar soap and water im itching to clean this up, actually is the paint waterproof???

poogle_simo, 04/10/2012, 6:31 pm NST

yaksrock, 04/10/2012, 7:21 pm NST
You know what would make this search for Noir's clue better? Another poem! Robert Frost style!

Two clues diverged in JN's Negg Hunt,
And sorry I could not scout them both
And still do my homework, long I thought
And stared down one as long as I could
(For to go to bed early, I had made an oath);

Then glanced at the other, just as hard
And having perhaps the better claim
'Cause the other's style was avant-garde
Though from last year's Hunt, I'm still scarred
So the challenge was really about the same.

And both, that evening, equally lay
On the Clues page I stared at then.
Oh, I kept for the first for another day!
But how cruel was the second one's way -
I knew I would soon try the other again.

I shall be telling this with a sigh,
Tomorrow, when I've regained my sense:
Two clues diverged in the Hunt, and I
Went to bed when I couldn't get Scifi's,
And that has made all the difference.

*Conclusion: Robert Frost poems are hard. And too long, apparently. I apologize for the abomination I've just posted.

Also, someone please force me to go to bed or I'm going to be exhausted tomorrow.

awesomemoe, 04/10/2012, 8:03 pm NST
One day Polemarch will become a master politician and rule the world.

boyob, 04/10/2012, 10:44 pm NST
I am so close to clearing the fog out I can taste it.

(Unless I'm just inhaling the fog....)

rubi1, 04/10/2012, 10:45 pm NST
Bahaha boyob don't inhale that fog *gives gas mask*

nynex - JN Staff, 04/10/2012, 10:46 pm NST
@boyob you're brave, don't let the fumes go to your head o:

colors30, 04/10/2012, 10:47 pm NST
@rubi wouldn't him inhaling the fog help make it go away though? :O it didn't say anywhere that it had adverse effects on your health

rubi1, 04/10/2012, 10:48 pm NST
True... *takes away gas mask* inhale away!

April 11th

marfbear, 04/11/2012, 10:36 am NST
Hey, your coupon has expired.

boyob, 04/11/2012, 11:43 am NST
I'm starting to think Dave's safe doesn't exist- never existed for that matter.

All of the supposed "safes" that we've found have just been mere physical manifestations of our tortured psyche; Dave appears as some sort of supreme leader that we've convinced ourselves he has a secret somewhere. He's laughing at us trying to open his safe that doesn't actually exist.....

Or, y'know, that could just be the cupcake speaking.

boyob, 04/11/2012, 11:46 am NST
What is this "fog" you speak of?

The only thing I'm inhaling is pure bliss...

rubi1, 04/11/2012, 11:48 am NST
Maybe if you inhale enough pure bliss you won't need to solve the vents puzzle xD

laniesma, 04/11/2012, 2:43 pm NST
Did I read that correctly? We are seriously on day SIX of the negg hunt? Have I really be at this for THAT long? I'm embarrassed to say that for days (apparently six days) and this is all I have been able to think about. I've even had a dream about it.

rubi1, 04/11/2012, 4:14 pm NST
Man that expired coupon on the fridge just makes me want pizza... mmm expired coupon pizza

tobuscus_turner, 04/11/2012, 4:52 pm NST
Staff, Why U So Good At Hiding Neggs? *goes back to secret-negg-hunt-corner* Must..Find..Noir's..Negg..

theprotectorjerdana, 04/11/2012, 5:21 pm NST
ask help
ask Suzuka help
ask Suzuka about safe location help
There are no ways to add to your current sentence.

suzuka - JN Staff, 04/11/2012, 5:24 pm NST
reply help
reply Jerdana help
reply Jerdana about Dave not keeping track of his stuff help
There are no ways to add to your current sentence.

gordy_777, 04/11/2012, 5:29 pm NST
Is it just me, or does Dave's safe have the ability to bend the fabric of space and time? 0.o

I mean, it is in a different place every year... xDDD

poogle_simo, 04/11/2012, 9:26 pm NST
Rosie's locker doesn't smell like rosies

waiwai933 - JN Staff, 04/11/2012, 9:27 pm NST
@poogle_simo Our Rosie is a bit unusual, though I don't really know what other Rosies smell like, so...

April 12th

jimmycarlos, 04/12/2012, 3:03 am NST
The Dave Safe v20.12 - Guaranteed misery or your Herdypoints back.

theprotectorjerdana, 04/12/2012, 4:35 am NST
@rylon: each year, at the time around April, I have a "weird" urge to kill Dave...

stellarka, 04/12/2012, 6:09 am NST
JN, I have exams in a week and a half and I am so going to fail them thanks to your frustrating-addicting-sanity-eating Negg Hunt *facepalm*
It's still my favourite part of the Neopian year though.

rubi1, 04/12/2012, 10:31 am NST
To Dave,
I heard that someone is out to steal everything from your safe. If you would just let me know where it is I can move it to a much safer location for you.
Always helpful,

smartman294, 04/12/2012, 10:01 pm NST
still can't get smoke puzzle done *facedesk* *facedesk* *facedesk*

isosyn, 04/12/2012, 10:20 pm NST
*draws a blank* DURRP *drools*

April 13th

soraja, 04/13/2012, 9:32 am NST
I'm stuck at the wearables^^ (so, nothing new here...)

But because I'm just overtired enough, I wanted to thank everyone who worked on the Negg Hunt (and then stayed to listen to the rest of the participants groan about it):
Really, this Hunt just makes my year! As soon as I thought I could guess when this years Hunt would probably start, I rescheduled a holiday trip I booked a few months prior! And it was so totally worth it!
Although I will probably break down in a few hours and cry myself to sleep because the tangrams just refuse to add up and the wearables stopped making sense to my tired eyes ages ago, I wanted to show some appreciation for your hard work.

*hands out hugs and cookies*

ravenmb, 04/13/2012, 10:07 am NST
Also, I have to say... this is my first JN Negg Hunt, and dang, this is SO COOL. I wake up thinking I have some new solution to try (which is usually wrong), I work on the slider puzzle on paper while I watch Big Bang Theory reruns, and I go to sleep every night thinking about the puzzles. Thank you to the incredible JN staff.

dan4884, 04/13/2012, 10:35 am NST
Hm, so depress the few, eh?

*yells at squares about the state of the Neopoian economy*

boyob, 04/13/2012, 10:57 am NST
I have all but given up hope for finishing this hunt. XD

Not because it's hard (ALTHOUGH IT TOTALLY IS), because I have way too much work to get caught up on. X)

Overall, this hunt has been phenomenal. The staff really deserve a hand for staying with us in the comments the entire time, dealing with bipolar moods as we switch from utterly defeated by Dave's safe to enthralled that we solved it by accident. They have made this whole experience SO much better. They deserve all the respect they get.

goo761_,04/13/2012, 5:22 pm NST
Jellyneo- the only place where not only is solving the puzzle a puzzle, but also finding the puzzle, submitting your answer to the puzzle, and figuring out what to do with what you get for finishing the puzzle. Yay.

tomatereloco, 04/13/2012, 8:59 pm NST
oh no! I forgot I have dave's safe yet to crack! That means that the tangram may be there! After this hunt I will have to go for a year to the pyschologist to deal with my new safe-fobia!

dark169, 04/13/2012, 9:00 pm NST

Finally, armed with only four clues, curiosity in the unknown, and increasing insanity, I have found... A NEGG!

sweep_the_doghouse, 04/13/2012, 10:06 pm NST
Jellyneo's Negg Hunt - if you don't feel like a complete idiot at some point, you're not doing it right!

suzuka - JN Staff, 04/13/2012, 10:07 pm NST
@sweep - I'm definitely doing it very right!

April 14th

adrian13_56, 04/14/2012, 5:29 am NST
@Pingu I don't speak Scinese, Grogian, and Herdish.

adrian13_56, 04/14/2012, 8:27 am NST
I'm enjoying the hut,
It's so much fun!
But I can't seem to,
figure out clothing # 1!

fairybaby556, 04/14/2012, 9:37 am NST
This Krawk, I swear.
I've looked everywhere.
His feet, they're cubed.

Or perhaps they're squared.
I just with someone
could share
a clue.

gamer_5_55_555, 04/14/2012, 9:41 am NST
I'm pleased I got another clue
I'm glad I figured out how
I no longer feel so blue
I really want waffles now

icynow, 04/14/2012, 3:00 pm NST
the person who invented those stupid picture slider puzzles needs to have never been born!

dreww355, 04/14/2012, 6:26 pm NST
@nynex If I give scout his clue can I trade it in for a different one

April 15th

rubi1, 04/15/2012, 12:05 am NST
Neo?.. what is this place you speak of all I do these days is Jellyneo

dreww355, 04/15/2012, 12:50 am NST
Nevermind because I'M DONE!!!! I hope I did as well as last year, but somehow I think I'll be a few spots down, but I'm fine with that.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of TJNT! I know that so much work goes into drawing and programing the portals, and creating the clues, and moderating the comments and working out the bugs and all that fun stuff. The negg hunt is truly the highlight of the year at JN. This years hunt had the perfect balance of fun and difficult and frustrating and funny. You guys are all amazing! (please pass this on to all the other staffers)

dreww355, 04/15/2012, 1:09 am NST
@pingu SO GENEROUS! You guys should all be giving pingu best negg hunt comment moderator of the year award.

pikasuno, 04/15/2012, 6:10 am NST
I wish you guys did these sort of contests more than once a year They're so much better than anything neopets has put out in a long long time

elbandito999, 04/15/2012, 8:14 am NST
i certainly learnt a lot doing this negg hunt

which reminds me to say again how fantastic it was and thanks so much to the staff for all their time and efforts

yaksrock, 04/15/2012, 10:15 am NST
Perhaps poetry will help aid my stress;
Though now I've begun, I must confess
I can't do this on my own, I think -
May I please have a hint for Link?

Mundim, 04/15/2012, 11:16 am NST
Thoughts on this negg hunt: First I need to thank you all, for this wonderful site and for, one more time, bringing the negg hunt, really! I just love it, all the puzzles, clues, the frustration, everything! And I can't even imagine how difficult it is to come up with something like that, it's really an event I look forward every year, it was even the reason why I created my JN account back in 2009!

Talking about this negg hunt: This year it was, as always, awesome. I found the clues to be much harder this year (not that this is a bad thing). The puzzles were really fun, for me it was easier than last year's but that's probably because I'm getting more used to it, participating every year.

Again, thanks so much!

zinkidy_dink, 04/15/2012, 12:02 pm NST
I'm finished!!
Thanks JN for this, we appreciate your hard work!

velanine, 04/15/2012, 2:48 pm NST
oh..oh.. oh... ohhhh OH!!! IT'S OPEN!!! ITS OPEN!!!! Halle-NEGGIN-lujah!!

jnegg1, 04/15/2012, 7:16 pm NST
@Staff I love the funny things you put to make the negg blend in!

gamer_5_55_555, 04/15/2012, 8:09 pm NST
This would be a good song for the loudspeaker in the staff portal: (Based on Till the World Ends)
This hunt's got your brain freezing up I see
Join me here cause I'm dying for company

I notice there's a new clue
I depress something not blue
I know that I can make it
to the next level baby
If they touch this cupcake
They'll find it's a mistake
Baby let them blow your mind tonight

If you can't take it take it, take no more
-- never felt like felt like this before
Come on do the portals (there are four)
Keep on searching, searching --boost your score

Woah oh oh oh oh

When I'm stuck, watch me lose, watch me lose it hard
Why won't you take my jug you stupid guard?

I notice you complaining
you notice me explaining
I know that you can make it
to the next level baby
Harder than Dave's safe is
Soon I'll be a tag whiz
Baby let them blow your mind tonight

If you can't take it take it, take no more
-- never felt

April 16th

kitalovessm, 04/16/2012, 1:12 am NST
Woot, got a clue and a negg! One step closer to sleep-deprived madness.

jimmycarlos, 04/16/2012, 4:04 am NST
Welcome to the JN Negg Hunt, where you go past the page you thought it was originally in the first minute over ten times, and then just spot it very tidily nestled in the page with just hours to go before the game is over. With added insomnia. Yay. Fun.

melodyrose, 04/16/2012, 9:52 am NST
You know it's a great hunt when it reduced you to tears! Thank you JN for all the work and effort!

Now, who needs some help?

tomatereloco, 04/16/2012, 10:41 am NST
I ended the Hunt!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SOOOOOO much JN!!! This negg hunt was rocked, as well as the others!!! (Well, this one was even cooler) I'm going to miss it!!! But well, I still have the hope to participate again next year (If the world hasn't been destroyed by an alien invasion or sth like that). Thank you once again!!!

dacio, 04/16/2012, 1:36 pm NST
JN, thanks for this awesome hunt.

Sadly, I just found 2 neggs and 1 herring. Once you released the second part, I gave up, and it's because I realised how lazy I became since the last year.

However, I love to see how everyone enjoyed it again, and me too, because everytime you released a portal, I was excited to find and see what new activities you had for us.

And I'm glad I could at least feel that great sensation you find a grass this year again.

The first page I enter once I turn on my computer is Jellyneo. I actually come to JN more often than to Neopets, so yeah, I love you e-e

That's it, my emotive comment for the end of the hunt. Hope to see a new Hunt next year, I'll put more effort to it

*gives hugs to everyone*


gordy_777, 04/16/2012, 1:42 pm NST

I have 2 neggs and 1 herring this year, too! Both of my neggs were found on the first day.

I'm guessing this is probably it for me in the Negg Hunt this year. I don't have nearly enough time to look for 4 clues in 7 or so hours. Noir's clue had me broke all the way in the beginning. I'm still rather mad there aren't any more official clues for that.

So... I guess this is farewell, JN. If only for now, real life will soon be calling me back. I appreciate your wonderful Negg Hunts, and I hope you have another amazing one planned for next year, too.

elbandito999, 04/16/2012, 1:44 pm NST
I just want to add my thanks to dacio's

Last week was the most fun I've for ages - the only thing I'm annoyed about is that I didn't do the hunt in previous years!

It's been more fun than any neopets plot - and I've done quite a few

Many congratulations!

goo761_, 04/16/2012, 7:41 pm NST
I have to go now. Goodbye everyone. Thank you for helping me out, this negg hunt was the best ever!

soofa, 04/16/2012, 8:01 pm NST
Aw well I guess I won't be finishing the hunt this year But anyway, thanks a lot TJNT for making this hunt! It was so much fun! You put my mind to work after a four-month holiday. That is saying something . It's really impressive the amount of work you put into making this challenging, fun and really, really pretty (cause those graphics are extremely cute!). Thanks a lot! And I hope next year I do better!

yaksrock, 04/16/2012, 8:07 pm NST
Looking back at the hunt, I think I probably enjoyed this year more than any other year I've participated. The Negg Hunt has certainly come a long way in its 5-year history. Anyway, best of luck to anyone still searching!

soofa, 04/16/2012, 8:07 pm NST
@actingrox yeah, well, we have a whole year to train our brains so that we finish first next year!

krissa, 04/16/2012, 10:15 pm NST
Well I'm done. Thanks for an addicting but awesome experience. I am looking foward to next year. Thanks to all those who helped me. Goodnight! <3 And good luck to those who are still trying. <3

agent_711, 04/16/2012, 11:48 pm NST
I give up on solving Dave's safe, I just can't understand it. I guess my brain /is/ the size of a Fleaf's brain. D:

judyjellyneo, 04/16/2012, 11:50 pm NST
the hunt is nearly over and it was very fun! thank you jellyneo!

*picks up pile of homework* we meet again...

marfbear, 04/16/2012, 11:55 pm NST
Well, it's coming down to the wire. Just wanted to say that once again the Negg Hunt was my favorite event of the year. I'm sad it's over and won't know what to do with myself for a while. Thank you.

But what does it mean??