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Negg Hunt '11 Scheduling and Supply Solutions

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Scheduling Content Puzzle | Supplies in a Bag Puzzle


  1. Supply Room Solutions
  2. How to Solve Supply Room Puzzles
  3. Solving Supply Room Puzzles Example
  4. Kaurevir's Puzzle Solution

After finishing all four schedules, the "Out of Order" sign behind Lollie would disappear. Clicking where the sign used to be would bring you to the supply room. Each of the four content writers (Kaurevir, Dream, Zelda, and Torratz) had a bag to fill with supplies from the room. Depending on the writer, the quantities (amounts) of each item available changed as did the goal. There were three possible goals:

  • Get the most items to fit in the bag
  • Get the most weight to fit in the bag
  • Get items to fit in the bag with the highest total price
All three goals did require that the weight of items was less than the bag's capacity. One solution for each writer is below. For a way to always solve this puzzle (for any of the goals), click here. It unfortunately requires a good bit of scratch space though. Please note that there may have been other ways to solve a given writer's puzzle, the Negg Hunt accepted any solution as long as it got the right maximum value.

Supply Room Location

Dream (211g capacity): Blue Meerca Eraser, Round Notebook, Kadaotie Glue, Shimmery Notebook (total weight 178g, total items 4)
Kaurevir (31000 joodle budget, 491g capacity): Dung Folder x3, Berry Ink Pen x3, Vanishing Ink x3 (total weight 483g, total joodles 7620)
Torratz (13500 joodle budget, 414g capacity): Metal Folder, Grobin Pencil Sharpener, Disco Rubber Bands (total weight 398g, total joodles 5710)
Zelda (211g capacity): Round Notebook, Shimmery Notebook, Yellow Tonu Pencil (total weight 210g)