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Negg Hunt '11 Scheduling and Supply Solutions

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Scheduling Content Puzzle | Supplies in a Bag Puzzle


  1. Scheduling Solutions
  2. How to Solve Scheduling
  3. Solving Scheduling Example

For each of the four content writers - Kaurevir, Dream, Zelda, and Torratz - players were required to schedule article revamps. Each article had a start date, due date (end date being the day after the due date), and word count. The only rule was that no two articles for a writer could overlap. To make things more complicated, each content writer wanted to have the highest possible word count. Below are the solutions for each writer's puzzle with the writer's name being a link to an image of the solution. Please note some puzzles had multiple solutions, the ones shown below are just one such solution. After the solutions is an explanation of how you could reliably solve this problem.

  • Dream: Mysterious Statue, Kreludan Mining Corp, Scorchy Slots, Secret Ninja Training School, Grundo Warehouse, Revel Roundup, DoN - Series 1, Fetch (7800 words)
  • Kaurevir: Concerts, Planet 51 Giveaway, Gotchi Crowd Patrol, 5 Card Slug, Rubbish Dump, Legends of Pinball, The Last Mimzy Pair and Compare, Guilds (10964 words)
  • Torratz: Mop 'n' Bop, Rink Runner, Cork Gun Gallery, Bouncy Supreme, Snowbeast Snackrifice, Poetry Competition, Swarm (27529 words)
  • Zelda: Petpet Battledome, Geos, Haiku (1900 words)