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Negg Hunt '11 Solutions

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Note: All of the Neggs have been removed from their locations, so do not be surprised if you cannot find them anymore! The following Negg images were created for Jellyneo.net, and they are NOT to be used on any other website.

Jellyneo Negg

Description: This eponymous negg yet again takes the top spot.
Location: Wishing Well - Guide to Petpet Park
Staffer: Ally
Clue: [Image]
"I wish I may, I wish I might,
have this wish I wish tonight.."

Clue Obtained From: Faerie Puzzle Wheel - Soup Faerie

Masquerade Negg

Description: This negg's disguise sure didn't fool you.
Location: Neopian Museum: Curse of Maraqua (using JN's Maraqua Site Theme)
Staffer: Aurora
Clue: "If only I could breathe underwater..."

Clue Obtained From: Wearable Previews Search

Snowglobe Negg

Description: It may not be winter, but this negg is a pretty reminder.
Location: Advent Calendar Animations - 2005 (Day 30)
Staffer: Illy
Clue: [Image]

Clue Obtained From: Dave's Safe

Hal 9000 Negg

Description: The fact that you found this negg can only be attributable to human error.
Location: Game Guides - Advert Attack
Staffer: Kaurevir
Clue: "I'm sorry, Ace, I'm afraid I can't do that."

Clue Obtained From: Content Writers' Portal - Content Beast Lair

Dr. Dave Negg

Description: The hottest promotional item from TNTDWSSC before their collapse.
Location: Game Guides - Petpetsitter
Staffer: noileh
Clue: "'You're going to be a submissive housewife in the future.' - Dave"

Clue Obtained From: Cooty Trap

Woodland Negg

Description: That's just not natural... but this negg is!
Location: Goodies - Hexadecimal Codes
Staffer: Link
Clue: "What is Red and Green, and Blue all over!"

Clue Obtained From: Faerie Puzzle Wheel - Library Faerie

Ninja Negg

Description: The only way to slice this negg is with a pirate's cutlass.
Location: Neopian Tour Guide - Lutari Island
Staffer: RedOtter
Clue: "Step right up to spin the Wheel of Happiness!"

Clue Obtained From: Book of Ages/Museum' Portal - Book "Ninja of the Night" (left wing, 4th column from the right, top shelf)

Teapot Negg

Description: If only there was a tea leaf negg... then we'd be in business!
Location: The JN Editorial - Issue 79
Staffer: Rylon
Clue: [Image] [Solution] "11|04|2009"

Clue Obtained From: Puzzle Box

Lost in the Mail Negg

Description: Tracking number: 01001110011001010110011101100111
Location: Game Guides - Mop 'n' Bop
Staffer: Scout
Clue: "Arrrrrgh! I'll be up all night cleaning this mess up"

Clue Obtained From: Dr. Sloth Image Search

Battle Faerie Negg

Description: This negg has been known to wield fire and ice toothpicks.
Location: Neopian Timeline: Year 2 (May).
Staffer: Suzuka
Clue: "She failed and ran - she fled her fight;
She hid within a tree;
Waiting forever for someone
Who could set her free.

So similar - yet different;
She knew right when she came.
Kneeled before her ghost in awe,
And softly spoke her name.

All Neopia would celebrate -
The swords, at last, returned
In a blaze of glory
That finally they'd earned.

Her successor would shine brightly,
Fair challenging the sun -
Two separated long by time,
Yet known to most as one"

Clue Obtained From: Printing Press

Tarla Negg

Description: Just looking at this negg can make your eyes go all misty...
Location: Neopian Museum: Search for the Crown
Staffer: Uuliani
Clue: "Those two brown Meercas stole my sparkly plastic tiara. I don't know where to find them!"

Clue Obtained From: Museum/Book of Ages Item Swap

Mr. Coconut

Description: GOOD FIND!
Location: Neopets Avatar Solutions - Battledome
Staffer: Zelda
Clue: "Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once."

Clue Obtained From: Content Writer Supplies

The Codfather

Description: Some advice from The Codfather: Keep your Neggs close but your red herrings closer.
Location: Neopian Tour Guide - Mystery Island
Staffer: Herdy
Clue: "Who knew geometry could be so dangerous? I'm never going there again!"

Clue Obtained From: Fountain Simon

Profit Sharing Herring

Description: Unfortunately, this herring isn't much of a profit to share.
Location: Soda Wars: The Refreshment Done - Phase 3A: Ingredient Gathering
Staffer: Nick
Clue: "Packing peanuts needed for gallery display. Care to help out? Just find an open box!"

Clue Obtained From: Faerie Puzzle Wheel - Battle Faerie

Fail Whale

Description: This is neither negg nor herring. Wait... what?
Location: Book of Ages Entry - Sir Fufon Lui
Staffer: Skylar
Clue: "Rapscallion! How dare you besmirch my family's good name? En garde, you shameless reprobate!"

Clue Obtained From: Pillow Fort

Heering Herring

Description: Pre-marinated for your convenience.
Location: The New Rainbow Pool - Tomato Chia
Staffer: Torratz
Clue: "Bellyflop in a pizza? Eeeurgh!"

Clue Obtained From: Content Writer Schedule

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Faerie Puzzle Wheel

Location: Staff Lounge Portal
Clues Awarded: Ally, Link, Nick
Items Awarded: Bumble Beam Earrings, Museum Directory Map Piece, Stamp-shaped Pillow
Items Required: None

Battle Faerie Puzzle

The Battle Faerie Puzzle is based on the popular number puzzle Kakuro.

Each row and each column must add up to the appropriate totals, with no numbers used multiple times in the same column or row (columns/rows with gaps are considered separate instances of this rule).

This puzzle awards Nick's clue.
Battle Faerie Puzzle Solution

Library Faerie Puzzle

Most of the answers can be found by searching the Book of Ages or using Jellyneo's site search.

This puzzle awards Link's clue.
Library Faerie Puzzle Solution

Negg Faerie Puzzle

Like regular Sudoku, each row and each column must contain the numbers 1 through 9 once. In addition, each coloured block must contain the numbers 1 through 9 once.

This puzzle awards a map piece for the Museum Directory Map.
Negg Faerie Puzzle Solution

Soup Faerie Puzzle

The numbers 1 through 16 must only be used once. Each row and each column must add up to the appropriate totals.

This puzzle awards the Stamp-shaped Pillow for the Pillow Fort and Ally's clue.
Soup Faerie Puzzle Solution

Tooth Faerie Puzzle

Each row and each column must only contain a number once. Duplicate numbers must be marked and filled with black. The white, unmarked tiles must be continuous, meaning a tile cannot be isolated from the others. Black tiles can only touch diagonally.

This puzzle awards the Bumble Beam Earrings for the Cooty Trap.
Tooth Faerie Puzzle Solution
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Vending Machine/Dave's Safe

Location: Staff Lounge Portal
Clues Awarded: Illy
Items Awarded: Glowing Handheld Candle
Items Required: None

Last year's burglarising kit won't help you here! In order to access the safe, you must first complete the following steps:

  • The vending machine's cipher has been updated with a new code. The code can be cracked by using the key found on the flyer posted on the top door of the fridge in the lounge.

    Vending Machine Solution

  • Hinted by the image of the Wizard Lenny, the first sentence could be found (and translated) from the Modeling page. Your work would then help translate the second sentence, rounding off the rest of the alphabet:

    Jellyneo is currently building up a huge database of wearable data for our upcoming project.
    Silver Xweetoks don't exist! Stop asking!

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
    L I Z N F O U W V B C T P X Q M J E D K R Y A G H S

  • Return to the vending machine with your new code! By translating the letters from left to right starting with the top row to the bottom, you will receive this string of letters:


    Still lost? Let's move some spaces around... add a bit of punctuation and... Ah! Here we go:


    The second sentence is a little hint for the Cooty Trap.
    But the first sentence is what we're here for, it tells you exactly how to access the safe:

    Vending Machine Solution

  • Thus, you were confronted with Dave's newest layer of security! The puzzle was a perfect square comprised of 15 smaller squares - some with different sizes, and some marked with specifically painted petpets. Solving the safe required a little bit of math and petpet naming sense.

    Dave Safe

  • The key to this puzzle was to realise the relationship between the character length of the petpets' names (including their painted colour) and the size of the square they marked: Acko (4), Rock (4), Grey Noil (8), Pink Buzzer (10), Blue Doglefox (12), Island Spyder (12), Green Bartamus (13). Remember: Grey Rocks and Orange Ackos are their unpainted, original colours; so they are simply referred to as a Rock and an Acko.

    Petpet Name Chart
    Each of these occupied squares now have a number value. The note on the safe said to find the 'odd' ones out - literally, the odd numbered value squares (1,3,5, etc).

    Dave Safe
    • You can start by solving for the square below the Rock (4). Both squares line up perfectly with the Grey Noil (8) so g must be 4.
    • Similarly, the Acko (4) square and the square directly above it, c, line up perfectly with the Blue Doglefox (12). c must be 8.
    • If c (8) + the Blue Doglefox (12) equals 20, then the b square must be 10 since the Pink Buzzer is (10).
    • Now that we've solved a full side of the square, we can conclude that all sides of whole square will equal 35 - this will help us later on.

    Dave Safe
    • With entire side at 35, we can solve a for 15.
    • Similarly, subtracting 4, Grey Noil (8), and Green Bartamus (13) will give us 10 for h
    • Comparing h's value (10) to the Green Bartamus (13) will leave us with (3) for f.

    Dave Safe
    • Subtracting f's 3 from h's 10 will give you 7 for e.
    • And finally, subtracting the value of the Island Spyder (12) from the 15 we found for a will give us our final number of 3 for d.

      Dave Safe

    • So now we know which squares have the odd numbers for values. Select these squares (15,3,7,3,13) in any order and turn the handle to enter the safe.
      Dave Safe Solution

      And we're in! Upon entry, you're awarded Illy's clue. Also within the safe is the Glowing Handheld Candle, a component of the Cooty Trap.

      Dave Safe Inside

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    Puzzle Box

    Location: Staff Lounge Portal
    Clues Awarded: Rylon
    Items Awarded: Tile Pieces (5)
    Items Required: None

    The Puzzle Box is a left over puzzle Rosie used to tinker with and stuffed into one of the lockers.
    Who knew it still had a clue left inside?

    Each side of the box has a different puzzle. Five of the six sides awards tile pieces for completed puzzles. These tile pieces are required to complete the sixth side (Mirror Tile Puzzle), which awards the clue.

    #1: The Awry Arrow

    #2: The Stacking Squares

    For this puzzle, the stack of 15 identical squares is being viewed from a birds eye view. You are clicking from the bottom to the top of the stack. There are several squares in the latter part of the sequence that makes it impossible to tell which one is stacked higher than others. The following is one of several possible solutions:

    #3: Dave's Safe 2.0

    Based on last year's infamous Safe puzzle, each tile was marked with a colour (direction) and a number (number of steps). The colour directions were indicated by the purple arrow (counter-clockwise), green arrow (clockwise), red outer ring (to move to the outer ring), blue inner ring (to move to the inner ring). So, starting with the left most blue '1' circle, you would move to the inner ring (1 step) and land on the purple '2'. You would then proceed 2 steps clockwise, landing on the purple '1', etc.

    #4: The Aisha Mob

    #5: The Looking Rooks

    Based on the rules of a rook in the game of chess, a rook can only move/attack in a horizontal or vertical direction on the board. Hence, a rook 'seeing' another rook would only occur if the second rook was in the same column or row as the first rook. The following is one of many possible solutions:

    #6: The Mirror Tiles

    The key to this puzzle was to focus on the odd-numbered colours - these would absolutely appear on the diagonal line of symmetry. Keeping that in mind, the easiest way to start building the puzzle would to focus on the low-numbered colours (like orange and purple) and use the colours attached to those on their tiles to build around their mirrored counterparts.

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    Museum/Book of Ages Item Swap

    Location: Museum/Book of Ages Portal
    Clues Awarded: Uuliani
    Items Awarded: Attack Pea, Club President, Greedy Kadoatie, Hissi Birthday Card, Ice Aisha Totem, Iyana, Jazans Guyliner, Petpet Park, Pikachu Eater, Tazzalor
    Items Required: Attack Pea, Club President, Greedy Kadoatie, Hissi Birthday Card, Ice Aisha Totem, Iyana, Jazans Guyliner, Petpet Park, Pikachu Eater, Tazzalor

    In order to complete this, access to the Museum is required by completing the Museum Directory Map.

    The item swapping between the Museum and the Book of Ages must both be completed in order to receive Uuliani's clue.

    Returning Items from the Book of Ages Shelves to the Museum Exhibits

    Items found on the book shelves automatically transform into their original forms. The following are the items that belong to the museum and the location of the Exhibits they belong to (the Old Images exhibit did not require an item).

    Attack Pea Book
    Attack Pea
    Returned: Yr 4 - 6 Exhibit
    Hissi Birthday Card Book
    Hissi Birthday Card
    Returned: Yr 7 - 9 Exhibit
    Ice Aisha Totem Book
    Ice Aisha Totem
    Returned: Yr 1 - 3 Exhibit
    Jazans Guyliner Book
    Jazans Guyliner
    Returned: Plots Exhibit
    Petpet Park Book
    Petpet Park
    Returned: Yr 10 - 12 Exhibit

    Returning Items from the Museum Exhibits to the Book of Ages Shelves

    In order to return the items found in the Museum to the book shelves of the Book of Ages, you need to first turn the items into books! Torratz alludes that the old malfunctioning printer shoved into storage has this elusive ability.

    After you feed the five items to the printer, the items turn into books! The following show where the items should go:

    Give Item

    Iyana Item Iyana Book Placement

    Iyana Item: Yr 1 - 3 Exhibit

    Iyana Book Placement
    Greedy Kadoatie Item Greedy Kadoatie Book Placement

    Greedy Kadoatie Item: Yr 7 - 9 Exhibit

    Greedy Kadoatie Book Placement
    Club President Item Club President Book Placement

    Club President Item: Yr 10 - 12 Exhibit

    Club President Book Placement
    Tazzalor Item Tazzalor Book Placement

    Tazzalor Item: Plots Exhibit

    Tazzalor Book Placement
    Pikachu Eater Item Pikachu Eater Book Placement

    Pikachu Eater Item: Old Images Exhibit

    Pikachu Eater Book Placement
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    Museum Directory Map

    Location: Museum/Book of Ages Portal
    Clues Awarded: None
    Items Awarded: None
    Items Required: Museum Directory Map Pieces (5)

    In order to enter the Museum, Dream needed you to find all 5 of the missing Museum Directory Map Pieces. These were scattered throughout all of the other portals; some were prizes for completing puzzles, others were found by exploring the portals.

    The Completed Map

    Map Piece Locations

    Staff Lounge: Bottom View of the Fridge

    Staff Lounge: Skumby's Locker

    Content Writers: On top of the 3rd Floor Desk

    The other pieces were rewards for completing the Negg Faerie Puzzle and the first 5 levels of the Dr. Sloth Image Search.
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    Printing Press

    Location: Museum/Book of Ages Portal
    Clues Awarded: Suzuka
    Items Awarded: None
    Items Required: None

    Somebody has mixed around all of the letter plates! Herdy presents you with three different article plates, each with several word plates that have not only been built with the tampered letters, but the letters have been scrambled too! Plus, something keeps swapping the words around when we try to switch them out with another.

    The object of this puzzle was to do a little research and use a process of elimination to determine where the words belonged in the article and unscrambling the true identity of the tampered letters.

    All three articles were taken from three entries in the Book of Ages: Giant Jelly Wocky, Rikti, Dorak. By comparing these entries with the 'missing' words, we have a direct way to being translating the tampered letters... if only the words were in the correct spots.

    Article Words in order of appearance:
    Note: The article plates are laid out backwards, so the words and letters will appear in order from right to left.

    Giant Jelly Wocky Rikti Dorak

    To add a bit of challenge, each of the words in the article were assigned a specific unknown 'rank'. Depending on the words you chose to swap, every word that is lower than the lowest rank of those two words will randomly swap places. So you wanted to quickly figure out which word plate had the lowest rank so that none of the other word plates would move. Once a tile plate was in the correct spot, the word plate would glow yellow. Once all of the words across all three articles were in the correct spots, we're now set up to start translating.

    Since the entire letter bank was affected, all three articles share the same tampered letters. However, we're not ready to translate yet since the words are still scrambled. Taking the first article (Giant Jelly Wocky) as an example, a good starting point is to look for the double-lettered words (jelly, yells, eaten), or words that share common letters (taken, eaten). We can narrow down the translations and begin to unscramble the words. Note: Since the letter bank is randomised each time the puzzle is opened, there is no single correct translation.
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    Fountain Simon

    Location: Graphics Department Portal
    Clues Awarded: Herdy
    Items Awarded: None
    Items Required: None

    Follow Simon. Simon knows best. Who is Simon? Why, he's the tiny person that lives in our fountain and squirts coloured water at you when you try to sit down in a bean bag! But of course, if you manage to follow Simon and match 11 sequences of his coloured streams, he'll give you a fish clue!

    To start, click on the appropriate bean bag when you see a colour stream out of the fountain. Simon will add another colour to the sequence, and wait for you to mimic the colours by clicking the correct bean bags.


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    Dr. Sloth Image Search

    Location: Graphics Department Portal
    Clues Awarded: Scout
    Items Awarded: Museum Directory Map Piece
    Items Required: None

    Dr. Sloth has deemed you worthy of acquiring a set of images for him! For each level, three items were presented in either a green(+) or red(-) square. Green items meant that a word or words from that item's name should be included as a tag in your search. Red items meant that a word or words for the item should not be included as a tag in your search.

    The key to finding the correct images was to look at the items and think of words to represent them. While tags could easily be guessed with out the name, others required some help from Jellyneo's Item Database to pull up the item in question.

    In most cases, only one word from each of the items (and any required inclusions of filters) would yield 1 image result in Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium's search results.

    #1: http://images.neopets.com/shopkeepers/62.gif

    Tags: +lemon +lime +chicken
    Filters: None
    #2: http://images.neopets.com/images/merch_4.jpg

    Tags: +orange +meepit +anubis (or +bed)
    Filters: None
    #3: http://images.neopets.com/

    Tags: +pencil +visor +sign
    Filters: None
    #4: http://images.neopets.com/games/

    Tags: +drum +fyora (or +plushie) +chia
    Filters: None
    #5: http://images.neopets.com/shopkeepers/w30.gif

    Tags: +droolik +claw +bruce
    Filters: None
    #6: http://images.neopets.com/games

    Tags: +symol (or +pink) +pond (or +fountain or +pool or +waterfall) +daffodil (or +electric)
    Filters: minwidth:200
    #7: http://images.neopets.com/themes/

    Tags: +quill +pen -paper
    Filters: -incat:17
    #8: http://images.neopets.com/games/

    Tags: +balloon +fly +quiggle
    Filters: width:360
    Key to the Heart Valentine Garland
    #9: http://images.neopets.com/evil/razul.jpg

    Tags: +fire +sketch -pie
    Filters: minwidth:200
    #10: http://images.neopets.com/

    Tags: +law +bot +baby
    Filters: None

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    Wearable Previews Image Search

    Location: Graphics Department Portal
    Clues Awarded: Aurora
    Items Awarded: Angelpuss Pillow
    Items Required: None

    Though the 'Previews' area was still roped off, a wearable image puzzle was presented to any who approached the curtain. The goal was to identify the name of the wearable the pet was wearing.

    A helpful tool for completing this puzzle was Jellyneo's recently released Wearable Previews feature or similarly, Jellyneo's Item Database.

    Key to the Heart Valentine Garland
    #1: Rose Petal Wings #2: Key to the Heart Valentine Garland
    Commemorative Omelette Hat Gothic Wocky Wig
    #3: Commemorative Omelette Hat #4: Gothic Wocky Wig
    Altador Cup V Team Captain Badge Evil Twin Goatee
    #5: Altador Cup V Team Captain Badge #6: Evil Twin Goatee
    Experimental Monster Headpiece Meepit Costume Suit
    #7: Experimental Monster Headpiece #8: Meepit Costume Suit
    Royal Boy Flotsam Coat Sir Pompadour Bobblehead
    #9: Royal Boy Flotsam Coat #10: Sir Pompadour Bobblehead

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    Pillow Fort

    Location: Graphics Department Portal
    Clues Awarded: Skylar
    Items Awarded: None
    Items Required: Angelpuss Pillow, Babaa Pillow, Bag of Gold Pillow, Fancy Bone Pillow, Festive Negg Pillow, Fire Pillow, Stamp-shaped Pillow

    We need your help to rebuild our Pillow Fort! It seems several staffers became sleepy and ran off with seven out of the eleven pillows. These were scattered throughout all of the other portals; some were prizes for completing puzzles, others were found by exploring the portals.

    The Completed Fort
    (one of several construction possibilities)

    Pillow Locations

    Bag of Gold Pillow
    Graphic Department: Shelf, Above Graphic Designer's Desk

    Fancy Bone Pillow
    BoA/Museum: 2nd Floor Storage Area

    Babaa Pillow
    BoA/Museum: Right Wing Shelf

    Pillow Rewards

    Angelpuss Pillow: Previews Puzzle

    Fire Pillow: Content Writers' Schedule Puzzle

    Festive Negg Pillow: Content Writers' Capsule Puzzle
    Note: This was a puzzle that was used in the Negg Hunt 2010. See last year's guide for how to retrieve the item from the capsule.

    Stamp-shaped Pillow: Soup Faerie Puzzle

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    Beast Lair

    Location: Content Writers' Portal
    Clues Awarded: Kaurevir
    Items Awarded: None
    Items Required: None

    There's not much to explain here... just get in, grab all 100 papers, get them stamped, and get out before you're caught!

    Spirit Writers of Content Past Questions/Answers:

    Which Negg is NOT a type seen in Meerca Chase II? Purple

    What colour is the Cobrall on the final level of Piper Panic? Snow

    Which Cheat! opponent first shows up in level 5? Princess Fernypoo

    Which character does not have a card in Dueling Decks? Taelia

    The Healing Springs Faerie is named? Marina

    When is Neopets' Birthday? November 15th

    How many levels are there to Sewage Surfer? 50

    Which of the following games has NOT undergone a major revamp? Crisis Courier

    Who wasn't a villain in the first Defenders of Neopia series? Kasuki Lu

    Which is not a real type of Scratchcard? Frozen Fortune

    Tarla is: Evil

    Which is not a real Faerie Ability? Revive

    Which game requires you to make the High Score table to qualify for a trophy? Note: Some have multiple trophies only one of which requires high score table. Tyranu Evavu

    Which game does NOT have an avatar associated with it? Hannah and the Ice Caves

    When the Content Beast was remodeling he tunneled out an area of his lair to take the form of what word? Lair


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    Content Writers' Schedule

    Location: Content Writers' Portal
    Clues Awarded: Torratz
    Items Awarded: Fire Pillow
    Items Required: None

    Schedule articles for each writer such that the total word count is the highest it can be.

    Hello there.
    Professor Kata
    The work of a content writer is an involved affair, so let's go over the solutions in detail. Just click the link below and we'll get started!

    Click here for solutions.

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    Content Writers' Supplies

    Location: Content Writers' Portal
    Clues Awarded: Zelda
    Items Awarded: Commemorative Fishing Pole with Old Boot
    Items Required: None

    Fill up each bag with supplies so that they meet the requirements for each writer.

    Why couldn't Pythagoras get a car loan? Because he couldn't find anyone to cosine!
    Little math joke for you all...

    Professor Kata
    Click the link below and we'll get started with figuring out the solutions! There will be examples and charts shown along the way.

    Click here for solutions.

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    Cooty Trap

    Location: Content Writers' Portal
    Clues Awarded: noileh
    Items Awarded: None
    Items Required: Colourful Rock Mobile, Bumble Beam Earrings, Twirling Fire Baton, Tiny Umbrella, Glowing Handheld Candle, Commemorative Fishing Pole with Old Boot, Dr. Sloth Toy Soldier, Super Fun Water Sprinkler, Purple Hasee Balloon, Janitor Bucket, Toy Arrow Launcher

    The challenge for this puzzle lies in the fact that, in the correct solution, not all of the items were 'held' by the Sticky Hands. To get everything to work, the Purple Hasee Balloon must be suspended in one spot, and the key to finding that spot was to figure out which item would come before it (the Toy Arrow Launcher). There were also required combinations such as the Glowing Handheld Candle with the Purple Hasee Balloon, and the Tiny Umbrella with the Colourful Rock Mobile. Hints and tips were given to these abnormalities all around the portals (such as the Vending Machine code).

    A major hint was given out in the Mysterious Pile of Snow Event before the Negg Hunt's release. It indicated the correct order of the items in the Trap.

    Item Locations

    Colourful Rock Mobile
    Staff Lounge: The Mobile Doppelganger

    Tiny Umbrella
    Staff Lounge: On top of the Lockers

    Twirling Fire Baton
    Staff Lounge: Illy's Locker

    Janitor Bucket
    Staff Lounge: Zador's Locker (of course!)

    Purple Hasee Balloon
    Staff Lounge: Herdy's Locker

    Dr. Sloth Toy Soldier
    BoA/Museum: Yr 1 - 3 Exhibit

    Toy Arrow Launcher
    BoA/Museum: Yr 7 - 9 Exhibit

    Super Fun Water Sprinkler
    Graphics Department: Shelf, Above the Graphic Designer's Desk

    Item Rewards

    Commemorative Fishing Pole with Old Boot: Content Writers' Supply Puzzle

    Glowing Handheld Candle: Dave's Safe

    Bumble Beam Earrings: Tooth Faerie Puzzle

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    Easter Eggs

    Mysterious Pile of Snow
    In an effort to create some hype for the Negg Hunt, we released a bi-weekly teaser image of a sign covered in snow from January 1 up until the Negg Hunt's release. The sign (or rather, the sign behind the sign) displayed a cipher that signified it was related to the Negg Hunt and gave the solution to the item sequence of the Cooty Trap (although obviously, users would not have known about the Trap before April). Each set of numbers related to a specific item ID in Jellyneo's Item Database:

    The first 5-digit number stated the item's Item Database ID.
    The next number signified the placement of the word in the item's name.
    The last number signified the letter placement in that word.


    Negg Hunt '11
    Bumble Beam Earrings
    Commemorative Fishing Pole with Old Boot
    Super Fun Water Sprinkler
    Janitor Bucket
    Toy Arrow Launcher
    Purple Hasee Balloon
    Glowing Handheld Candle
    Twirling Fire Baton
    Dr. Sloth Toy Soldier
    Colourful Rock Mobile
    Tiny Umbrella
    Smug Bug Net Trap

    Other Easter Eggs

    Most of the Easter Eggs (Beast Lair sign, Vending Machine codes, etc) are similar to last year, so they are not included in this year's Easter Egg section.

    Staff Lounge Loudspeaker Announcements

    "Iteration 17294532 : 'Il est dehors. Il est dehors et Brennan a pris les clés. Veuillez nous aider. Ils sont morts. Ils sont tous morts. Aidez-nous. Ils sont morts.' "

    "ATTENTION: Will someone do noileh's homework for her? She hurt her fingers tying balloons."

    "NOILEH: No, he just called me a grapevine and said I'd become a raisin."


    "ATTENTION: The latest episode of 'Judge Terry' will film soon. Please prepare to be sat on!"

    "ROSIE: You can take away my freedom! But I can guarantee you won't want my dung. "

    "ATTENTION: Please disregard fire alarm. Nexy burnt her muffins."

    "TORRATZ: Sorry, I'm distracted by sandwiches."

    "KATAKLYSMOS: Well, I once had an imaginary father who had a name of Horace but decided it was too common and wanted to spell it Horus. "

    "ATTENTION: 4 8 15 16 23 42"

    "SKYLAR: I don't trust anyone's judgement in farm animals. I still say turtles sound like sheep. "

    "RYLON: *says something cute and adorable in an English accent* "

    "ATTENTION: Ally, quit leaving your dr pepper cans lying about!"

    "ATTENTION: Rylon, there is a positively mahoosive teapot waiting in the Graphics Department for you!"

    "DAVE: Don't ask questions, just blindly do what I tell you. "

    "ATTENTION: Volunteers needed to clean the lair.. bring pepper spray."

    "ATTENTION: The Rubber Ducky Staff Fan Club Meeting has been rescheduled. Check the noticeboard for the new date!"

    "ATTENTION: Ian, quit watching GLEE when you should be working!"

    "ROSIE: I don't have a lawn... but if I did, I have a chair that'd be perfect for it!"

    "ATTENTION: Park server asploded again.. clean up on server cloud!"

    "ATTENTION: All projects due at 3pm, or else.. *cracks whip*"

    "ATTENTION: Terry, your whip is needed in the content department!"

    "AURORA: You ever notice that Neo Crackers say Neo Crack on the bag?"

    "ATTENTION: Museum Visitors: Keep your eyes on the statues and DON'T BLINK."

    "ATTENTION: Prisoner Zero will vacate the Neopian residence, or the Neopian residence will be incinerated."

    "ATTENTION: Vote Saxon"

    "AURORA: Ian, please stop scaring small children... and Uuliani."