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Negg Hunt '10 Solutions

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Note: All of the Neggs have been removed from their locations, so do not be surprised if you cannot find them anymore! The following Negg images were created for Jellyneo.net, and they are NOT to be used on any other website.

Magma Negg

Description: Just in case playing Hot Potato was getting boring...
Location: Neopian Tour Guide - Moltara
Staffer: Ailae
Clue: "Why couldn't I have chosen to visit Terror Mountain instead?"

Clue Obtained From: News Posters' Portal - Negg Faerie Puzzle

Socko Negg

Description: You might never find an actual Socko, but this elusive negg is the next best thing.
Location: Book of Ages Entry - Psellia
Staffer: Ally
Clue: "Dream as if you'll live forever... Live as if you'll die today."

Clue Obtained From: Petpet Park Portal - Catch Arzak

Jellyneo Jelly Negg

Description: Friendly, clean, efficient - just like JN. What a negg!
Location: Petpet Park Job Guide - Cochon Needs Eggs
Staffer: Herdy
Clue: "Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake, baker's man,
Bake me a cake as fast as you can."

Clue Obtained From: Petpet Park Portal - Petpet Sliders

Jordie Negg

Description: This negg's always ready for adventure.
Location: A Guide to Neopia - Grundo's Cafe
Staffer: Illy
Clue: [Image]
"Vacation's going great!
Had lunch at a place nearby.
Wish you were there!"

Clue Obtained From: Staff Lounge Portal - Pet Directory

Rosie (the Grarrl) Negg

Description: This negg has a tendency to roll about, but won't go near dung.
Location: Tutorial Listing (this has since been removed from the site)
Staffer: Kagoky
Clue: [Image]
"To-Do List:
♥ Take the screenshots for the colour guide.
♥ Remove the white backgrounds from the images before uploading them.
♥ Add an invisible watermark to the last job guide's images. =)"

Clue Obtained From: Petpet Park Portal - Paw Print Press

King Terask Negg

Description: If you thought the Ferocious Negg was cool, you'll love this guy. Er... negg. This negg.
Location: Key Quest Guide
Staffer: Kat
Clue: "The key to success is a big ol' pile of dung."

Clue Obtained From: Content Writers' Portal - Content Writer Schedule

Dr. Sloth Negg

Description: This negg radiates pure evil. You WILL take it home with you.
Location: Editorial Database - Search for 'negg'
Staffer: Rosie
Clue: "What is this perpetual banter about Neggs?! You dare not inquire about great entity that is I?!"

Clue Obtained From: Content Writers' Portal - Content Beast Lair

Nexy Cola Negg

Description: Rumor has it Nexy Cola is just a fad and Nexy Cola Pre-Classic will be back any day now.
Location: Item DB - Neocola Machine Special Category Search
Staffer: SciFi
Clue: 0+19+1+20-4+13-9

Decodes to: "Stupid machine ate my money!"

How to Decode:
Group the numbers into pairs; each group includes the last number from the previous group. Then, depending on the mathematical sign, either add or subtract. The resulting sum or difference can then be translated into its corresponding letter in the alphabet.
Example for the second row:
0+13 = 13 = 'M'
13-12 = 1 = 'A'
-12+15 = 3 = 'C'
15-7 = 8 = 'H'
-7+16 = 9 = 'I'
16-2 = 14 = 'N'
-2+7 = 5 = 'E'

Clue Obtained From: Item Database Portal - Crack the Safe

Blobikins Negg

Description: I wonder if you can cube this negg... it is gelatinous non-cube after all.
Location: Green Jelly Plot Article.
Staffer: Suzuka
Clue: "Don't eat me, I'm one of you!"

Clue Obtained From: News Posters' Portal - Sorting System Servers

Neoplant Negg

Description: There's something strange about this one... hey did you hear inflation's on the rise?
Location: April Fools 2009 Article
Staffer: Torratz
Clue: "Oh dear, why aren't my pets blossoming? I watered them yesterday and everything... :("

Clue Obtained From: Staff Lounge Portal - Item Trade Route

Taelia Negg

Description: This negg is one of only a few plants that thrives better in the snow and cold.
Location: Altador Mini-Plot Walkthrough - Altador Water Distribution Plant
Staffer: Weepit
Clue: [Image]
Interdepartmental Memo
FAO: Dave
From: Weepit
Urgency: Mega
Message: MOAR TOWELS!!

Clue Obtained From: Item Database Portal - Rainbow Plushie Anagram

Negg [in a bucket]

Description: This bucket is holding onto a negg that has been blessed by a faerie and has lolrus resistance +2.
Location: Book Checklist Tool
Staffer: Zador
Clue: "I wonder if there's a way to see if I still don't have The Founder?"

Clue Obtained From: Item Database Portal - Item Bin #09999-10260

Red Herring

Description: Here's an idea - why not complain about this clue being a trick? No comment?
Location: Send Your Ideas, Comments, or Complaints
Staffer: Grog
Clue: "I really should complain about how I'm being treated; where can I lodge a complaint?"

Clue Obtained From: Item Database Portal - Item Bin #17597-17858

Heroine Herring

Description: Torchio flies by eying the grass, says "There's something fishy about this clue!", and then flies off again.
Location: Defenders of Neopia - Series 1 Article (while using the Defenders of Neopia site theme)
Staffer: Jen
Clue: "It's a bird... It's a plane... It's a ... flying pig in tights?!"

Clue Obtained From: News Posters' Portal - Library Faerie Puzzle

Hair Ring Herring

Description: I told you combining just gave cheap jewelry, didn't I?
Location: Item DB - Plastic Ring of Sloth
Staffer: Kataklysmos
Clue: [Image]
"1. Color? Adventure, curiosity. 2004.
2. Release? Year? Aisha. 2003.
3. What is it? Meuka. Gift.
Combining carefully gave me cheap jewelery.
Must remember to trim grass."

  1. If you look for descriptions with "adventure" or "curious" in the Item DB, you'll find that the Red Ixi (TCG) has both in its description, and was released in 2004. There is an arrow going from "Color?" to "Release?" so "Red" goes before "Aisha" for the next step.
  2. Looking for Red Aisha and a release date of 2003 gives you either the Red Aisha Hair Brush or the Red Aisha Toothbrush (both were released on May 5, 2003). There is an arrow going from "Release?" to "3" but "Year?" is crossed out, so "May 5" is important.
  3. There is a crossed out picture of Meuka. The Ring of Sloth (TCG) description says even Meuka couldn't eat the ring. Looking for Gift items that were released on May 5, the Plastic Ring of Sloth would've stood out.
Put the key words from each step together and you get Red Hair Ring, or Red Herring (Red Toothbrush Ring wouldn't have made sense).

There were other warning signs that the clue led to a red herring. "Jewelry" (or "jewellery") is misspelled in the clue, "Kata" is in pink with a heart (which should be stereotypically inconsistent if you know he's male), and the clue says "rats." In addition, the "must remember to trim grass" is a note that the grass should be cleared away, since it does not lead to a negg.

Has your mind been blown? :D

Clue Obtained From: Staff Lounge Portal - Kataklysmos' Locker

Despairing Herring

Location: Lever of DOOM Article
Staffer: Zelda

Clue Obtained From: Content Writers' Portal - Recycling Bins

Silly Dave. It's a good thing you were in the wrong bin in the first place.
Otherwise the clue would have been underneath one of your nicely stacked piles!

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Faerie Puzzle Wheel

Location: News Posters' Portal
Clues Awarded: Ailae, Jen
Items Awarded: Rainbow Hissi Plushie, Lunar Chart, Yellow Paint Brush Collectable Charm
Items Required: None

Faerie Wheel

Battle Faerie Puzzle

The Battle Faerie Puzzle is based on the popular number puzzle Kakuro.

Each row and each column must add up to the appropriate totals, with no numbers used multiple times in the same column or row.

This puzzle awards the Yellow Paint Brush Collectable Charm.
Battle Faerie Puzzle Solution

Library Faerie Puzzle

Most of the answers can be found by searching the Neopedia or Book of Ages. If you did not know 7 Across or 6 Down, there was an official hint for both answers.

This puzzle awards Jen's clue.
Library Faerie Puzzle Solution

Negg Faerie Puzzle

Like regular Sudoku, each row and each column must contain the numbers 1 through 9 once. In addition, each coloured block must contain the numbers 1 through 9 once.

This puzzle awards Ailae's clue.
Negg Faerie Puzzle Solution

Soup Faerie Puzzle

The numbers 1 through 16 must only be used once. Each row and each column must add up to the appropriate totals.

This puzzle awards the Lunar Chart.
Soup Faerie Puzzle Solution

Tooth Faerie Puzzle

Each row and each column must only contain a number once. Duplicate numbers must be marked and filled with black. The white, unmarked tiles must be continuous, meaning a tile cannot be isolated from the others. Black tiles can only touch diagonally.

This puzzle awards the Rainbow Hissi Plushie.
Tooth Faerie Puzzle Solution

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Sorting System Servers

Location: News Posters' Portal
Clues Awarded: Suzuka
Items Awarded: None
Items Required: None

Every piece must be used and connected.
There must be a path leading from every blue dot to the big red dot.

Complete all 3 panels to receive Suzuka's clue.

System Panel 1 - Easy - Solution
Panel 1 Solution

System Panel 2 - Medium - Solution
Panel 2 Solution

System Panel 3 - Hard - Solution
Panel 3 Solution

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Catch Arzak

Location: Petpet Park Portal
Clues Awarded: Ally
Items Awarded: Jelly Jelly Jar
Items Required: None

Start by finding and clicking on Arzak in the Petpet Park portal. Every time you click on him, a black screen comes up showing an image of the place he will appear next. Chase and find him around the various portals. The last step requires that you locate and click on a jar (with Arzak in it).

Give the Jelly Jelly Jar to Ally to receive her clue.

Arzak - Spot 1 Arzak - Spot 2
Spot 1: Petpet Park Portal Spot 2: Content Writers' Portal
Arzak - Spot 3 Arzak - Spot 4
Spot 3: Item Database Portal Spot 4: News Posters' Portal
Arzak - Spot 5 Arzak - Spot 6
Spot 5: Content Writers' Portal Spot 6: Staff Lounge Portal (Emily's Locker)
Arzak - Spot 7 Arzak - Spot 8
Spot 7: Petpet Park Portal Spot 8: News Posters' Portal
Arzak - Spot 9 Arzak - Spot 10
Captured Arzak! "AFTER THAT JAR!" Jelly Jelly Jar Location
(Content Writers' Portal)

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Paw Print Press

Location: Petpet Park Portal
Clues Awarded: Kagoky
Items Awarded: None
Items Required: None

Paws must be pressed down in a specific sequence. There are 11 clickable paws.

Paw Print Puzzle Solution

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Petpet Sliders

Location: Petpet Park Portal
Clues Awarded: Herdy
Items Awarded: Rainbow Ixi Plushie
Items Required: None

Each coloured petpet must be 'slid' onto the corresponding coloured circle.

Complete the first 2 levels to receive the Rainbow Ixi Plushie.
Complete all 4 levels to receive Herdy's clue.

If you complete all the levels in their minimum number of moves, you receive a map to help guide you through the Content Beast Lair.

Level 1 - Minimum 7 Moves - Solution
Petpet Sliders - Level 1 Solution

Level 2 - Minimum 13 Moves - Solution
Petpet Sliders - Level 2 Solution

Level 3 - Minimum 16 Moves - Solution
(It is possible to complete this level in 14 moves, but it must be completed in 16 moves to get the map)
Petpet Sliders - Level 3 Solution

Level 4 - Minimum 22 Moves - Solution
Petpet Sliders - Level 4 Solution

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Rainbow Plushie Anagram

Location: Item Database Portal
Clues Awarded: Weepit
Items Awarded: None
Items Required: Rainbow Elephante Plushie, Rainbow Hissi Plushie, Rainbow Ixi Plushie, Rainbow Lutari Plushie, Rainbow Pteri Plushie, Rainbow Skeith Plushie, Rainbow Usul Plushie

Acquire 7 Rainbow Plushies from the various portals:

Rainbow Elephante Plushie is from Kalianne/Kat's locker in the Staff Lounge.
Rainbow Hissi Plushie is from the Tooth Faerie puzzle.
Rainbow Ixi Plushie is from completing the first 2 levels of the Petpet Sliders game.
Rainbow Lutari Plushie is from the capsule system in the Content Writers' Portal.
Rainbow Pteri Plushie is from solving the Safe puzzle.
Rainbow Skeith Plushie is clickable in the News Posters' Portal.
Rainbow Usul Plushie is from Item DB Bin #21789-22050.

Give all the plushies to Zador, then enter the puzzle and arrange them to form a rainbow.

Rainbow Elephante Location
Rainbow Skeith Location
Rainbow Usul Plushie
Give plushies to Zador
Rainbow Plushie Anagram - Beginning

The correct sequence (shown below) was craftily designed so that if you take the first letter of the species of each plushie in order, they spell "PLUSHIE" (Pteri, Lutari, Usul, Skeith, Hissi, Ixi, Elephante). If you put a plushie in the wrong spot, instead of becoming the colour expected for that plushie (such as Green for the Skeith), it would be "shifted" along the rainbow colour scheme by however many places it was off. So if I put the Skeith plushie in the third spot or fifth spot from the left, instead of being Green it would turn Blue since it would be off by one, and the colour after Green is Blue.

Some Plushies, however, were the right colour in multiple spots--the best way to figure out the correct pattern is to figure out which one only worked in one spot (the Elephante), and go from there, eliminating the extra possibilities for other plushies.
Rainbow Plushie Anagram - Solution

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Crack the Safe

Location: Item Database Portal
Clues Awarded: SciFi
Items Awarded: Rainbow Pteri Plushie
Items Required: None

Ah, the puzzle that led to so much head bashing--as well as to one of the hardest clues! To access the safe (and thus the puzzle), you first must complete the following steps:

  • Move the boxes in the center area to access the mini-panel, and click on it to switch it from red to green.
    Shelf Control Panel
  • On the far right side of the portal, there is a stack of boxes blocking the Special aisle. Click on the boxes in a certain order to clear them out of your way.

  • Retract the light between Merch and Wearable, and click on the rotate handle on Merch. Then, click on Special to go into the aisle.
    Move Shelf
  • There's the safe! Click it!
    Find the Safe
  • Now that you've made it to the safe, it's time to solve it--but where to start?! The instructions inform you that you must click on every button exactly once, but nothing else is revealed. Soon after, another hint was released: of the three elements on each button, only two are of any use.
    Crack the Safe - Beginning
  • Surprise! The letters, although easily the most obvious part of the safe, are just there to be a distraction. With them removed, the puzzle becomes a little easier.

    So how does it work? Well, as you may notice, there is a coloured bar on each side of the safe, with the colours corresponding to those on the buttons (the bars are the 'key' we were talking about in hints--another word for 'key' is 'legend', like on a map). The colour on the button tells you which direction to move, and the number tells you how many spaces to go.

    There was a hint that the colours are "attractive." This means that, on a button, red indicates move left, green indicates move up, yellow indicates move right, and blue/purple indicates move down. To figure out the starting point of everything, you have to work backwards. You know you must click on "Open" last, and the only way to get to that button is by clicking the green N with the 2, and the only way to get to that button is by clicking on the purple E with the 1, and so on. Eventually, you would reach the green B with the 2 on it, and you would have gone through all 19 buttons once.

    You know, then, that the green B is the starting point. Simple, right?!
    Crack the Safe - Important Elements

    Crack the Safe - Solution
    Crack the Safe - Contents
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    Pet Directory

    Location: Staff Lounge Portal
    Clues Awarded: Illy
    Items Awarded: None
    Items Required: Pocket Lab Ray


    Obtain the Pocket Lab Ray from Item DB Bin #27291-27552. Give it to Scissors.

    In the game, you must sort the pets by species by dragging them to the correct category.
    If a pet's image is red, you must use the Pocket Lab Ray to zap them and reveal their true species.
    You lose the game if you incorrectly identify or lose 15 pets.

    Find Pocket Lab Ray
    Give to Scissors
    Pet Directory Puzzle

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    Item Trade Route

    Location: Staff Lounge Portal
    Clues Awarded: Torratz
    Items Awarded: None
    Items Required: Yellow Paint Brush Collectable Charm

    Obtain the Yellow Paint Brush Collectable Charm, then give it to Dandy. He will give you the Eight Point Paper Star, which then needs to be given to Ailae. The chain continues until it eventually results in Torratz's clue.

    Trade 1: Dandy - Staff Lounge Portal

    Yellow Paint Brush Collectable Charm
    (awarded from the Battle Faerie puzzle)
    Trade 1 - Dandy

    Trade 2: Ailae - News Posters' Portal

    Eight Point Paper Star
    Trade 2 - Ailae

    Trade 3: Katje - Petpet Park Portal

    Original Kibble
    Trade 3 - Katje

    Trade 4: Willie - Content Writers' Portal

    Trade 4 - Willie

    Trade 5: Nynex - News Posters' Portal

    Celestial Sleeping Cap
    Trade 5 - Nynex

    Trade 6: Grog - Item Database Portal

    Striped Sock Mug
    Trade 6 - Grog

    Trade 7: Aeternus - Petpet Park Portal

    Pocket Magnifying Glass
    Trade 7 - Aeternus

    Trade 8: Rylon - Staff Lounge Portal

    Green Tea
    Trade 8 - Rylon

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    Content Beast Lair

    Location: Content Writers' Portal
    Clues Awarded: Rosie
    Items Awarded: None
    Items Required: None to enter the Lair, but once inside, you need to find the Fish Negg Plushie and Pile of Dung

    Navigate to the 4 special rooms in the Lair:

    First, go to the Staff Confiscated Items room to pick up a Fish Negg Plushie.
    Then head to the Content Beast room and put the Fish Negg Plushie in the alcove. This will distract the Beast from attacking and stealing your items from you later on, on your way out of the Lair. There is a very, very slim chance you would successfully escape without doing this step.
    Then head to the Dung room to pick up a Pile of Dung.
    Then head to the Rosie room. Give her the Pile of Dung and she will give you a clue.
    Finally, make your way back to the Entrance. Once you emerge, you will be able to see Rosie's clue.

    If you didn't win one from the Petpet Sliders game, you have to either make your own map of the Lair or click around until you accomplished everything.
    Confiscated Items Room
    Pick up Fish Negg Plushie
    Content Beast Room
    Use Fish Negg Plushie
    Dung Room
    Rosie Room
    Give Dung to Rosie
    Content Beast Attacks!

    Solution/Lair Map:
    Content Beast Lair Map

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    Content Writer Schedule

    Location: Content Writers' Portal
    Clues Awarded: Kat
    Items Awarded: None
    Items Required: Lunar Chart, Pink Kadoatie, Volcano Run Game Guide

    There are 13 staff members who tell you information about the Schedule if you hover over them a couple of times (see list below). Write down what they say.

    Locate Kat's missing 3 tiles:

    Lunar Chart comes from the Soup Faerie puzzle.
    Pink Kadoatie comes from a wall poster in the Petpet Park portal.
    Volcano Run Game Guide comes from one of the bins in the Petpet Park portal.

    Give the tiles to Kat and enter the puzzle. Click on the tiles to slide them into the correct positions.

    Missing Tiles:
    Pink Kadoatie
    Volcano Run Game Guide

    Schedule Information:

    ZELDA:The pair that worked on the Sutek's Tomb GAME GUIDE forgot to post its corresponding avatar solution. So they asked the Ice Cream Cart ARTICLE writers to post it.
    KALIANNE/KAT: The pair who worked on the Moltara PLOT GUIDE wrote the ARTICLE for Turmaculus.
    LABHAOISE:Torratz's PARTNER said that he wanted to do a GAME GUIDE that was categorized as a puzzle.
    TORRATZ: Even with Ally's help, Socko tried his stripes working on the Moltara PLOT GUIDE, but found it too difficult. So he switched plots with one of the ladies who wrote the Kou-Jong GAME GUIDE. Poor Socko.
    WEEPIT: The pair who wrote the Cydodrake's Gaze PLOT GUIDE posted an AVATAR SOLUTION that is obtained from playing a game.
    TOM: While looking at the map of Neopia, the Gamesmaster Aaa AVATAR SOLUTION writers noticed that their GAME GUIDE is themed from a world that is on the same land mass of the world the Kadoatery ARTICLE writers' GAME GUIDE is themed from.
    WILLIE: Labhaoise convinced her PARTNER for them to take all of the Altador-related assignments.
    ALLY:The pair who worked on the Return of Dr. Sloth PLOT GUIDE remembered to post the AVATAR SOLUTION that corresponded with their Kadoatery ARTICLE.
    KATJE:The pair who worked on the Cyodrakes's Gaze PLOT GUIDE also worked on a petpet-themed GAME GUIDE.
    JEN: Weepit refuses to work on any ARTICLE, GAME GUIDE, or AV SOLUTION that involve petpets.
    KATAKLYSMOS: Dave noticed that the writers tend to partner with other writers who have the same first initial in their name.
    IAN: The pair who wrote the Lunar Temple ARTICLE wrote a PLOT GUIDE for a plot that had battledome challengers.
    ZADOR: Kagoky worked on the Ice Cream Cart ARTICLE, but did not post the Mortog Smootch AVATAR SOLUTION.

    Content Writer Schedule - Solution

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    Capsule System

    Location: Content Writers' Portal
    Clues Awarded: None
    Items Awarded: Rainbow Lutari Plushie
    Items Required: None

    Press the purple or red button on a capsule to send the Rainbow Lutari Plushie through the system. Once you press a button on a capsule, the capsule opens and the other two close. You cannot press the buttons on a capsule if it's open. You want to send the plushie to an open capsule, where you can retrieve it.

    The easiest way to complete this is (if the plushie is in the top capsule), is to press the purple button on the bottom capsule to send it two places forward in the system.

    Capsule System
    Find Rainbow Lutari Plushie

    Easter Eggs

    Item Database Search Panel

    Content Writers' Portal Before/After Content Beast Lair Completion

    Ghost Tea Pot (talks when you hover over it)
    (Originally, there was a Ghost Rylon, but this was changed when the portal was re-uploaded)

    Vending Machine Codes

    For Ball Pit: DUNG, FEET, MEEP, ROSIE

    Most of the notice board notices are from last year, so they are not included in this year's Easter Egg section. The long Item Adder notice gave you hints as to which Item DB bins you should look in.

    Staff Lounge Loudspeaker Announcements

    Attention! A Conan O'Brien lookalike has been spotted in the IDB!

    Attention! Several half-eaten plushies have been found in a corner of the staff lounge. Suzuka, your presence is required in Dave's office.

    Attention! Content Writers! Have you filled in your schedule yet? The Content Beast does not appreciate lateness!

    Attention! To the owner of the large pile of dung in front of the office supply room - your dung is blocking the way. Promptly remove it or it will be towed at your expense!

    Attention! Rylon, your kettle is double-parked.

    Attention! The Book of Ages offices are closed to visitors today due to a "minor" explosion involving the photocopier.

    Attention! If you aren't delirious, you aren't doing it right.

    Attention! Torratz is being chased by an angry ogre. All available NQ writers arm yourself for battle!

    MYSTERIOUS VOICE: Stop sending in editorial questions about the Great Entity! The negg is elsewhere!

    MYSTERIOUS VOICE: Polemarch postponed posting poll postscripts -- poke posthaste!

    ATTENTION: Welcoming party for newly hired staff members at 4:00pm today. Be there or be square!

    ATTENTION: Item Adders! Price reports! NOW!

    JEN: Finally finished the Faerie Wheel OMG!

    PENELOPE: Now scanning all data input for new files...

    HECTOR: Auto-sizing in 3... 2... 1...

    *mysterious voice* - ZOMBIE PEKKA LIKES TO HUNT FOR NEGGS

    DAVE: Women are the world's most brilliant thinkers.

    DANDY: I can see England from my house.

    DAVE: So wait, is Wisconsin a city or a state?

    WEEPIT: We were making silence noises.

    ROSIE: You guys left the PA on again...

    Attention Joodle Mart Shoppers! Lady Frostbite is on the loose and after her Darblats - this is a great photo opportunity.

    Attention! For next month, everyone's Staff Listing image is Dancing Rosie Doll! Don't tell Rosie.

    Attention! Ruby is not A doctor.

    Nynex: We made Ryan say Harry Potter, it was adorable :3

    ANNOUNCEMENT! Nexy and Ally please report to Staff Lounge & sign for your truck load of DR Pepper!