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The NC Mall

Welcome to the Mall!

Since its public release in July of 2007, the NC Mall has grown to become a prominent part of Neopets. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the Mall, from buying to trading to special events. There's a lot of information to be covered; if you do not want to sift through it all, click one of the buttons below to skip to that particular section.

Welcome Gift

New users to Neopets (who live in a country that can access the NC Mall) can claim an NC welcome gift! If you haven't discovered it already, then what are you waiting for? Head to the Mall and click "Claim your FREE NC Gift" at the top. The box is now in your inventory. Click on it, select "Open NC Mall Welcome Gift" and you will get a 150 NC! Previously, users were awarded a Spinning Star Mystery Capsule for their free gift.

Wearable items can go into your Closet (use Quick Stock to move batches of items all at once). Then you can try them out by customising your pet! (If you only have one of an item, then only one pet can wear it at a time.) You don't need to do any tailoring--normal NC wearables will fit any species.

Pretty cool, right? Indeed, the main appeal of the Mall is the wide selection of animated clothes. But how does it all work? Let's get some general background information.

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Introduction to the Mall and Neocash

Because of international laws, the Mall is not yet available in every country. It's possible that access will expand to include more regions in the future, but exact dates are difficult to predict. The Mall operates on real life money--you pay a certain amount and get Neocash (commonly abbreviated to NC) in return. When buying NC from the Mall, prices are in US dollars (USD). For events, the site operates on Neopian Standard Time (NST), which is the same as Pacific Standard Time (PST).

You do not have to have NC in order to play/enjoy Neopets!!

NC just gives you more options, because with it, you can buy the virtual items being sold. Shipments of new items arrive daily Monday through Friday!

In the past, you also used your Neopets account information to log in to Petpet Park and Monkey Quest. Any NC you have on your Neopets account would have been spent there, and if you obtained NC through those other sites, they can still be spent on Neopets.

You are allowed to have NC, NC gift boxes (explained more in the "Trading Neocash Items" section), and NC items on your side account(s). What is a side account? We have an article to explain it.

NC expires one year from the date it is purchased or redeemed (you can keep unused Game/Neocash cards for however long you want, but the minute you redeem it, the countdown starts!). Free NC expires one year from the date you receive it. If you do not spend it all before that time, you will be given random NC items of equal or greater value. There are some handy links on the left side of the Mall:

NC Mall sidebar

NC Account - Clicking this will bring up an additional section, your Transaction Log. That page will prompt you to log in again, and when you do, you'll be presented with a list of all the NC purchases you have made. Using the drop down on the top right, you can alter the view between purchases of NC amounts, and purchases of NC items.

NC Mall Album - The album displays the items you have purchased, won, or been gifted. You can choose to keep it private or show it off on your user lookup; to do this, go to the album management page. You can also organise items to your own specifications. Albums can have different skins (explained more in the "Exploring the Shops and Items for Sale" section) and can be useful when trading (explained more in the "Trading Neocash Items" section).

Neocash Shopping Rules - This often gets overlooked in the stampede to buy shiny items, but it's an important document that every Mall user should read. Purchases are non-refundable and if you break the site's rules and your account is disabled, any outstanding Neocash cannot be transferred to another account.

Neocash items are not affected by random events where Neopian characters (e.g., the Pant Devil) steal from your inventory. You cannot sell NC items for Neopoints either.

Using Quick Stock on NC items, you'll notice you can't mass discard them, but if you click on individual NC items in your inventory, the discard option will show up in the drop down menu. Discarding an item deletes it permanently from your account (no "undo" function), so only choose that action when you're certain you don't want the item anymore.

There is a rumor that adding items to your cart before they retire will allow you to purchase them at a later date. This is false! Any items that you have added to your cart that retire from the NC Mall will be deleted from the list, so make sure to buy them before that happens!

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Obtaining Neocash

There are two guaranteed ways to get Neocash. The first is to buy online through the Get Neocash page, using a credit card, PayPal, or UltimatePay. Currency exchange rates will apply if you are not in the United States; value added tax may apply depending on your country's laws. Players who don't have their own credit card can have parents or family members pay instead, but explicit permission must be obtained (ask them nicely!). Generally, transactions go through fast and your NC balance will be updated within 5 minutes, but there are instances where an increase in traffic or verification issues causes delays. If your NC has not arrived and it's been a few days, submit a bug report.

500 NC 1000 NC 3000 NC 5500 NC

Then there are Nickelodeon Game Cards and Neocash cards. Game Cards were introduced to Canada and the United States in the spring of 2011. You can redeem them on multiple Nickelodeon sites: Neopets, Petpet Park, Monkey Quest, Shockwave, and Addicting Games. If you see "NickCash" mentioned, it's just an umbrella term and you can think of it as meaning Neocash.

Because Nickelodeon Game Cards cover a lot more sites, some stores are slowly phasing out Neocash cards and replacing them with these. There is an official Game Card site, which lists stores by country.

Buying Game Cards

Neocash Cards are available in select stores in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand (see the Neocash card page to find a store near you). They can also be found on online auction sites such as Amazon.com or eBay.com. All Neocash cards can be redeemed on Neopets.com or PetpetPark.com.

Nickelodeon Game Cards come in denominations of $10, $15, or $25, with different designs.

Neocash Cards come in different denominations ($10, $15, $25, 5, 20, etc.) and different designs.

Like gift cards, you'll want the store clerk to activate your card at the till. Both types of cards will work if they've been properly activated at the store.

There is no age limit for redeeming a card--if you got one as a gift, you can use it just fine. Be sure to thoroughly scratch off the metallic strip on the back of the card to reveal the entire redemption code. Upon entering it on Neopets.com, you will receive NC, gift boxes, and an item prize. The card's denomination determines how many gift boxes you get and what prize pool you draw from. For most stores, the design does not matter (for example, if you redeem a $25 Fyora card, you could receive a King Altador themed item). Exceptions include GameStop, because Ylana/Purple Acara/Purple Monkey Quest cards give items that match; Petpet Park and Shenkuu cards also give matching prizes. You can find a list of the current and past NC items awarded from cards here. A list of the Neopoint items previously awarded from cards can be found here.

Nickelodeon Game Card prizes will change every once in a while. Sometimes, there will be promotional events, where if you redeem a card from a certain store, you will receive an item from a different prize pool. Prize items used to be rarity 101 (therefore you could sell them for Neopoints), but they have since changed to NC items. For achieving a milestone in the number of cards redeemed, you will receive a bonus item (a cheap/common Neopoint item).

If you redeem a card on PetpetPark.com, you will get the same amount of NC and a Petpet Park virtual item, but you will not receive gift boxes. Prize items also change every few months and you will also get a bonus Park item at redemption milestones. Our Petpet Park guide has its own list of card items.

Nickelodeon Game Cards - Regular $10, $15, and $25

Canada, United States, Australia, and New Zealand Only

Nickelodeon Game Cards

United States Only (Target, CVS, GameStop)

Petpet Park Nickelodeon Game Cards Shenkuu Nickelodeon Game Card GameStop Nickelodeon Game Card

Canada Only (Zellers, Shopper's Drug Mart)

Petpet Park Nickelodeon Game Cards Shenkuu Nickelodeon Game Card

Redeeming one $10 card on Neopets.com will get you:
1,000 NC + 2 Basic Gift Boxes + a Neopets prize item

Redeeming one $15 card on Neopets.com will get you:
1,500 NC + 3 Basic Gift Boxes + a Neopets prize item

Redeeming one $25 card on Neopets.com will get you:
2,500 NC + 150 bonus NC + 5 Basic Gift Boxes + a Neopets prize item

Prize items (most recent ones are at the end of search results):
$10 Card Prizes | $25 Card Prizes
$15 and/or $25 Petpet Park Card Prizes
$25 Monkey Quest Card Prizes | $15 and/or $25 Shenkuu Card Prizes

Nickelodeon Game Cards - Brazil Cards
Brazil Nickelodeon Game Cards

Redeeming one R$20 card on Neopets.com will get you:
1,000 NC + 2 Basic Gift Boxes + a Neopets prize item
OR 1,000 NC + 3 Basic Gift Boxes

Nickelodeon Game Cards - Mexico Cards
Mexico Nickelodeon Game Cards

Redeeming one $150 card on Neopets.com will get you:
1,000 NC + 2 Basic Gift Boxes + a Neopets prize item

Prize items are the same as the regular $10 Card ones.

Nickelodeon Game Cards - Australia Cards
Australia Nickelodeon Game Cards

Redeeming one $15 card on Neopets.com will get you:
1,275 NC + 3 Basic Gift Boxes + a Neopets prize item

Note: The Monkey Quest card is only available at EB Games.

Prize items are the same as the regular $10 Card ones.

Nickelodeon Game Cards - New Zealand Cards
New Zealand Nickelodeon Game Cards

Redeeming one $15 card on Neopets.com will get you:
975 NC + 2 Basic Gift Boxes + a Neopets prize item

Note: The Monkey Quest card is only available at EB Games.

Prize items are the same as the regular $10 Card ones.

Neocash Cards - Regular $25
Queen Fyora Card Isca Card King Altador Card Dr. Sloth Card Ylana Skyfire Card
Redeeming one $25 card on Neopets.com will get you:
2,500 NC + 150 bonus NC + 5 Basic Gift Boxes + a Neopets prize item

Note: The Ylana Skyfire card is only available at GameStop.

Prize items (most recent ones are at the end of search results):
$25 Card Prizes | $25 GameStop Card Prizes

Neocash Cards - Regular $15
Meridell Draik Card Prissy Miss Kacheek Card Pirate Oukin Card Shenkuu Kassegat Card
Redeeming one $15 card on Neopets.com will get you:
1,500 NC + 3 Basic Gift Boxes + a Neopets prize item

Prize items (most recent ones are at the end of search results):
$15 Card Prizes | $15 Petpet Park Card Prizes

Neocash Cards - Regular $10
Illusen Card Mynci Defender Card Red Scorchio Card Usul Princess Card Shenkuu Acara Card
Redeeming one $10 card on Neopets.com will get you:
1,000 NC + 2 Basic Gift Boxes + a Neopets prize item

Note: The Shenkuu Purple Acara card is only available at GameStop.

Prize items (most recent ones are at the end of search results):
$10 Card Prizes | $10 GameStop Card Prizes

Neocash Cards - United Kingdom Cards
United Kingdom Cards
Redeeming one 5 card on Neopets.com will get you:
750 NC + 2 Basic Gift Boxes + a Neopets prize item

Redeeming one 20 card on Neopets.com will get you:
3,000 NC + 150 bonus NC + 8 Basic Gift Boxes + a Neopets prize item

Prize items (most recent ones are at the end of search results):
5 Card Prizes | 20 Card Prizes

Neocash Cards - Mexico Cards
Mexico Cards
Redeeming one $150 card on Neopets.com will get you:
1,000 NC + 2 Basic Gift Boxes + a Neopets prize item

Prize items are Mynci Defender or Usul Princess themed (see regular $10 Card items).

Neocash Cards - Australia Cards
Australia Cards
Redeeming one $10 card on Neopets.com will get you:
850 NC + 2 Basic Gift Boxes + a Neopets prize item

Prize items are Mynci Defender or Usul Princess themed (see regular $10 Card items).

Neocash Cards - New Zealand Cards
New Zealand Cards
Redeeming one $10 card on Neopets.com will get you:
650 NC + 2 Basic Gift Boxes + a Neopets prize item

Prize items are Mynci Defender or Usul Princess themed (see regular $10 Card items).

Neocash Cards - Discontinued Boxed Cards
Blue Boxed Card Green Boxed Card Orange Boxed Card Pink Boxed Card Red Boxed Card Yellow Boxed Card
Gold Boxed Card Silver Boxed Card
These cards are no longer produced, but if you have any, you can still redeem them.

Redeeming one $10 boxed card on Neopets.com will get you:
1,000 NC + 2 Basic Gift Boxes + a Neopets prize item + a Key Quest Collector's Case colour theme (does not show up in your inventory, goes straight to your collector's case; theme will match the colour of the card you redeemed)

Redeeming one $25 boxed card on Neopets.com will get you:
2,500 NC + 150 bonus NC + 5 Basic Gift Boxes + a Neopets prize item + a Key Quest Collector's Case colour theme (does not show up in your inventory, goes straight to your collector's case; theme will match the colour of the card you redeemed)

$10 Boxed Card Prizes | $25 Boxed Card Prizes
Note: If you won a boxed card from a Neopets giveaway, the prize pool also includes Key Quest code items and rare item code items.

Lastly, there's free NC. You have a chance of winning 150 NC from Qasalan Expellibox. There have been occasions (the NC Mall's birthday, Petpet Park Mall's birthday, special site events like the Daily Dare) where all participants are awarded some. In addition, there have been a few Neocash card giveaways hosted by Neopets and Petpet Park. These opportunities do not appear very frequently, though.

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Exploring the Shops and Items for Sale

You can click on an item to bring up detailed item info. Some items have indicators:

= on sale for a limited time only

= NC collectible (see NC Collectible shop below)

= super sale item (see seasonal shops below)

Item Info

Here, it shows the number of uses ("unlimited" means it's a regular item that can't be opened or used up) and the retirement date ("through" means including that day, so in the example above, it means until 11:59pm NST on February 22nd).

Don't rely solely on the "New" section for viewing new merchandise, that place can take awhile to update. Instead, browse through all the shops. Items in the top rows are usually the most recent. Now, let's grab our shopping carts and go!

NC Mall - Shop Types
Clothing Shops


Under "Neopet" you will find the main clothing shops; shirts, shoes, wings, accessories--they're all here!

Unconverted pets (i.e., those in the old art style) can wear backgrounds, foregrounds, trinkets, thought bubbles, and music, but not clothes. Pet colours that result in a different body type (e.g., Baby, Mutant, Maraquan) can't wear normal clothes either, but they do have some specialised items (for example, Maraquan Fancy Dress can only be worn by pets painted Maraquan).

NC foods (dubbed "super foods") will instantly make your pet bloated and happy. However, pay attention to the number of uses, it may be 150 NC for a one use item.

Mini-Packs and Superpacks usually include a bonus item. You can figure out which is the bonus by clicking on the pack to see all that's in it and then browsing the other shops and eliminating the items that are on sale. Packs will automatically open after you buy them, so you'll have all the individual items in your inventory.

All NC Wearables | Specialised Wearables
Super Foods | Super Packs

Neohome Shops

"Neohomes" contains furniture and gardening items for Neohome 2.0, not Classic Neohomes. One wallpaper item is enough to cover all the walls in a room. The same applies for floor tiles. However, if you buy a regular fence item, you will only get one slab or portion--that's why they are so cheap. There are fence bundle packs available if you want to buy in bulk quickly.

Neohome superpacks are similar to clothing packs mentioned above; they have a bonus item and the bag opens after the purchase, so you get all the items in your inventory.

All NC Neohome Items

Game Shops

In "Games" you will find tickets, tokens, or items to help you in Neopian games such as Neopian Battlefield Legends and Habitarium.

There's also a Featured Game Ticket. You should not use this when you're on a side account. After buying a Ticket, you have 180 days to go to your inventory and activate it. You'll be asked which game you want the ticket to apply to, then that game will become a featured game for you for the next 24 hours (and the ticket will get used up). All this means is that you will receive double the Neopoint payout for sending a score in that game. Normally, you are only allowed to send 3 scores per Flash game per day, so make sure you choose a game that you haven't played yet (and one that you're good at!). Also, it's possible to reap the rewards 6 times in the 24 hour window, if you redeem and play 3 times before midnight NST, then play another 3 times in the new day.

This section also previously contained the New Game Challenge Tickets, which allowed users to gain an extra item when scoring in new games. This feature has not been updated in some time, and the page itself on Neopets no longer exists, so it is unlikely there will be any further New Game Challenges.

New Game Challenge Guide

Specialty Shops

Mystery Capsules

Mysterious Morphing Experiment

Mysterious Morphing Experiment



Key Quest


"Specialty" encompasses a lot and you will find some overlap with other shops.

Mystery capsules: frustration and elation all wrapped in one! When you open them, you receive random items worth a base amount or more. The addictive property comes from the chance of a bonus prize--it's either a limited edition item or a virtual prize code. You can easily find out which one the capsule offers by reading its description. The ones with bonus items are more popular than the ones with codes, because the codes tend to give you common Neopoint items.

Every capsule has a different item pool. A Holiday cap can give out items from the Holiday shop and even retired items from the past (called "re-releases"). A more generic themed cap can give out common NC items that do not retire (like hair bows...so many bows!).

There are also gift box mystery capsules; each one gives out 1 to 5 Basic Gift Boxes and also offers the chance to get a bonus limited edition gift box. They will be easy to spot, as the item name often has "Gift Box Mystery Capsule" in it. These caps are very popular among NC traders, but are only on sale for a limited time each month.

Mysterious Morphing Experiments (MMEs) are sporadically released and are only on sale for a limited time. There are many IDs for a single MME, and this determines how it'll evolve. Evolution starts after the MME's selling period is over. There'll be many morphing stages to go through and you will not be able to "freeze" or hang on to a stage that you particularly like, you just have to wait and let the evolution take its course. Don't panic--after it's finished evolving, you'll receive all the stages in your inventory and might even get a bonus item.

Gift wrap is an extra luxury you can buy if you already have a Basic Gift Box. It will simply wrap the gift box in your inventory with the pattern shown. Other than visual appeal, there is no special effect.

Skins offer a change in visual appearance. These are not actual items--when bought, they go to the appropriate place (your Key Quest case, NC album, etc.) where you can select to apply them.

Key Quest tokens come with a bonus item. Once you purchase the token, it will be in your inventory and can be traded. If you choose to activate it, you will get the bonus item and the token will disappear from your inventory (it will be available in your collector's case, where you can choose to put it in your quick list so it can be used in a game). Note that tokens can be re-released with different bonus items.

Neoboard pens give you extra space for your posts and neoHTML code. They are essentially another chat preferences slot, because you can also change your avatar/title/signature. You can view your pens on the Neoboard preferences page. When you're talking on the boards, you can select which pen (or, in other words, avatar/signature set) you want to use. Pen effects are not cumulative--if you have two, and each one offers you a 25% increase, it doesn't equal a 50% increase.

Magic Elixirs give out bonus effects to wear on your Neopet. You must open the elixir in order to receive the wearable item, but unlike Mystery Capsules, the effect is a guaranteed prize.

Battledome Claws are equippable battledome items that, whilst offering no in-battle advantage, award a wearable item upon being used.

Head Lanterns are special items that reward NC items when playing the Grave Danger game.

All Mystery Capsules
MME Guide
All Grams
All NC Key Quest Tokens
All Battledome Claws
Grave Danger Guide

Elite Boutique

"Elite Boutique" is an exclusive shop for veteran users. All of the items here are so elite that you cannot send them to another user!

You cannot access/see this shop until your account is over 49 months old (it may take a few extra days before you gain access). A red insignia in the Mall () will take you there when clicked (there is also a link under "Specialty").

Some Boutique items are a blast from the past--remember Pop Tart or the old circle backgrounds? Ah, memories.

All Elite Boutique Items

NC Collectibles

Every month, a new item will be showcased in the "NC Collectible" shop.

Items across months will fit into a certain theme (for example, the Royal Treatment Collection spanned 5 months). At the end, if you purchased all the items within a collection, you will get a bonus prize.

Important: When moving these items one at a time from your inventory to somewhere else, pay attention to the options in the drop down list! NC Collectibles have their own collector's album and I've known quite a few people who've accidentally put their item in there when they meant to put it in their Closet.

All NC Collectibles | Collectible Bonus Items

Faerie Quests

If you get a quest from Delina, the Crafting Faerie, she will ask for NC items. You can then access and buy materials from the "Faerie Quests" shop. Delina will reward you with her final creation if you give her what she needs!

Faerie Quests Guide

Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies are items that stock in limited amounts. They have a variety of different uses, from granting extra Faerie Quests and Lab zaps to awarding special NC items. They restock regularly, so don't worry if you reach the mall only to find your favorite cookie has sold out.

Fortune Cookie Guide

Future Fashions

From May 2012, the Future Fashions shop was introduced, to give high-spending users a preview of a few items 72 hours before they go on sale in the main shops of the NC Mall. To gain access, you need to have spent 10,000NC the previous month (spend in April to have the shop available in May, and so on), and the link to the shop will appear in the main NC Mall navigation.

As all items within the Future Fashions shop will be made available to everyone after 72 hours, we will not be marking them through notes or categories in the Item Database. However, any Mall items that appear in the new items search that are shown as on sale in the mall, but can't actually be seen or found, are more than likely to be Future Fashion items.

Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps are special items that randomly stock in any of the main Mall shops. Once you see one, there is a cool down of five refreshes until you can see another. Treasure Maps, when used, contain one item out of a possible pool of themed items according to the Map used.

Available Treasure Maps

Seasonal Shops The Mall is busy all year round. As one season or event ends, another one approaches, so seasonal/temporary shops are set up for the duration of the celebration. In them, you will find a mix of items that are set to retire and ones that will stay buyable long after.

In the latter half or near the end of the year, space needs to be cleared out for fresh new merchandise, so a string of "super sales" will occur. Old NC items will have their prices reduced and be on sale for a limited time, after which they will be removed from the Mall.

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Discount Codes

This is a seldom used feature. Codes have been made available in the past to give discounts on further NC purchases, but they had expiry dates and a spending minimum (e.g., 150 NC off a purchase of 1,000 NC or more). If more codes are released in the future, we'll have news posts about it on our main page and our Twitter feed.

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NC Mall Events

The NC Mall has many different events that happen. These typically award items that retire at the end of the month, and come in many different forms.

NC Mall - Events
Daily Dare

The first Mall event was held in March of 2009 as an accompaniment to the Daily Dare event. Lulu required users to beat low scores in the daily games in order to get wearable prizes. Unlike subsequent events, the daily prizes in this year were Neopoint items that could be sold for Neopoints.

Daily Dare 2009 Guide

Altador Cup

The fourth Altador Cup in 2009 was the first to receive an NC Challenge. Here, NC items replaced the Neopoint items from Lulu's challenge. Users had to score 5 goals every day in the newly released game of Shootout Showdown for a reward.

Altador Cup IV NC Challenge Guide

Altador Cup

The first Mystery Capsule adventure, in the fall of 2009, involved collecting five different Mystery Capsules themed around different Neopian lands. In return for buying at least one of all the capsules, users received a bonus item. If they managed to get the limited edition item from all five capsules, they got a further bonus item.

The five qualifying capsules

Atlas of the Ancients

As part of the Atlas of the Ancients plot in 2009, users could purchase a ticket to help Jordie in his adventures. This did not increase final plot points.

Atlas of the Ancients NC Guide

Games Master Challenge

Lulu returned in the 2009 Games Master Challenge, offering additional challenges for bonus NC prizes.

Games Master Challenge 2009 Guide

Stocking Stufftacular

The first Stocking Stufftacular was launched in 2009. Users could hang stockings above the fireplace, and find them filled with festive NC items the next morning.

Stocking Stufftacular 2009 Guide

Gift of Neocash

The first Gift of Neocash event ran at Christmas, 2009, running at the same time as the Stufftacular. Users who spent 20,000 NC during the holiday period were given a bonus item, and a bonus gift box.

Sweetheart Grams

The first event of 2010 saw Sweetheart Grams released in the Mall during Feburary. Two Grams were released, allowing users to send specific valentines items to friends without a gift box.

Sparkling Blue Sweetheart Gram
Sparkling Purple Sweetheart Gram

Daily Dare

Lulu returned for another round of the Daily Dare in 2010. This time there were 32 days of challenges to complete.

Daily Dare 2010 Guide

Neggstravaganza Surprise

During the 2010 Festival of Neggs, the NC Mall held its own event - the Neggstravaganza Surprise! Users could find neggs and open them for NC items, and the chance at a bonus.

Neggstravaganza Surprise Guide

Quest for Knowledge

In May 2010, another Mystery Capsule began, called the Quest for Knowledge. Again, five capsules were released, this time themed around several famous Neopian characters. Again, users who purchased all five capsules got a special bonus item (this time, an exclusive capsule with its own bonus). Users who got all five limited edition items from the capsules got a further bonus item.

The five qualifying capsules

Altador Cup

The fifth Altador Cup in 2010 saw the return of the NC Challenge. This time, the event required users to play more games than just Shootout Showdown in order to gain items.

Altador Cup V NC Challenge Guide

Birthday Grams

Grams returned as Birthday Grams in July 2010 to celebrate the Mall's third birthday! Users could use the grams to send birthday-themed items to friends without a gift box.

Green Star 3rd Birthday Gram
Purple Star 3rd Birthday Gram

The Great Mystery Capsule Adventure Continues

The Great Mystery Capsule Adventure Continues was a Capsule Adventure launched in September of 2010. Once again, five world-themed capsules were released. Once again, bonuses were available to users who purchased all five capsules, and those who found all five limited edition items. However, the bonus for finding all the limited edition items was partially randomised - users received 2-5 of a pool of possible bonuses. There was an additional bonus for those who found specific item types within the capsules.

The qualifying capsules
The available bonus items

13 Days of Trick or Treat

Halloween 2010 saw the 13 Days of Trick or Treat event. Users could claim halloween-themed items, but had the chance of getting a 'trick' item instead.

13 Days of Trick or Treat Guide

Games Master Challenge

The 2010 Games Master Challenge saw Lulu return for another round of gaming and item rewards.

Games Master Challenge 2010 Guide

Stocking Stufftacular

The Stocking Stufftacular returned for Christmas 2010. This time, it was possible to hang up to five stockings on a single day, allowing users to claim multiples of items.

Stocking Stufftacular 2010 Guide

Gift of Neocash

The Gift of Neocash event returned, and ran at Christmas, 2010, running at the same time as the Stufftacular. Users who spent 20,000 NC during the holiday period were given a bonus item, and users who spent 50,000 NC were given an additional bonus item.

Sweetheart Grams

Sweetheart Grams returned to the Mall in January of 2011. Three grams were released into the Mall, allowing users to send valentines-themed items to friends without a gift box. As an additional bonus, any user that sent any of the three grams was granted an additional bonus item once enough had been sent by the community.

Candy & Hearts Sweetheart Gram
Flower Sweetheart Gram
Heart Broken Sweetheart Gram

Daily Dare

Lulu returned for another year of the Daily Dare. In addition to the regular NC prizes, Lulu also re-released some popular items from previous Daily Dare NC Challenges as 'retro' prizes.

Daily Dare 2011 Guide


The Neggstravaganza returned for the Festival of Neggs, 2011. Once again, neggs were hidden in the Mall which contained items, and the chance at a bonus!

Neggstravaganza 2011 Guide

Festival of Neggs

As part of the 2011 Festival of Neggs, running at the same time as the Neggstravaganza, users could help Kari rebuild her booth for the festival. Using paints and materials from the booth, users could decorate the area and get items in return.

Festival of Neggs 2011 Guide

Altador Cup VI

The Altador Cup VI in 2011 saw a different NC element introduced. The VIP pass system allowed users to claim daily items from behind the scenes of the Altador Cup.

Altador Cup VI VIP Pass Guide

Birthday Wishing Candles

To celebrate the Mall's 4th Birthday in July 2011, some birthday candles were released! These worked like Sweetheart Grams, allowing users to send birthday-themed items to friends without a gift box.

NC Mall Birthday Wishing Wish Candle
NC Mall Birthday Dreaming Wish Candle

Locked Treasure of Mystery Chests

As part of the Disappearance of Krawk Island event, users found Locked Treasure of Mystery Chests. By buying a Mysterious Skeleton Key from the Mall, users could unlock the chests and claim pirate-themed items from within.

Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest

Case of the Mini-Mystery Capsules

Towards the end of August 2011, another Mystery Capsule Adventure began called the Case of the Mini-Mystery Capsules. After an accident at the capsule factory, five strange capsules appeared that contained mini-capsules, which in turn granted limited edition items. Once again, a bonus item was given to those who purchased all five capsules, while another bonus was given to those who obtained all five mini capsules.

The five qualifying capsules

Haunted Hijinks

For Halloween 2011, a mysterious Eyrie offered users the chance to bash ghosts on the head with special mallets. In exchange, they got spooky themed items.

Haunted Hijinks 2011

Masks of Dread

As part of the Masks of Dread event during Halloween 2011, Saskia offered additional items to those carrying a satchel from the NC Mall.

Masks of Dread 2011 Guide

Lulus Room Raid

As part of the 2011 Games Master Challenge, Lulu decided to break into AAA's and Abigail's rooms and help herself to some nice items she found inside as part of Lulu's Room Raid- of course, she shared her findings with users!

Lulu's Room Raid Guide

Stocking Stufftacular

The Stocking Stufftacular returned for Christmas 2011. Again, users could hang up to five stockings per day for festive themed items.

Stocking Stufftacular 2011 Guide

Gift of Neocash

The Gift of Neocash event returned for Christmas 2011. This time, however, no special items were awarded to users for spending in the Mall - just bonus amounts of NC.

Cracker Grams

In the third event of Christmas 2011, Cracker Grams were released in the Mall. Similar to Sweetheart Grams, these allowed users to send holiday-themed items to friends without a gift box.

Blue Holiday Cracker Gram
Red Holiday Cracker Gram

Sweetheart Grams

In early 2012, Sweetheart Grams returned to the Mall for Valentines Day. They allowed users to send valentines-themed items to friends without a gift box.

Heart and Crossbones Sweetheart Gram
Heartfelt Sweetheart Gram
Rose Sweetheart Gram

Case of the Missing King

Taking a break from the normal events, this was the Case of the Missing King. When King Roo went missing during the 2012 Daily Dare, and strange bugs invaded Roo Island, it was up to Lulu to hunt him down and find out what was going on - while collecting NC items, of course!

Daily Dare 2012 Guide

Phantastic Finds

Introducing Edolie, a famous gallery owner. She offered to let users keep some of her items as part of her spring clean in spring 2012.

Phantastic Finds Spring Guide

Negg Enlarger

During the 2012 Festival of Neggs, mini neggs began to appear. Using Negg Enlargers, the REAL Negg Faerie made them normal sized and gave items in return.

Festival of Neggs 2012 Guide

Altador Cup VII

With the Altador Cup VII in 2012 came the return of the VIP Pass areas. With different areas available, a whole new batch of items were also released!

Altador Cup VII VIP Pass Guide

Fivetastic Birthday

A grand cake was baked to celebrate the Mall's 5th Birthday in 2012. By lighting the candles, users gained exclusive items.

Fivetastic Birthday Guide

History Capsule Adventure

In late August 2012, the Capsule Adventure returned. This time, Zylphia used her chronomobile to travel through time and gather items relating to Neopia's past. Users purchasing all seven capsules were awarded with a bonus item, while those who found at least one limited edition item in each capsule received an additional bonus item.

The seven qualifying capsules

Phantastic Finds

Edolie returned for Halloween 2012, offering users the chance to help clear out her spooky themed gallery, even letting them keep the items!

Phantastic Finds Spooky Guide

Masks of Dread

Once again, in the Masks of Dread event at Halloween 2012, those carrying a satchel were able to gather additional items in their quests for Saskia.

Masks of Dread 2012 Guide

Games Master Challenge

With the Techo Master and Captain Threelegs taking over the Games Master Challenge in 2012, Lulu took her chance and raided their rooms, gathering some ninja and pirate themed items while she was at it.

Lulu's Masterful Plundering Guide

Stocking Stufftacular

The Stocking Stufftacular returned in 2012 with another batch of holiday themed items for Neopians to claim.

Stocking Stufftacular 2012 Guide

Gift of Neocash

The Gift of Neocash returned for Christmas 2012. Again, no item rewards were given. However, NC rewards were given to those who spent enough during the holiday period.

Holiday Snowglobes

Snowglobes were released in the Mall for Christmas 2012. They operated like Sweetheart Grams, allowing users to send holiday themed items to friends without a gift box.

Gothic Holiday Snowglobe
Lighted Holiday Snowglobe

Holiday Snowballs

As part of the 2012 Advent Calendar, Holiday Snowballs were released. Buying warm mittens from the Mall allowed them to be melted, revealing the exclusive items within.

Advent Calendar 2012 Guide

Sweetheart Grams

The Sweetheart Grams returned in early 2013. They allowed users to send valentines themed items to friends without a gift box.

Disheartening Sweetheart Gram
Love is in the Air Sweetheart Gram

Sealed with a Gift

For Valentines 2013, users could receive valentines cards in the mail, and NC items, of course!

Sealed with a Gift Guide


In the run up to the War for the Obelisk in 2013, users were excavating the structure. Using Tyrannian Scanoscopes, they were able to dig up additional NC items.

Scanoscopes Guide

Luminous Casks

During the War for the Obelisk in 2013, Luminous Casks were dropped by battledome opponents. Users could unlock them with Luminous Cask Keys, sold by the Mall, for additional items.

Items awarded from the casks
The Casks

Negg Punching

As part of the 2013 Festival of Neggs, Honest Pete set up a stall where he would turn Neggs into Doughnutfruits using Negg Punchers. In exchange for their help with the scheme, users got free wearable items!

Festival of Neggs 2013 Guide

Bloomin' Neggs

Also running during Easter 2013 was the Bloomin' Neggs event. Here, Flora needed help tending to the Negg plants she was growing in her greenhouse. Items were given in exchange for help.

Bloomin' Neggs Guide

Fanatic's Museum

During the Altador Cup VIII in 2013, the Techo Fanatic opened up his museum of Altador Cup items to the public, allowing them to even take home some souvenirs.

Fanatic's Museum Guide

Six-rific Birthday

To celebrate the Mall's 6th Birthday in summer 2013, another great cake was baked in an event known as the Six-rific Birthday Celebration. Again, for lighting the candles, users were given birthday themed items. There was even a free item from a goodie bag!

Six-rific Birthday Guide

Camp Wannamakeagame

When Lulu went off to Camp Wannamakeagame in summer 2013 during the Daily Dare, she sent postcards back to Roo Island, along with some items themed around her activities.

Camp Wannamakeagame Guide

Twisted History Capsule Adventure

In late August 2013, the Capsule Adventure returned. Zylphia once again used her chronomobile to travel through time and gather items relating to Neopia's past, only to find history had been changed, producing alternate timelines she had to fix. Users purchasing all seven capsules were awarded with a bonus item, while those who found at least one limited edition item in each capsule received an additional bonus item.

The seven qualifying capsules

Chef Julien

In late September 2013, as part of the Spooky Food Eating Contest, Chef Julien held an event to help test out his latest creations, and offering wearables in exchange for the help.

Chef Julien's Backstage Tasting Kitchen Guide

Haunted Hijinks

The Spooky ghost bopping Eyrie returned in October 2013 for another round of Haunted Hijinks. In exchange for hitting ghosts, he provided prizes.

Haunted Hijinks 2013

Runic Doors

In October 2013, as part of the ongoing Spooky Food Eating Contest, users could purchase scrolls from the Mall that helped them unlock special Runic Doors in the Catacombs below Neovia.

Runic Doors Guide

Reslen's Planetarium

As part of the 2013 Games Master Challenge in November, Reslen opened his planetarium to visitors. Amidst the stars, he came across wearable items, which he let users keep.

Planetarium Guide

Stocking Stufftacular

In December 2013, the Stocking Stufftacular returned for another year. As before, hanging stockings resulted in Christmas-themed wearables for participants.

Stocking Stufftacular 2013 Guide

Gift of Neocash

In December 2013 the Gift of Neocash returned. Again, no item bonuses were awarded, but those who took part received bonus NC. Those who took part in previous years got an additional amount of bonus NC.

Holiday Snowballs

As part of the 2013 Advent Calendar, a fresh batch of Holiday Snowballs were released. Buying mittens from the Mall allowed them to be melted, and for users to access the wearables hidden inside.

Advent Calendar 2013 Guide


Snowglobes returned in the Mall for Christmas 2013. Again, operating like Sweetheart Grams, they allowed users to obtain bonus Christmas themed items.

On the List Holiday Snowglobe
Trendsetter Holiday Snowglobe
Frosted Holiday Snowglobe

Sweetheart Grams

The Sweetheart Grams returned in early 2014. They allowed users to send valentines themed items to friends without a gift box.

Enamoured Sweetheart Gram
Heartsick Sweetheart Gram
Tinkered Sweetheart Gram


For valentines day, Valerie needed a hand training to become a cupid. In exchange, she granted new wearables!

Lovestruck Guide

Filament Lamps

As part of the Random Event event in March 2014, users could install Filament Lamps in a mysterious device hidden in Moltara, and in exchange got some nifty new wearables!

Portal Activation Centre Guide

Capture the Comets

As the Random Event event continued in March 2014, Scintilly enlisted users to help gather comets in order to power the Confusionator. They happened to contain wearables, which users got to keep.

Capture the Comets Guide

Bloomin Neggs

For Easter 2014, Flora returned with another dose of Bloomin' Neggs, offering items in exchange for helping her garden grow.

Bloomin' Neggs Guide


Also running through Easter 2014, the Negg-Gazer turned up at the Festival of Neggs and offered to read the future of those who had come across crystal Neggs. Oddly, their futures always involved finding wearable items.

Festival of Neggs 2014 Guide

Scavenger Hunt

In May 2014, three NC Mall employees set up a Scavenger Hunt across Neopia to collect items they needed for their departments. In exchange for help, they gave out wearable items!

The Great NC Scavenger Hunt Guide

Hidden Altador

During the ninth Altador Cup, compasses led the way to hidden locations in Altador, along with some carefully concealed wearable items!

Hidden Altador Guide

Wish Candles

To celebrate the Mall's birthday in July 2014, Wish Candles returned! Blowing out the candle granted one of several exclusive items!

7th Birthday Counting Wish Candle
7th Birthday Ball Wish Candle



Games are a major part of the Mall's item output. Unlike regular Neopets games, they don't award Neopoints or Trophies, but instead give out Neocash items! Most games don't require any actual skill, they are just a method of randomly awarding one of a set of themed items in a flashy way! Although some games have been retired from the Mall for good, the active ones tend to get regular updates with fresh batches of items.

Current Mall Games:

Past Mall Games:

Free Items

Free Items

Everyone likes free stuff, right? Usually, this comes in the form of goodie bags, released close to major holidays or events, and only available for a limited time. If the bag contains only NC items, then you can claim it on your side account(s) as well, but if it contains Neopoint items, then you cannot claim it on extra accounts.

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Trading Neocash Items

You can only trade NC items for other NC items (no offering Neopoints or Neopoint items!), but you don't have to stick to one-to-one trades; you can trade or offer multiple items for one item.

Of course, you don't have to trade, you can still perform random acts of kindness and give NC items without asking for things in return!

In order to send NC items, you must have NC gift boxes (you can view a list of boxes here). The primary way of getting gift boxes is by redeeming Game/Neocash cards or opening gift box mystery capsules, which are sometimes sold in the Mall. Each gift box can send 1 NC item, with the exception of the Super Holiday Gift Box, which sends exactly 4 items (if you only need to transfer 3, then you can send a filler item such as a hair bow or stick to using 3 regular gift boxes). If you're thinking, 'Oh, I'll just send a box inside another gift box,' sorry, you can't. :P Boxes have no expiration date.

Place all of the NC items you want to send in your inventory; make sure your gift boxes are there as well. Then click on a gift box, select an item you want to send from the drop down menu, click "Submit" and then enter the recipient's username and select a personalised message if you want.

You will then be taken to a confirmation screen where you must enter your password and, if applicable, PIN number. It is highly recommended that you go to your PIN preferences page and enable a PIN for NC Gift Boxes. This gives your account and your hard earned NC items an added layer of security.

A final click of the "Give Item!" button and the process is done. Repeat as necessary.

When you're given an NC item, it'll show up in your item transfer log. Open the box up first to see what is inside, then decide if you want to accept, return, or discard it. Returning will send the item back to the sender, along with the gift box that was used. You have 48 hours to decide what to do with an item that is sent to you, otherwise it will automatically be returned to the sender, box and all.

Return to Sender

How do you spread the word that you want to trade? First, you need some lists or a general idea of what you want and what you have to trade. You can use your gallery or NC album as your "Items Up For Trade" list; another option is to use our awesome Item Database wishlist feature. You can create multiple lists and use the "generate petpage code" function to export them to Neopets (edit your pet's homepage and paste the code in the box provided).

If your wishlist is causing some petpage coding filter errors, check out our article on how to fix them.

Now, let's get ready to start a topic on the NC Mall Neoboards or online communities. For the Neoboards, most people put a link to their wishlist/up for trade list in their NeoSignature (editable via the board preferences page). In the box after where it says "Enter your NeoSignature here:", put something like "NC UFT: " and then put a URL (the web address of your list). The URL should start with http://www.neopets.com/ No HTML code is necessary.

In the example above, if I was using a petpage, then instead of *****, I would put my pet's name.

Like other activities on Neopets, NC trading has developed its own lingo. Some of the most common terms can be found in our dictionary.

In your topic, you should also include your preferred contact method. Do you want only Neomail replies, or is it okay for others to post their offers on the board itself? After you've created your topic, check on it regularly, try to reply to all the offers you get, even if it's to say, "Sorry, I didn't see anything I wanted."

How do you know what is a fair trade? What are the values of items?

This is going to get into some tricky territory... Initially, the gifting system was meant for just that--giving something to a friend or family member because you were feeling nice. Then it became a vehicle for trading, and slowly a valuation system developed that used mystery capsules as a benchmark. Mystery capsules are 200 NC to 250 NC, so if you had a regular, non-retired background, that would be valued at 1 cap (backgrounds are usually priced at 200 NC). Retired items increase in value, but it also depends on the popularity of the item and how much it cost to obtain. For example, Heavy Snowfall Shower was a common prize for the winter-themed JubJub Power Bounce game, and a game token costs around $1.50 in US dollars, so one would not expect its value to rise to 5 caps (5 x 250 NC = 1,250 NC = $12.50 USD) upon retirement. It'd probably stay at 1 to 2 caps. MME1-B1: Sputtering Grey Mini-Monster, on the other hand, has been valued at over 100 caps (i.e., over $250 USD) because it was a bonus item, is considered cute by many, and is very rarely seen nowadays. It's not an item that has been re-released, either.

If you are unsure about the value of an item, ask around on the NC Neoboards for personal opinions and capsule value guides, which can be a handy estimate. However, and this is important: do not take cap values as infallible truth! They are only estimates/guidelines. Personally, I would use them to gauge rarity ("Okay, these two items are worth about the same in caps, so it'd be an equal trade") or I'd convert them to dollar values and think about how reasonable it sounds. Just because someone tells you a cap number does not mean you will find a trader willing to go through with that deal. There have been plenty of times when I've seen something I wanted but did not agree at all with what the trader was asking for in terms of cap value. Absolutely do not be afraid to use your own judgment. This system is also not meant to give you the impression that you must trade in caps, or customs to buy caps. There are tons of "Item blowout sale! Seeking caps only!" boards but few users actually offer on them.

There are many possible situations, really.

  • You only have common items up for trade + you're seeking rare retired items = most likely no offers
  • You have gift box caps/large amounts of NC to do a custom offer + you're only seeking a very rare item = probably a few replies or none at all
  • You have gift box caps/large amounts of NC to do a custom offer + you don't have a specific wishlist = most likely you'll get lots of replies
  • You have one incredibly rare item up for trade + you're seeking a ton of items for it = maybe a few offers or none at all, depending on the timing of your post

Flexibility is an advantageous trait--if you receive no replies the first time, don't get discouraged and keep trying! If you're still not getting anything desirable, evaluate your situation: are you being too demanding or greedy? Are you not being specific enough? Perhaps change your wishlist and try again. I think a fair trade is one where you're happy, the other person's happy, and nobody got outrageously swindled.

So, you've found a trade, now what's the etiquette? You should both be aware of which items you're exchanging, and then it's simply a matter of telling them the username of the account you'd like your things sent to, and asking where they would like theirs. If the other person is unresponsive or offline, send them a Neomail and set up a time--don't rush to send items first when you don't know where the other person is.

Some days are better than others on the Neoboards. There is an element of luck or timing to this. The majority of traders are very polite and are willing to advise newbies or those who've returned from a break. And you'll soon see how crazy busy it gets when a new gift box capsule is released. Don't worry, you'll soon be a pro!

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