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Mystery Capsules

All About Mystery Capsules!

On June 11, 2014, all of the existing Mystery Capsules were retired from the NC Mall, and in their place, new capsules began to be released that focused more on exclusive items and older re-releases.

Re-Release Capsules

Below is a list of each of the re-release capsules. Click on them to get a list of the possible re-releases:

Opening the Re-Release Capsules

When opening a capsule that gives out re-releases, you'll have the option to select what type of NC item you would like to receive, such as Clothing, Accessories, or Backgrounds & Trinkets.

The message at the top talking about shapes rattling around inside will indicate how many items you'll receive, which depends on the capsule. You can receive one item per category, so in some cases, you'll need to select multiple categories.

After selecting, you'll be able to confirm your choices:

And after confirming, you'll get your shiny new/old re-released Neocash items!

Other Capsules

In addition to capsules that re-release retired shop items, there are two other types of mystery capsules:

Gift Box Mystery Capsules

Typically, a gift box mystery capsule is released towards the end of the month and is on sale for a limited amount of time. These are popular items, so they're kept limited. They're used heavily in trading for other NC items since they provide guaranteed gift boxes each time they're opened (which are needed for trading NC items).

What Do I Get?

Opening a gift box mystery capsule will award a random NC item currently for sale in the Mall, along with at least two (sometimes more) gift boxes. The description of the capsule will specify how many boxes you can expect. Since what's for sale in the Mall is almost always changing, we do not provide a rotating list of what's possible.

You can view all of the gift box mystery capsules by visiting our Item Database. This particular link sorts them by their release date, starting with the most recently available capsule.

Limited Edition Item Capsules

The new limited edition item capsules will typically have around 9 exclusive items that you can win from opening the capsules. They no longer award a random NC item as the old style capsules did. (But, opening an old style capsule will still function as it did!) You can view the new style capsules in the table below, or visit the Item Database for a complete list including the old style capsules.

Limited Edition Item Capsules (New Style)

Valiant Champion Mystery Capsule

Summer Picnic Mystery Capsule

Abnormal Fashions Mystery Capsule

Dark Prism Mystery Capsule

Dream Lands Mystery Capsule

Nightmare Lands Mystery Capsule

Nightmare Wonderclaw Mystery Capsule

Dream Heroes and Villains Mystery Capsule

Nightmare Heroes and Villains Mystery Capsule

Best of Dreams Mystery Capsule

Worst Nightmare Mystery Capsule

Halloween Horrors Mystery Capsule

Autumn Pastels Mystery Capsule

Holiday Striped Mystery Capsule

Holiday Shopping Mystery Capsule

New Year 2014 Celebration Mystery Capsule

Winter Nature Mystery Capsule

Glam Valentine Mystery Capsule

Dark Sorcerer Mystery Capsule

Glittering Green Mystery Capsule

Easter Lights Mystery Capsule

Tribal Mystery Capsule

Nautical Summer Mystery Capsule

New Year 2015 Celebration Mystery Capsule

New Year 2016 Celebration Mystery Capsule

Winter Faerie Mystery Capsule

Springtime in Neopia Mystery Capsule

Summer Sunset Mystery Capsule

Autumn Moon Mystery Capsule

Day of the Dead Mystery Capsule

New Year 2017 Celebration Mystery Capsule

Winter Wonderland Mystery Capsule

Burst of Spring Mystery Capsule

Faerie Magic Summer Mystery Capsule

Golden Leaves Mystery Capsule

Haunted House Mystery Capsule

New Year 2018 Celebration Mystery Capsule

Lucky Charms Mystery Capsule

Mutant Mayhem Mystery Capsule

Perfect Paradise Mystery Capsule

Full of Fall Mystery Capsule

The 20th Anniversary Mystery Capsule

Temple of 1,000 Tombs Mystery Capsule

New Year 2019 Celebration Mystery Capsule

Wondrous Winter Mystery Capsule

Leprechaun Hat of Gold Mystery Capsule

Sunshining Spring Mystery Capsule

Summer Vibes Mystery Capsule

Usukicon Y22 Mystery Capsule

Autumn Stained Glass Mystery Capsule

Baby Bubbles Mystery Capsule

New Year 2020 Celebration Mystery Capsule

Frosted Winter Mystery Capsule
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