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Mutant Graveyard of Doom II

Mutant Graveyard of Doom II Information
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Albert is a rather unfortunate chappy. As if it weren't bad enough that his head looks like an ice cream that was left out in the sun too long, now he has been enslaved by our favourite boneless villain; The Esophagor. Since poor Albert is now stuck traipsing around graveyards and other spooky locations in search of food for the blobby behemoth, I think it's the least we can do to give him a hand, don't you?


The controls are extremely simple:
Arrow Keys - direct Albert around the screen
Space Bar - when facing certain tombstones press this to kick them down

Game Screen
Not an ideal game to play if you're afraid of the dark

In each level you will be given a list of 7 - 10 spooky foods to retrieve on behalf of The Esophagor, they will appear along the top of the screen as shown in the screenie above. They will start off as faded but will be filled in with colour when you collect it; each spooky food you collect is worth 10 points.

To help (or hinder) you in your quest there are also a number of power ups dotted around the levels, their glowing aura will give them away. Each one you collect will add a further 10 points to your score, as well as having the following effects:

Power Ups
Picture Effect

Pink Apple Lantern
Increases your candle's brightness by one grade

Mummified Negg
Reduces your candle's brightness by one grade. NOTE: If you're already on the lowest grade collecting this will kill you

Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry)
Reduces your speed

Pink Spooky Popcorn
Increases your speed


Certain tombstones within the levels can be kicked down, more specifically the plain ones with no engraving or fancy bits on them. They can either be kicked out of the way to make for easier passage to other parts of the level, or if you time it right you can topple it onto a baddie and bag yourself 50 points for the trouble.

Only the tombstone directly in front of Albert in this screenie is kickable

Your Candle

Your candle is the only thing standing between you being able to see where you're going, and you being stuck alone in the dark. Flailing wildly. Jumping out of your skin every time you hear a cricket fart. We don't want that now do we?

At the start of the game the glow of your candle reaches quite far, allowing you to see a fair amount of the area around you. But every time you bump into a baddie your candle shrinks and the size of the visible area around you decreases too; picking up a Mummified Negg will also dim your candle by a grade. If you're lucky you can collect a Pink Apple Lantern to restore it slightly. After three hits your candle gets snuffed out completely and you lose a life. You get a total of three lives; once they are used up, it's game over.


As well as the maze of tombstones, you also have some bad guys to contend with in the form of spooky petpets. The Chumablahs and the Jowlards aren't too tricky, they just wander around trying to bump into you. The Ghostkerchiefs, however, are able to float through the surrounding tombstones and so can sneak up on you.

Trickier still are the Sentient Tombstones, they look a bit like the enchanted stones who attacked you during the Tale of Woe plot. These guys wander around looking all demented (well you wouldn't expect an animated grave marker to act any other way really I suppose) for the most part, but every now and then they plonk themselves down and try to blend in with the surrounding stones. This screenie will show you what I mean:

Sentient Tombstone
The one on the right with the triangular top

They sit and wait like this until you walk near them, then they grow arms again and attack you. So when you're wandering around be on the lookout for any stones that seem out of place somehow, either sat out in the open by themselves or randomly jutting out of corridors.

They seem to react a little to the light of your candle, so if you are by a kickable tombstone it is possible to lure them towards you so you can kick it over and kill them.

Hints and Tips

First, this game proves to be a bit of a pain for people with slower computers; if that includes you then it's probably best to play on a lower quality resolution and to have as few other programs running at the same time as possible.

  • Always look beyond the light of your candle to see what's coming. Although it's shadowy you can still make out the outline of enemies coming your way. And it's a good idea to scout where spooky foods are when you see them, even if you can't quite get to them yet.
  • In levels that are very blocked in with lots of narrow corridors, it might be a better idea to kick down the gravestones you can as you come to them rather than just if a baddie is in range. If you end up getting hedged in with enemies coming from both sides they can make for a quick escape if you've already booted them down.
  • Unless you're going for a high score I would avoid collecting the Mummified Neggs because of the damage they do to your health. If you must collect them, try to wait until you only have one spooky food left to pick up and make sure you know where a Pink Apple Lantern is to recover.
  • Don't collect more Pink Spooky Popcorns than you need to. It's far too easy to go hurtling around and end up crashing into baddies you didn't see coming, not only that but if you reach a certain speed the landscape starts lagging as it tries to keep up and it makes the graphics jump.
  • If possible, hold off on collecting the final spooky food item on your list until you've had a good scan around for power ups that will give you extra points. Once you collect all the necessary foods you advance to the next level, so make sure you milk as many points from the easier early levels as you can.
  • Whether you're going for a high score or just aiming for the avatar, killing the baddies in each level where possible is a good way to earn lots of points. It can be a pain waiting around for one to come into range but it's worth it.

And that's your lot. Good luck getting that avatar, I imagine it's the main reason a lot of you will be reading this. ;)

Mutant Graveyard of Doom II

Mutant Graveyard of Doom II

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