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Species Files: Xweetok

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pron. ZWEE-tock
Pink Xweetok
Discovered: 30th November, 2005
Species Day: 29th November
Native Land: Neopia Central
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The Xweetok is a furry Neopet and a quadruped by nature, meaning it walks on four legs, although it is capable of standing and walking on only its hind paws if necessary. It is easily recognised by its fluffy ruff and mane, which stretches down its back to the tail, and by the curved black markings on its forehead. It has distinctive large, dark eyes. At about 25cm, it is one of the smallest Neopets.

Xweetoks originate in Neopia's temperate forests, where they live sheltered by thick roots or hollow trees. If there are no suitable shelters around, they will dig burrows as temporary lodgings. During the winter months, though, they're very glad of a cosy Neohome to curl up inside. They are quick and lively pets who love playing energetic games like tag, but somewhat sore losers, especially in the Battledome. Most Xweetoks are also very open and friendly creatures, who like having friends of many species, both Neopet and Petpet, and really enjoy the attention of others. It's not uncommon to see a Xweetok in the spotlight-shyness is not a common attribute for this species. They have something of a sweet tooth, which draws them to nuts and berries in the wild (and the rather less nutritious treat of jelly beans when living in the city).

Xweetoks are one of the more recent arrivals in Neopia, having been discovered on the 30th day of Storing, Year Seven (known to non-Neopians as November 30th, 2005). Their pose has been altered somewhat, but the basic design of the pet has remained virtually untouched since then.

Old Xwee

A Few Famous Xweetoks

  • Kellysia is one of the Petpet Protection League members who helped create Petpet Park. When not protecting them, she seems to work as a Petpet beautician-apparently it's not just Neopets who need to look good.
  • Lilian Fairweather, feisty daughter of Professor Hugo Fairweather, joined her father's expedition to the Lost Isle alongside Roxton Colchester III. She found the Lutari explorer rather frustrating to work with, but he made some valiant efforts to help her and they may well still be friends. She was forced to leave the island when a huge amount of giant Petpetpets attacked; it's unknown what she's working on now, but she may be studying the strange plant specimen she managed to bring home.
  • Xandra is a researcher of magic, with strong talents in the field herself. She came to prominence when Neopia's Faeries turned into statues in Year Twelve, but her full role in the disaster was not apparent for some time.
  • Altador Cup fans have the chance to cheer for Xweetok player Sela Pretore (Team Virtupets). Older spectators may remember retired Faerieland player Palia Alback, who has yet to be picked up by another team.

Xweetok Trivia

  • The Xweetok was accidentally set as labbable before the announcement of its release or the proper programming of its data, leaving a couple of confused owners taking care of broken images labelled as "the Yellow [blank]".

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