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Species Files: Ruki

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pron. ROO-kee
Island Ruki
Discovered: 29th July 2004
Species Day: 29th July
Native Land: Lost Desert
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The Ruki is a six-limbed Neopet with tough plated skin. It is a quadruped, in that it walks on four legs, but it also has two thin arms ending in heavy pincers. Its lower torso is covered by a hard shell, and it has two large antennae sprouting from the top of its head. It is also notable for its very large eyes, which are mounted on either side of its head. At about 60cm tall, it is a medium-sized Neopet.

Rukis originate in the Lost Desert. They are tough and adaptable creatures who don't mind harsh weather or dry climate, and they make great travellers. They love exploring Neopia to see new sights, no matter how far their journeys take them. Rukis' tough skin serves as a good natural form of armour, and they enjoy play-fighting with their friends.

The Ruki was welcomed to Neopia on the 29th day of Swimming, Year Six (known to non-Neopians as July 29th, 2004). The pet design has barely changed at all since then, although the pet's talons have become slightly less pointed and been repositioned to hide its jumble of legs.

Old Ruki

A Few Famous Rukis

  • Anshu was ship's doctor aboard the famous Shenkuuvian flying ship, the Cyodrake's Gaze. Now the crew have all returned to port, he runs a shop selling traditional herbal medicine.
  • An unnamed "wicked Ruki" stars as the antagonist in the game Dice Escape. His plan is to steal all the dice from little Neopets' board games, leaving them nothing to do but watch TV... but since there are no TVs in Neopia, you'd probably better do something about it. ;)
  • A cheerful Ruki runs the Second-Hand Shoppe in Neopia Central, helping people pass on their unwanted clothing to others. Why not donate an unused hat or shirt today?
  • Altador Cup fans can keep a lookout for Jurin T (Team Kreludor).

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