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2020 Faerie Quests Event

With this year's Faerie Quest event, running from March 5th through March 22nd, the faeries are asking for our help to heal them from the dubious goods they've purchased from Mr. Krawley.

Since each faerie is asking for new types of items during this event, we're currently collecting data on what's been asked for. If you have been asked for an item not listed below, please let us know!

Air Faerie

Altadorian Magic

An Air Faerie approaches and she looks like she's just been through a wind-tunnel. "*Breathing heavily* That "Breeze in a Can" is no good. In tiny print it says "May cause hurricanes" but who reads that stuff? Honestly! Any chance you could help me calm the storms? I'll need (ITEM).

It might be an idea to gather my item. Those hurricanes are bearing down on us.

That's perfect! Now, we'll need to use the (ITEM).

Huzzah! The hurricanes have simmered down to an adorable gust. I cannot thank you enough.

Brightvale Potions

An Air Faerie lands but she's covered in soot. "That so-called "Cleaner Air" device I purchased must be defective. Every time I replace the filter, I get covered in soot and dirt. It seems to release more soot than was filtered. I'll need (ITEM) to clean it up."

Hurry! Every time the wind blows, the dirt and soot gets blown everywhere.

(ITEM) will do it!

So much better. We can now breathe easier.


An Air Faerie swoops down... And then keeps swooping until she collides with a tree. "Ouch-ey! Louzy, wing trimmers. That devious creature sold them to me and they were supposed to help me fly faster. Now I can't stop properly. I need (ITEM) to undo the damage. Could you find it?

So far today I've flown into eight trees, two volcanoes and a flying boat. I hope you understand my flying insurance won't cover all that damage... What? It's good to be covered.

Aha! (ITEM). Could you just apply it gently to the affected area on my wing?

Oh that's much better. I could stop on a dubloon now.

Air Faerie Item Requests

Acara Compact Blush

(also normal quest item)

Acara Hair Ties


Acaras Waterproof Lotion

(also normal quest item)

Black Mirror

(also normal quest item)

Black Nail Varnish


Blue Mirror

(also normal quest item)

Blue Mouth Wash

(also normal quest item)

Chocolate Lip Gloss




Disco Nail Clippers


Elixir of Happiness

Enchanted Wooden Bow

Exploding Powder

Flaming Blooble Potion

Flask of Liquid Fire

Flask of Liquid Sunlight

Gilded Crossbow

Gold Glittery Soap


Golden Altador Brush


Golden Compass

Golden Laurel Circlet

Golden Mage Robe

Golden Sun Chalice

Green Glittery Soap

(also normal quest item)

Green Mirror




Hook Polish


Hypoallergenic Lip Gloss

(also normal quest item)

Jittery Jipple Pear Potion

JubJub Bubble Bath

(also normal quest item)

Laced Wooden Staff

Magical Healing Potion

Ona Comb

(also normal quest item)

Peophin Fragrant Soap


Pink Glittery Soap


Pink Nail Clippers

(also normal quest item)

Pirate Lip Balm


Prickly Potion

Pumpkin Spice Soap

(also normal quest item)

Purple Toothbrush


Red Short Hair Brush


Sandy Toothpaste


Serpent Scroll

Silver Nail Clippers

(also normal quest item)

Sroom Fruit Potion

Starry Toothbrush

(also normal quest item)

Steaming Skeem Potion

Sun Ring

Sun Scroll

Sunkissed Altadorian Lip Balm


Tangella Tonic

Techo Liquid Soap

(also normal quest item)

Techo Lotion


Transparent Apple Soap

(also normal quest item)

Transparent Berry Soap


Tropical Flower Plant Soap

(also normal quest item)

Vial of Fragrant Oil

Voidberry Potion

Voidberry-Scented Bath Salt


White Face Powder

Asked for an item not listed above? Let us know! Please be sure to specify the exact item name and the name of the faerie requesting it in your report. Let Us Know

Dark Faerie

Brightvale Potions

The Dark Faerie appears with a purse the size of the Black Pteri. "Here I thought that salesman gave me too much change. I was enjoying that feeling until I saw that it was nothing but worthless carnival tokens. And they keep multiplying! My poor change purse. Bring me (ITEM) and save me from this nightmare!

So many tokens. I don't want them. The prizes they earn are always impractical!

Well-well. Look who's come back. And here I thought you were enjoying my horrible situation. I don't suppose you'll actually give me the (ITEM), will you?"

I have to admit. You came through for me. Just for that, I will give you a little something.

Defence Magic

With a bang, a Dark Faerie appears... and with another bang her necklace pops smoke into her face. "*Coughing* You mean this cursed "Curse Maker" even ruins my cool entrance?! No fair. You there! This "Curse Maker chain" that I bought. It was supposed to curse others but it's stuck on self-curse. I need (ITEM).

The Dark Faerie involuntarily dunks her head in the pond over and over again. "Why am I dunking myself? It's the "Curse Maker", I told you. I need it!"

Yes-yes! Hand the (ITEM) over! I've reached two thousand cans of Neocola on the wall and I can't bear this song.

The Dark Faerie collapses with exhaustion. "Oh, mercy. You've done well. Perhaps, I won't curse the faeries after all. I've had my fill of curses to last me all year."

Medicine & Medical Cures

If you don't mind, I find myself in a bind. That twine that I bought, did more than I thought. Now I can't stop rhyming and it's terrible timing, because my sisters will think my magic's declining. To counter the effect I'll need (ITEM) I suspect. Please hurry, it's really quite confining.

Have you found my item yet? I hope you didn't forget. This rhyming is the worst, and this is coming from the cursed.

You came back! Please, no wisecracks. Would you hand (ITEM) to me? I need it, you see.

What a relief. My sisters were this close to signing me up for a slam poetry night. I had no material and rhyming is the lazy poet's crutch!

Asked for an item not listed above? Let us know! Please be sure to specify the exact item name and the name of the faerie requesting it in your report. Let Us Know

Earth Faerie

Battle Magic & Defence Magic

The Earth Faerie drops to her knees and lays an arm full of flowers on the ground. "Those magical hedge clippers. They've done this. It was a massacre. We lost so many good flowers. I must avenge this. Bring me (ITEM) and I'll show that Krawk!"

"Oh that Krawk won't know what hit him. Yes. Hee-hee. Once I get my hands on the item, that is. He'll never again come near my flowers!"

"Oh I can certainly work with the (ITEM). We Earth Faeries may look sweet but, like my roses, we've got thorns!"

"Nice! The flowers will be avenged thanks to you."


A freckled Earth Faerie smiles at you... but she looks exhausted and covered in grass stains. "Would you do me a huge favor? I bought this "magic plant feed", you know, like you do. And it somehow spawned weeds all across my fields. I need (ITEM) to get rid of them.

We're really in the weeds now. You haven't forgotten about me have you?

(ITEM)! is just what I need! Here, let me give it a try.

You saved my fields!


The Earth Faerie looks like she's stuck in the dirt, "This isn't what I wanted! The spell was supposed to "make me more grounded" not LITERALLY stick me in the ground. Err... Little help? Could you bring me (ITEM)?

I'd go get the item myself but as you can see: I'm kind of stuck here.

Could you bring the (ITEM) over to me, dearey? I'm afraid I'm planted.

I'm free! Oh I've never appreciated a pair of legs so much.

Asked for an item not listed above? Let us know! Please be sure to specify the exact item name and the name of the faerie requesting it in your report. Let Us Know

Fire Faerie

Defence Magic

A young Fire Faerie steps forward... And she's holding what looks like an explosive. "It's gonna blow up if I let go! All I wanted was a candle with a good burn and that crazy Krawk gave me this! I need (ITEM) to defuse it. Quick. I can't hold this forever.

My hand is slipping. I can't hold this explosive forever.

Perfect, (ITEM)! Gently now.

And... Boom! Defused! *Exhales* Phew! Close one, huh? I owe you.


A Fire Faerie approaches you and spills sand everywhere. "That "Fire Safety Sand" that I purchased. It put ME out. And it's getting everywhere. Can you find me (ITEM) to get rid of it?

Every time I get sand out of my wings, more seems to show up. This is worse than the beach!

Curse this cursed sand! Ah. Yes, (ITEM), exactly what I need.

Gone. Oh that feels so much better. I can feel that fire return.

Meridell Potion

A confused Fire Faerie approaches. After a pause, she says, "Oh hello there. Unfortunately, I believe that potion that I drank this morning to slow me down has made me... more forgetful than I remember. At least... I think I remember. Could you help me undo it. I'll need (ITEM_. I'm sorry, what were we talking about, again?" .

Who are you, again? Oh yes. The item. I'll need that to get my memory back. Now, who am I, again?

What's that? Oh the (ITEM) might help me remember what I forgot. More importantly, where are we?

It's all coming back to me now. The foul salesman. The amnesia potion. Well, I'll give him something he'll never forget. Thank you, my friend.

Asked for an item not listed above? Let us know! Please be sure to specify the exact item name and the name of the faerie requesting it in your report. Let Us Know

Light Faerie

Altadorian Magic

The Light Faerie approaches but she's obscured by some kind of cloud. "Yes, it's me. I should've known. When you buy the perfect cloud to shine your light through, all you get is one that obscures you completely. Could you find me (ITEM) to help me break through?

"There's a cloud hanging over me... And in front of me and all around me. Can you find me the item to get rid of it?"

"I'm still here. I know it may be hard to tell but just hand (ITEM) over to me through the cloud."

"I'm fully illuminated again! Isn't it wonderful? Now, how can I reward you. Oh I know!"

Brightvale Fruit

Brilliant light blinds you. As it fades, a Light Faerie talks to the tree behind you. "Is that you? Pardon me but I've been temporarily blinded by this "Flash Powder" that I purchased. If you could fetch me (ITEM) that should counteract the effects." She proceeds to pet a very confused Spyder. "Ooh, what a cute Angelpuss!"

The Light Faerie bumps into a rock and starts talking to it, "Oh excuse me. Did you find it yet? My eyesight won't come back without it."

Is that you? Did you find the (ITEM)?

I can see! Oh all the colours of Faerieland have never looked sweeter and it's such a joy to see you there, my dear beautiful Neopian.

Brightvale Potions

"Well this "Sunrise Spray" is going right back to the Krawk who sold it to me. It was supposed to brighten the day for Neopets who are stuck indoors but it's keeping them awake. I haven't slept in three days and... I'm starting to feel... odd. Why is that Kougra looking at me?" She points to a rock. "Listen. Could you find me (ITEM) to undo this?"

"Did you find it? No? Well then, can't you see I'm busy?" The Light Faerie returns to her imaginary conversation with the rock, "Now, how many Neopoints did it cost you?"

"So apparently that Kougra was simply looking for a nice Basket of Neggs. But I found her one. See." The Light Faerie points to a confused JubJub. She puts her hand over her forehead, "Oh dear. I've been talking to a rock again, haven't I? I do hope you found (ITEM)."

Oh sweet Neopian sunset! How I've missed you... I'm just going to take a little nap, right here...

Asked for an item not listed above? Let us know! Please be sure to specify the exact item name and the name of the faerie requesting it in your report. Let Us Know

Water Faerie

Magic Item

A Water Faerie approaches wide-eyed. "Oh pardon me but I never thought I'd see a lantern start a forest fire underwater. I'll need some kind of (ITEM) to put it out.

The underwater fire is spreading. I know it doesn't make sense but that doesn't mean it's not happening. Some kind of item will put it out.

I think (ITEM) will douse it.

The fire is receding. Wow. This'll certainly need looking into. This lantern could use some serious study.

Medical Cures

A Water Faerie approaches but her hair is standing on end... "This may shock you but I just got an electric zap from the "Current Cake" that Mister Krawley sold me. Could you find me (ITEM), please?

'Current Cake'. Oh I see what he did. *brutal sarcasm* Ha. Ha. Ha.

Is that the (ITEM)?

Oh thank you. That was far from a positive experience.


A Water Faerie sniffs and then unleashes an epic sneeze. "I'm-b sorry. I ha-be a bit of a sniffle. That ultimate umbrella I bought from-b MB-ister Krawley isn't exactly waterproof. If anything, it let mb-ore water in. I've never been this sick before. I could really use som-be (ITEM) if it's not too much trouble.

Atchoo! Oh dear. I really need it. And a "Gesundheit" would be nice too.

*Deep Sniff* you mmm-bade it back? And you brought the (ITEM).

Magic. I'm feeling great and no more unnecessary b's. Bless you, young Neopian.

Asked for an item not listed above? Let us know! Please be sure to specify the exact item name and the name of the faerie requesting it in your report. Let Us Know

Battle Faerie

Defence Magic

The Battle Faerie appears before you... but she looks exhausted and can barely lift her arms. "My friend, I purchased an impervious suit of armor but it's so heavy that I can barely move. I need (ITEM) to get it off.

I've been sitting here for hours and this armor's getting sweaty. Please, hurry.

You're back! A warrior true and true. Could you give me the (ITEM)?

My thanks, brave one. It should be noted that at times: protection and immobility come hand in hand. Although nothing will protect that Mister Krawley from me, I'll tell you that.

Healing Springs

The Battle Faerie looks incredibly sleepy, "Please. That healing salve that I bought... It takes care of the bruises but I'm so tired that I can... Barely... Talk... I need (ITEM) to... Undo its magic.

Haven't you found it?... Okay. Please keep searching... I'll just... Take a nap right here.

The Battle Faerie wakes up but still looks tired, "You made it... Here. Give me the (ITEM) before I fall asleep again..."

The Battle Faerie perks up immediately like she's had the best night's sleep in months, "Well that certainly did the trick. I'll just head on back to that Mister Krawley so he can see just how alert my sword hand is."

Magic Item

The Battle Faerie approaches you... And then another Battle Faerie approuches you, "Neopian," says the first, "I bought a potion that would give me the perfect duelist but it created an evil version of myself. I need (ITEM) to cast her away." The other says, "She's lying. I'm the real Battle Faerie and I need that to cast her away."

The first Battle Faerie says, "You're not the real Battle Faerie! You lock your knees when you fight." The second Battle Faerie says, "Your shield work is so last year. The true Battle Faerie would never make that mistake. Find it and we'll see..."

"You're back!" Say both the Battle Faeries simultaneously. "Give (ITEM) to me!" They say but one sounds slightly more hesitant than the other...

One of the Battle Faeries vanishes in a puff of smoke. The other says, "Thank you, Neopian. You made the right choice." She raises her sword to you... "Just kidding." She laughs and lowers it.

Asked for an item not listed above? Let us know! Please be sure to specify the exact item name and the name of the faerie requesting it in your report. Let Us Know

Fountain Faerie

Robot Petpet

The Fountain Faerie flaps hastily up to you. "Now my fountain is clogged! That "Drain-Ee-Oh-Ho-Ho-Ho" didn't clean them at all. If anything, it made it worse. Could you bring me (ITEM) to unclog it. I mean really. It's almost like this salesman doesn't want any return customers.

We'll need the item to unclog the fountain. Never you mind how.

I've found the blockage. Pass me the (ITEM).

Now to test the pressure... Perfect. The colours are flowing like a dream.

Space Food

The Fountain Faerie glides up to you but she doesn't look like her colourful self. "I have made a terrible mistake. My fountain had run out of blue so I bought a vial from that Krawk with the top hat. As soon as the "Better Blue" touched the water, my whole fountain turned grey. He says that only a "Colour Restorer" will fix it but he wants (ITEM) in return. Could you help me?

What would Mister Krawley want with it? Well. Sacrifices must be made to keep Neopia colourful.

My fountain is almost completely colourless. Could you hand me the (ITEM)?

True to his word. The colour is back. Your kindness will never be forgotten.


The Fountain Faerie looks distraught, "Every year I try to make a splash in Faerieland, but his time, when I sprinkled the packet of "Super-Splash" into my fountain, it splashed all the colour away. Fyora says she knows a spell to retrieve them but it looks rather complicated. Would you find (ITEM) for me?

My colour has been all splashed away. I could really use it.

(ITEM)! A final component of the spell...

Remarkable! All the colour returned. I'm genuinely surprised that worked.

Fountain Faerie Item Requests

Apple Wocky Candy Floss

Banana Candy Rock

Beef Rouladen

Black Licorice Hearts


Blue Berry Tonu Hard Candy

Blue Gem Candy

Blueberry Gateaux

Broomstick Lolly

Caramalised Blunkabean

Caramel Juppie Beast


Cheese Manicotti

Cherries Jubalee

Cherry Rose Lolly

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chocolate Eclair Paste

Chocolate Spike Ball Candy

Chocolate Usuki

Chocolate Moehog Coin

Cratered Pastry



Darigan Eyrie Paw Lolly

Dark Chocolate Ogrin

Dark Chocolate Pteri

Deep-Fried Space Rocks

Dehydrated Duck a lOrange


ErgyFruit Sour Saucer

Food Shop Chocolate Charm

Fruity Korbites

Glitter Heart Candy

Gold Mote Lollypop

Grape Candy Rock

Grape Grarrl Gummy

Grape Rubber Duck Lolly

Grarrl Grabber

Green Gem Candy

Green Tea


Grobleen Fruit Punch

Gummy Yoyo

Hazelnut Techo Truffle

Iceberg Sundae

Intergalactic Spiced Beans

Jelly Bean Filled Negg

Lemon Grarrl Gummy

Lemon Tulip Lollypop

Lime Grarrl Gummy

Lime Jelly Usul

Melon Chews

Melted Chocolate Negg

Milk Chocolate Aisha

Milk Chocolate Buzz

Milk Chocolate Gelert

Milk Chocolate Kiko

Milk Chocolate Kougra

Milk Chocolate Kougra Paw

Milk Chocolate Nimmo

Milk Chocolate Peophin

Milk Chocolate Shoyru

Milk Chocolate Skeith


Oozing Chocolate Heart

Orange Chocolate Kougra

Orange Gem Candy


Pink Kyrii Candy Floss


Rainbow Breath Mints

Raspberry Candy Rock

Reject Dung Mote Lolly

Roast Gargapple


Rock Candy

Salty Gumball



Space Spice

Space-Fungused Cheese Cracker

Spiced Apple Pie

Squashed Salisbury Steak

Starry Scorchio Lollypop

Strawberry Jelly Usul

Striped Orange Bonbon

Sugarbunny Surprise

Toffee Apple

Usuki Gummy Faces

Vanilla Ice Cream Gummy

Vanilla Spike Ball Candy


Wartroot Jelly Beans


White Chocolate Aisha

White Chocolate Grarrl

White Chocolate Korbat

White Chocolate Lupe

White Chocolate Scorchio

White Chocolate Skeith

White Chocolate Wocky
Asked for an item not listed above? Let us know! Please be sure to specify the exact item name and the name of the faerie requesting it in your report. Let Us Know

Grey Faerie

Faerie Furniture

"Oh... Hi." The Grey Faerie says with less enthusiasm than usual as she hovers towards you... "You know, that 'Uplifting Cookie' I bought really doesn't improve my mood. It just makes me hover in the air like this. I miss being on the ground. I don't suppose you could find (ITEM) to help bring me down?"

The Grey Faerie hovers by. "Any time you're ready."

Did you actually bring me the (ITEM)?

Wow. That actually has cheered me up. For real this time. Ha! Take that, Mister Krawley!


The Grey Faerie looks disappointed. "I guess I shouldn't have tried the "Wing Grow". These wings are so small they couldn't lift a fly. Could you bring me (ITEM) to get rid of them?"

"These tiny wings are really depressing. I don't suppose you've found the it yet?"

"Oh please. Use the (ITEM) to trim these things off. I can't stand it any more."

"That's better. I guess no wings are preferable sometimes."

Neovian Attire

There seems to be more holes in the Grey Faerie's dress than usual, "Oh dear. So it's noticeable? Those patches I bought for my dress just won't stay on. I guess I'll need something else to patch the holes. Maybe (ITEM)?

This dress was always falling apart but these new patches somehow made it worse. I don't suppose you've found it yet, have you?

You've brought me the (ITEM). That's a relief. You caught me right before I was going to buy a new dress.

Well, it's not perfect but, then again, nothing is. You've been so kind to me. How can I repay you?

Asked for an item not listed above? Let us know! Please be sure to specify the exact item name and the name of the faerie requesting it in your report. Let Us Know


Booktastic Book

The Faerie Queen ushers you over. "Apparently this book that I was sold: "The Spell Book Organizer", is not quite the interesting read I was hoping for. Right now it's eating all of my spell-books. You couldn't help me appease its hunger by finding me (ITEM), could you?

Please, hurry. That cursed book is eating my spells alphabetically and it's already reached "C". No! Not "Charming Chia Charms"!

Bad cursed book! Shoo! Shoo! Could you give me the (ITEM)?

There we are! Thank goodness. Although that cursed book left quite a mess. I guess I'll be returning the pages to the book covers for the next few weeks. Still, there's something fun about re-reading spell books. I forgot all about this one.

Brightvale Fruits

The Faerie Queen appears in a puff of... stinking rose smoke... Yuck! *Sighs* "Yes, I know. Apparently, that Staff Cleaner Spray I bought doesn't have the best odour. Could you bring me (ITEM)? That should cover it."

I could really use your help. The stench is overpowering. It's almost like the Mucus Beast went for a jog around Faerieland.

Oh dear. I smell like a Blorbis who's had an accident. Did you bring the (ITEM)?

Ah. That's better. Now, my puffs of smoke are sweetly scented.


Many Faeries drag their feet and droop their wings. The Faerie Queen looks concerned. "My sisters have fallen victim to a terrible potion. I believe it was called "Faerie Joy". It appears to send them into a deep sadness. I fear the effects might be permanent if we don't do something. I need (ITEM) for the spell to free them.

I cannot stand idly by while my sisters are in this state. Did you find it?

You got here just in time. I'll just need the (ITEM) for the spell.

Oh what a relief. They look like they're on the mend.

Fyora Item Requests

10,001 Chocolate Cake Recipes

All About Rare Stamps

(also normal quest item)

Antigravity Games

Astrophysics for Beginners

(also normal quest item)

Attack On Kreludor

Beyond Neopia

Blue Kiko Squeeze Toy

Blue Mynci Puppet

Blue Negg Goo

Bouncy Zafara Toy

Boxes of Bolts

(also normal quest item)

Cabbage Doughnut Charm

Cackleberry Jam

(also normal quest item)

Chokato Kite

Cloud Kite


Collecting Moon Rock

Computing the Kreludan Way

(also normal quest item)

Constellation Spotting

Count von Roo Bouncy Ball

Crater Dwellings

Craters of Kreludor

Creatures From Afar

(also normal quest item)

Defending Your Neohome

Dewy Apple

Draik Puzzle

Draik Squirt Toy

Emergency Shuttle Procedures

Faerie Kyrii Kite

Feed the Skeith Game

Flotsam Squirter

Fresh Skeem Fruit Salad


Frubix Cube

Fun In The Sun Quiguki

Furanga Fruit

Garin Spinning Top

Grarrl Balloon Pet

Green Bike

Green Mynci Puppet

Grenanna Jam




Hissi In A Box

Ice Blocks

Icky Fruit

Jipple Pear Jam

Kacheek Snowglobe

Kacheek Toy Drum

Kevin Gormball Action Figure

Krawk Bubble Blaster

Krawk Clacker

Kreludan Bed Time Stories

Kreludan Cookie Book

Kreludan Fashion

Kreludan Life

Kreludor Balloon

Kreludor: Places of Interest


Lil Miss Grarrl

Lutari Water Balloons


Magic Hanky


Meerca Gnome-in-the-box

Nedler Squeeze Toy

Nimmo Gnome Collectable Charm

Nose Picking Mynci Gnome Balloon

Old Box Fort

Orange Bori Action Figure

Orange Chocolate Shoyru

Orange Grundo Survival Handbook

Orange Negg Goo

Orange Origami Gallion

Oranges Are Better

Passionberry Jam

(also normal quest item)


(also normal quest item)

Pink Flotsam Pull Toy

Practical Repairs

(also normal quest item)

Quiggle Squeeze Toy

Red Grundo Keyring

Red Origami Gelert

Red Poogle Toy

Repairing Your Ship

Robot Lenny Repair Manual

(also normal quest item)

Robot Rock

Rocket Building for Fun and Profit

(also normal quest item)

Sauteed Purblare Slices

(also normal quest item)



Shelled Rice

Shishkafruit Fritters


Skeem Jam


(also normal quest item)

Skeith Water Balloons

Slime and You

Sling Gun

Smug Bug Board Game

Space Rocks: A Visual Encyclopedia


Squibble Berry Jam

Sroom Fruit

Sroom Fruit Jam

Strypedillo Jam



Super Duper Scooter


(also normal quest item)

The Code

The Complete Guide to Dr Sloth

(also normal quest item)

The Great Betrayal

The Handy Guide to Neopian Domination

(also normal quest item)

The Threat Outside

Thyassa Gormball Action Figure


Turmac Roll Yo-Yo

Victory Is Ours

Virtupets Balloon

Wishing On A Star

Worlds Outside Neopia
Asked for an item not listed above? Let us know! Please be sure to specify the exact item name and the name of the faerie requesting it in your report. Let Us Know

Soup Faerie

Exotic Foods

The Soup Faerie looks panicked as she pours more and more into her cauldron of soup, "How can a cauldron be this hungry?! Oh, my friend. This odd new cauldron keeps eating my soup before I can finish it. Could you find me (ITEM), please?

You want more, Cauldron? I don't know what to tell you. I'm running out of ingredients. Unless my friend here can find it.

Superb! That (ITEM) should appease even this Cauldron's bottomless stomach.

Looks like the Cauldron is finally appeased. Thank you, my dear Neopian.

Jelly Food

The Soup Faerie looks quizzically at the magical spoon stirring her soup bowl. "You know this sounds better when you ask for it but the spoon is stirring so fast that I can't even sneak a taste. Could you bring me (ITEM) so I can bring this madness to an end?

Stop stirring!

You brought the (ITEM)! If you don't mind... Could you?

Finally! I've been waiting forever to have a taste... Hmm... Needs salt.


It's the Soup Faerie... And she's guzzling milk like it's no one's business. She talks in between giant swigs. "Help!... I bought this... super spicy chile... Thought my soup... Needed zing... Too much zing... Won't stop... Can't get... Taste out... Need (ITEM)... Stop the burning... Please Hurry... Can't drink... this forever!"

Hot-hot-hot... Did you find the item?

You have the (ITEM)?!... Please, may I have it?

Ahh! So much better. I think I'll lay off the spice for a while.

Soup Faerie Item Requests

Almond Pudding

Apple Jelly Apple

Artichoke Dumplings

Asparagus Toast Dumplings

Bag of Dried Mushrooms

Bamboo Tea

Black Currant Jelly Pop

Bluchard Root Stuffed Dumpling

Blueberry Krawkade

Cherryberry Krawkade

Chokato Dumplings

Cold Buckwheat Noodles

Curried Fish

Energyblast Krawkade

Exotic Fried Noodles

Flaming Bomberry Krawkade

Flotsam Rice Cracker

Flotsam Seaweed Rice Cracker

Flotsam Spicy Rice Cracker

Flotsam Sugar Rice Cracker

Fried Calamari Salad

Fried Tofu

Ginseng Popsicle

Gold Leaf Creambowl

Grape Krawkade

Green Bean Kimchee

Green Tea Custard

Grilled Enoki

Grilled Sandfish

Grilled Stuffed Tofu

Harris Vegan Platter

Hegelob Peanut Cookies

Hot Mustard Sauce

Islandberry Krawkade

Jelly Asparagus

Jelly Berries

Jelly Can of Beans

Jelly Cereal

Jelly Corn on the Cob

Jelly Green Cheese

Jelly Olive

Jelly Parsley

Jelly Pod Peas

Jelly Sushi

Jelly Tamale

Jug Juice

Kacheek Spaghetti

Kale Chips

Kookith Vegan Platter

Krawkade Low-Carb Energy Infusion

Large Apple Beet Smoothie

Large Avocado Smoothie

Large Basil Lentil Smoothie

Large Bean Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Large Blueberry Tomato Blend Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Large Churro Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Large Cucumber Breezes Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Large Fancy Tangerine Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Large Fishy Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Large Honey Lemon Smoothie

Large Ice Creamy Jelly Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Large Islandberry Smoothie

Large Lemon Ginger Smoothie

Large Pear Smoothie

Large Rasmelon Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Large Shepherds Pie Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Large Spirulina Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Large Yogurt Pea Smoothie

Lemon Ginger Smoothie

Lemon Jelly Pop

Limeberry Krawkade

Lite Lemon Energy Krawkade

Lotus Artichoke

Lotus Rice

Mega Asparrot Smoothie

Mega Bamboo Smoothie

Mega Bean Smoothie

Mega Cabpru Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Mega Kalboo Smoothie

Mega Peagurt Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Mega Pickles and Cheese Smoothie

Mega Shepherds Pie Smoothie

Mega Turnla Smoothie

Mega Waterberry Smoothie

Mega Wheatgrass Fruit Smoothie

Mint Rolls

Misty Shenkuu Mountain Soup

Mochi Soup

Munuberry Fruit Pudding

Neopian Berry Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Nimmo Curry and Rice Ball

Noodle Salad

Oozing Negg Buns

Orange Carrot Smoothie

Orange Jelly Sandwich

Pan Fried Dumplings

Pandaphant Sushi

Pickled Bluchard Root Platter

Pickled Cucumbers

Popcorn Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Poppit Vegan Platter

Power Smoothie

Rainbow Smoothie

Raspberry Jelly Pop

Red Bean Dumplings

Rice Crackers

River Wave Breeze

Sandan Bite

Seaweed Salad

Seaweed Wrapped Dumplings

Shenkuu Mountain Miso Soup

Shenkuu Shrimp-Fried Rice

Shenkuu Souffle Pancakes

Small Apple Beet Smoothie

Small Asparrot Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Small Blueberry Tomato Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Small Neggnog Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Small Orange Clove Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Small Roasted Chestnut Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Small Spirulina Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Small Yogurt Pea Smoothie

(also normal quest item)

Snorkle Vegan Platter

Spiced Nuts

Spicy Cabbage Pancakes

Spicy Coconut Soup

Spicy Tofu Satay

Spinach and Cream Cheese Dumplings

Squibble Berry Salad

Steamed Noodle Cake

Steaming Hot Udon Noodles

Stramberry Juice

Strawberry Kiwi Vanilla Smoothie

Tentacle Rice

Tofu Satay

Tomato Cheese Salad

Urchin Surprise

Veggie Bowl

Veggie Nimmo Bento

Wasabi Crackers

Yooyu Sensation Krawkade
Asked for an item not listed above? Let us know! Please be sure to specify the exact item name and the name of the faerie requesting it in your report. Let Us Know

Space Faerie

Faerie Book

The Space Faerie looks lost. "Err, excuse me. I'm lost. I bought this map, you see, but every time I follow it, I end up in the same place. Even when I go to different destinations. I'll need (ITEM) to get to the bottom of this.

I'm back here again?! How is that possible? I asked for directions. You need to find it or I'll be stuck in this loop forever.

You found it! Quick, give me the (ITEM) and I can disenchant this evil map.

There! I hope that did the trick. Hopefully you won't see me stuck in this loop, again. And hopefully you won't see me stuck in this loop, again... Just kidding.

Qasalan Tablets

The Space Faerie looks at the moon, worried. "Oh. I'm afraid there's been a bit of a mix up. That "Moon Polish" that I got; it's influencing the moon's gravitational pull. Think of the tides! You've got to find (ITEM) before my Water Faerie sisters start to panic.

"We need that item. Quickly, I've got to get fix the moon's orbit."

That's right! (ITEM)!

Now I just need to time it right... Yes, orbit corrected. Well... Let's hope there's been no lingering damage to the laws of gravity.

Remarkable Restoratives

The Space Faerie appears before you, but there's no glitter of starlight this time. "That "Starshine in a Bottle" must've been defective. Not only have I lost my sparkle, but the very stars themselves look dimmer. Would you help me restore them? I'll need (ITEM).

I miss my sparkle. Did you find anything?

The stars looks so dim. They could fade away at any moment. Could you hand me the (ITEM)?

Ah! That twinkling has returned to the stars. You have my eternal gratitude.

Space Faerie Item Requests

Adventures on a Faeries Wheel

Ancient Drawing

Ancient Neopian Decree

(also normal quest item)

Ancient Shopping List Scroll

Ancient Tales of Horror

(also normal quest item)

Brilliant Draik Flower


Circular Tablet

(also normal quest item)

Clay and Leaf Paste

(also normal quest item)

Coleus Aromaticus

(also normal quest item)

Cooking with Qando Fruit

Crumble Fungus

(also normal quest item)

Curses of Qasala

(also normal quest item)

Cut and Dried Stalks

Dandelion Root

(also normal quest item)

Dried Orange Peels

Dried Prampet Leaves


Dried Black Mushrooms

Faerie Guide to Interior Design

Faerie Music Making

Faerie Paper Dolls Anthology

Faerie Table Settings

(also normal quest item)

Faerieland Sunsets


Fantastic Jhudora Stories

(also normal quest item)

Finely Ground Bean Powder

(also normal quest item)

Furry Faerie Friends

Fyoras Rule


Library Tales

Lotus Leaves

(also normal quest item)

Marble Tablet

Never Ending Faerie Tales

Princely Proclamations

Qasalan Healing Techniques

Qasalan Laws

(also normal quest item)

Rebuilding Faerieland: A Journey


Sandrock Sculpture

(also normal quest item)

Secret of the Stones


Slimy Bog Scroll


Slimy Tree Bark

Soothing Stones

(also normal quest item)

Steaming Green Tea

(also normal quest item)

TDMBGPOP in Legends and Myths

(also normal quest item)

Tablet of Fire Runes


Tablet of Warfare

Tablet of Zombie Defence Tactics


Tablet of the Mysterious Mallard

(also normal quest item)

The Green Book

The Hidden Tower

(also normal quest item)

The Journal of Jazan

When the Wind Blows

White Squid Root

(also normal quest item)
Asked for an item not listed above? Let us know! Please be sure to specify the exact item name and the name of the faerie requesting it in your report. Let Us Know