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Moltara Mystery

The Random Events

On March 19, 2014, a mysterious random event began popping up around Neopia. (Two days prior, Neopets had been acquired by a new company, JumpStart, and as part of the news, the frequency of random events was increased.)

The random event depicted a grainy image of a Lutari asking for help... but for what?

On March 20th, two additional random events began appearing, which contained the other parts of the message.

And when you piece it altogether, you get:

Can anyone down there hear me? I need supplies to fix the machine. My original workshop is located underground. You'll find what looks like a water tower in Moltara City. You can use the portal there to teleport to my ship. I'll give you further instructions when you arrive. Hurry, would you?

This led Neopians to the water tower in Moltara, which contained a previously undiscovered portal that allegedly went to the Lutari's spaceship.