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Mystery Island Harbour

The Mystery Island Harbour is the connection between the Island and the rest of Neopia; it allows you to return to the main Explore map once you're done exploring the beaches and jungles. (Of course, you can also get back to the map by clicking Explore at the top of the page at any time.)

Distraught Mystery Islanders

Back when voyaging to Mystery Island was still a rare and difficult thing, leaving the Island was far more of a big deal than it is today. Being able to drop by every day for a turn on the Tombola Game was not always a guarantee! Accessing Mystery Island in the early years of Neopia (think c. 2000) required the use of special totems, which were obtainable in random events across the site.

Chia TotemJubJub TotemShoyru Totem

That may be why, if you go to the Harbour, an upset-looking Kougra and Coconut Jubjub will try to persuade you to stay. These days, though, you can leave without fear, and come back as often as you want.

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