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Meerca Chase 2

Meerca Chase 2 Information
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Meerca Chase II is the Neopets version of the arcade classic 'Snake'. Gameplay is exceedingly simple; you control a hyperactive little Meerca as he sprints around the screen collecting Neggs. Each Negg you collect then hovers behind you in a queue, kind of like a tail that follows you around the screen. However not all Neggs are ripe for grabbing, Red Neggs dislike being touched and if you collide with one of them then it's game over. Also, if you run into your own tail or one of the walls then you will also bite the dust.

Happy Negg
It's a Negg and it's happy to see you!

Game Modes

Although the basic principal of the game remains the same, you can choose a number of different game modes to alter your play slightly:

Classic Mode

This mode is the bare bones version of the game. You move around at a variety of paces depending on which difficulty setting you choose: slowly on 'Easy', a little faster in 'Medium' and then quite rapidly in 'Hard'. You turn in 90 degree angles to face either north, south, east or west (by using the 'up', 'down', 'right' and 'left' arrow keys respectively) and travel in straight lines.

Freestyle Mode

Things are made more difficult as you now have the ability to move freely through 360 degrees; meaning you can now turn in circles and travel around the screen in curves and arcs. Once again you can choose how fast you travel around the screen from which difficulty setting you select.

Maze Mode

This is essentially Classic Mode... only somebody went and planted a hedge maze smack in the middle of the screen. I know, how inconsiderate of them. This mode gives you the added element of having to avoid the maze walls as well as the all the other hazards. The usual rules of difficulty settings also apply here.

Gravity Mode

Although not initially offered on the menu screen, if you type in "superextrahypergravitymode" (that's "super extra hyper gravity mode" only without the spaces) then you will unlock a secret mode! In this version you find yourself being sucked into a black hole in the centre of the screen, the closer to the centre you get the greater the suction power. So you have to circle around the outside of the screen collecting Neggs as in the other modes and trying not to crash into anything or get sucked into oblivion. This mode is only available in Stop 'N' Go difficulty and is probably your best bet at getting the avatar since the point rewards for the Neggs are multiplied greatly. But more about that part later. :)

Gravity Mode
The blue tinge in the centre shows where the force pulling you into the black hole is strongest

Ferocious Negg Mode

Another cool secret level is available by typing in "ferociousneggsareontheloose" ("ferocious neggs are on the loose" but again without spaces). In this mode you run around the screen collecting Neggs, only for every Negg you collect a Ferocious Negg will spawn and start running around the screen trying to nip you! It's just as well you don't have a tail in this mode as the screen can get very cluttered very quickly.

Ferocious Mode
Unlike other modes where it's mildly random; a Ferocious Negg appears EVERY time you collect a Negg

Difficulty Settings

Easy - This is "super" slow. This mode is for really bad game players - you really have to have patience for this game play. You get a low amount of points for collected Neggs in this game mode.

Medium - This is probably better to start out with. It's not too fast and not too slow! You get a good amount of points from the Neggs you collect.

Hard - This mode is "super" fast. This is for really good Meerca Chase players! You get a TON of points for collecting Neggs in this game mode but you have to weigh that up against the greater likelihood of dying.

Ferocious Negg
I'm ferocious. I'm a Negg. Let's keep it simple, shall we?

Point Differences

Explaining the scoring for this game is rather difficult, given how simple the gameplay itself is. Basically each Negg has a points value and depending on which mode you play in and which difficulty setting you use that value gets multiplied. For example, the common Yellow Negg has a value of 1 point; if you play on Easy difficulty on Classic mode then that earns you a multiplier bonus of 3, so every Yellow Negg you collect in that game will earn you 3 points. However if you play Ferocious mode on Hard difficulty (see note below table) that gives you a multiplier bonus of 10, so each Yellow Negg you collect in that game will earn you 10 points. In the following table E stands for 'Easy' difficulty, M for 'Medium' and H for 'Hard'; Gravity mode can only be played in 'Stop 'N' Go' difficulty.

Negg Point Values
Negg Classic Freestyle Maze Ferocious * Gravity
E M H E M H E M H E M H ---
Yellow Negg 3 5 8 3 6 10 3 8 12 3 7 10 18
Blue Negg 9 15 24 9 18 29 9 23 36 9 20 31 54
Green Negg 12 20 32 12 24 38 12 30 48 12 26 42 72
Silver Negg 15 25 40 15 30 48 15 38 60 15 33 52 90
Gold Negg 30 50 80 30 60 96 30 75 120 30 65 104 180
Rainbow Negg 60 100 160 60 120 192 60 150 240 60 130 208 360
Power Negg 99 165 264 99 198 317 99 248 396 99 215 343 594
Fish Negg 150 250 400 150 300 480 150 375 600 150 325 520 900

* To get different difficulties on Ferocious, restart the game after losing; you can then select a different mode. The points will appear as undefined and the selection box will hover over nothingess on the menu.

Gravity Mode Strategy

As you will be able to see from the table, the quickest way to make points is to play on Gravity mode as everything gets multiplied by 6! It can be a bit tricky to get the hang of but hopefully after a little practice you will be able to rack up enough points to earn some good Neopoint rewards or get the avatar, if that's what you're after. But first, a word about 'the luck of the draw'.

In any game the colour of the next Negg to appear on the screen is randomised, so although nine times out of ten when you start a game the first Negg you will have to collect will be a Yellow one, there is a chance (however slim) that it will be a rarer one. So if you're a really bad player but you're still desperate for the avatar then you can always just keep restarting your game over and over in hopes of getting a Fish Negg as your first. Obviously this is a very rare happening but it is possible, the only problem there is that you still have to be good enough to collect the next 350 points necessary to gain the avatar. Of course, there is also the possibility you could get more than one Fish Negg in a single game... :)

Double Fish Neggs
... a bit like so :D

Right, now for tactics. The best method I have found for playing this mode is to keep your middle finger on the 'up' arrow (the one you use to make your Meerca go forwards in whichever direction he is facing) and then either use your ring finger to hold down the 'right' arrow key, or use your index finger to hold down the 'left' arrow key. The first option will make you circle the screen in a clockwise direction, whereas the latter will make you circle in an anti-clockwise direction. Either way, from playing this mode I have determined it is much easier to navigate if you pick one of the directions and then stick to it and just do laps of the centre picking up Neggs. This way you avoid running into your tail and keep some momentum to stop you getting dragged into the black hole so easily.

Speaking of which, there is something to be said about that big black hole and just how evil it is. Sometimes you will have to collect a Negg that is right on the edge of it; the best approach for these is to adopt the following strategy, as shown here:

Collecting Tough Neggs

Draw up on level with the Negg and turn to face away from the hole, then release the 'up' key and let yourself slowly slide backwards towards the hole and the Negg (keeping out of the way of your own tail). Tap it a few times as you're being pulled in to slow things down and maintain a bit of control so you don't just get sucked straight in. You don't always necessarily have to go through the Negg to collect it and sometimes you can get away with just passing really really close to it. As soon as you collect the Negg then press the 'up' key and keep your fingers crossed that the little Meerca will be able to break out of the hole's gravitational pull. If you're facing directly away from it with the 'up' arrow held down you should be able to fight your way out of it and back into a safer position.

Other than that the only other tip I have to offer is to remember that it is called stop and go mode for a reason. For the most part you will need to keep your finger on the 'up' arrow to keep doing your rounds of the playing area; but later on when Red Neggs are scattered around and you have to dodge between them to collect Neggs, the easiest way to navigate is to take your finger off whatever keys you're holding, turn the Meerca to face the way you need to go and then tap the 'up' arrow to move more gingerly until you are past the obstacle. Then you can go back to running around like a headless chicken again. :)

Oh and one last thing (really is the last one, I promise), when you go to collect the second Negg under no circumstances should you stop moving forwards! For some reason when you collect the second Negg in this mode, rather than joining the end of your tail, it spawns directly underneath you. So unless you are moving at the time it will count as you having run into your tail and you will die. And that would be a bad thing.

Rainbow NeggPower NeggFish Neggs

Right, that's your lot! :) I have run out of things to say about this game so that must mean it's time for you to go off and bag yourself that avatar, good luck! If you need me I'll be messing around with the little Easter egg that makes a caricature of The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy appear. ;)


Meerca - Chase

Meerca - Chase / Guide

Send a score of 1,250+ points in Meerca Chase 2.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, More for Less, decreases the score needed to 1,000+ points.

Released: August 18, 2004

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