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The meepits are gone!

Thanks to everyone who has helped to defeat those rabid meepits that were plaguing JN this past week! In case you didn't find all of the meepits, or you couldn't solve one of their puzzles, here's a little guide to the solutions. All meepits were randomly hidden. You had to follow the hints in the newsposts in order to find them, and consequently, solve their puzzles. This was also our first plot that was tied into jnAccounts! It made it far easier to complete, as you didn't have to worry about any codes or mistyping your answers. Now, without much adieu... the answers!

Meepit 1
Location: @Nifty: Food Chase game guide
Puzzle: What species of animal walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs at night?
Solution: Homo sapiens; This was the famous riddle that Oedipus Rex had to answer in order to defeat the Sphinx and free the city of Thebes from their first plague. Hence the numerous Oedipus hints. :) This was widely available on the Internet, searchable by Google.

Meepit 2
Location: Spirit of Slumber Book of Ages Entry
Puzzle: Given the following letter sequence: T B, S E A E C... What are the next four letters? (Do not use spaces in your answer.)
Solution: wtrg; For this one, you had to look up Ghost Meepit (TCG) in our Item Database, take the first letter of each word in its description, and you'd have the pattern.

Meepit 3
Location: ToW plot guide, Day 3

Fill in the answers to the following trivia questions:

Who is the former commander of the Second Grundo Air Cavalry Battalion?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

What Neopian character is quoted as saying "Do you eat to live or do you live to eat?"?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Who\'s arch-nemesis is the Alien Aisha Vending Machine?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

What did a yellow Poogle accidentally bring to Usukicon?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This daring Tuskaninny attempted to acquire a Super Negg from the Snowager.
_ _ _ _ _

What vegetable is .75-1 inches in diameter, and has a suggested value of 11,000NP?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

How old is the Art Teacher at Neoschool?
_ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _

Then, unscramble the letters that have a red underline to get a Neopian phrase. What is this Neopian phrase?

Solution: xweetok; The answers to the trivia questions, in order: Colonel Cobb; Quinton; Wishing Well; Quigukis; Simon; Golden Carrot; Twenty-Six.

Meepit 4
Location: Kitchen Quests
Puzzle: Remnok the Nomad is infamous for wandering around the desert for days on end. On one particular day, he awakens from the Scarab Hotel and travels 2 miles due east. He then makes a right and walks an additional 2 miles. Not even thinking about finishing his aimless wandering, he turns left, walks for 3 miles, and then walks 2 more miles due 90 degrees North of East. At this point, Remnok is starting to feel a little tired and decides to turn back. How far away is the Scarab Hotel from Remnok\'s current position?
Solution: 5; If you would draw simple line segments representing his movement in the appropriate directions, you could easily add up the horizontal components of each segment to get the total displacement. If you were able to do this... congratulations! You know your vectors!

Meepit 5
Location: Foggy Text tutorial (no longer on Jellyneo)

In order to prevent malicious people from entering JN HQ, everyone wanting to enter must enter a code, which is randomly generated when the person arrives. However, there is a simple way to figure out what code to input if you've been told how.

If a 2 and a 7 appear, you would input 15.
If a 10 and a 20 appeared, you would input 18.
If a 1, a 4 and a 5 appeared, you would input 48.

What would you input if a 1, an 8, a 13 and a 19 appeared?

Solution: 960; For those keen Neopians out there, this was a recycled Lenny Conundrum! The pattern is simple. Write out the word for each number, count the number of letters, multiply them together, and you'll get your answer. For 2 and 7... "two" has 3 letters, and "seven" has 5 letters. 5 x 3 = 15.

Meepit 6
Location: Brain Tree
Puzzle: To test out one of his new space cruisers, Dr. Sloth was weighing Grundos to prepare them for a test flight. Unfortunately, the Grundos were frightened of the scale (it was positioned right under a death ray, afterall) and they refused to be weighed alone. Not having time for this nonsense, Dr. Sloth complies. He found that three Red Grundos and two Green Grundos weigh 54 kg. A second measuring found that four Red Grundos and three Green Grundos weigh 75kg. All Red Grundos weigh the same and all Green Grundos weigh the same. What is the weight of one Red Grundo and two Green Grundos?
Solution: 30; This was a simple system of equations algebra question. Assign a unique variable to Green Grundos and Red Grundos, representing their weight. Use both scenarios to create two equations. (3r + 2g = 54; 4r + 3g = 75) Multiply the first equation by 3 and the second equation by 2 to cancel out the g's, solve for r, and then plug back in that value to get g.

Meepit 7
Location: Ghost Pets, Guide to Neopia
Puzzle: Solve the following Meepduko. You can only have one color meepit per row, one color meepit per column, and one color meepit per squared off 3x3 box. There are nine different colored meepits.

Upon solving the puzzle, what colored meepits are in boxes A1, E5, H4, and G8?

Solution: white|blue|dung|red; A simple way to solve this is to substitute a number for each colored meepit. It was a "Medium" ranked sudoku, so it should have been easy enough for everyone to get. :D

Meepit 8
Location: Wheel of Misfortune
Puzzle: Unscramble the following Neopian words:


Now, take the first letter of each word and unscramble those to get a Neopian phrase. You can use these letters more than once.

Solution: shadow usul; The answers to the unscrambles were, in order: usukicon; darigan; hannah; lemaniac; scarabug; whinny; altalaphus; omelette. Obviously, you only needed to use U and S more than once.

Meepit 9
Location: Scratchcards of Neopia
Puzzle: Given the following sequence of Neopets:

Which species is the 10th in the sequence?

Solution: peophin; If you looked at an alphabetical list of pets, you'll notice that every fourth one was in the pattern above. Follow this pattern, and you'll find Peophin to be the 10th (or 40th on the alphabetical list). Or, you could have simply tried inputting all 54 pet's names. :P

Meepit 10
Location: Game Graveyard
Puzzle: Evaluate the following: [ 1510 x 10102 / 516 - C16 / 01002 + 01012 / 01012 ] / 410
Solution: 0111; For those not familiar with different numbers bases, regular humans count in base 10 (aka we have 10 digits). For the math geeks out there, we can count in multiple bases, and convert between them. For this one, looking up a simple base conversion chart on google would have been sufficient. They were all numbers under 1510, and the final answer was 710 or 01112. If you didn't know this, but looked it up, congratulations on becoming a math geek!

We'd like to thank everyone for participating in the plot! Hopefully everyone had more fun than some of you appeared to be having in the comments. :P We'll admit, this was one of our tougher plots, especially with the puzzles. If you persevered, (and didn't cheat!) then congrats on being smart!